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  1. Hey Everyone, Not sure who ordered a Mega Bundle, but I got mine in and it was missing the butterfly pressing. /250. One of the pressings is labeled with a barcode that says " Butterfly Black/Gold" but it has a half green/ half orange pressing inside. I have contacted Absolute Merch, and the first response was that there are none left, and then I cited that I bought a mega bundle within seconds of it going live...... Now they're waiting to hear back from their supervisor..... Anyway, Just wanted to share this in case anyone was having the same pr
  2. Yeah, I got mine in today too, only it is the 400 - Various - White in Clear w/ Heavy Neon Green Splatter.... Not super pumped about this. would you be willing to sell your extra /100? I missed out on it the first time around and the with how bad this got mixed up, I doubt the one I ordered from PN UK will be the right color as well.
  3. Offering up $125 for: /200 - PN 1 - Bone & Easter Yellow Aside/Bside w/ Heavy Aqua Blue Splatter.
  4. :( by the time I saw the email the /200 was gone.... gotta love being at work! If anyone wants to part with theirs, Please let me know. I’ll pay well.
  5. If anyone is going to a show on this tour and can pick up an extra tour pressing, I will pay well for it. I went to the Riot Fest dates but wasn't able to snag one. Thanks!
  6. I will also pay unnecessary amounts to get this from someone.... after he gets his. So i call dibs on the second one! LOL!
  7. And just talked to my local store, they have it in the system but there’s no info on it other than the title. Said it probably sold out completely online and the stores won’t be getting any. sooooooo that sucks. Cant wait to pay x3 for this on eBay!
  8. Just called them, my rep said “they’re not finding anything in the system, so that means they don’t have it yet.” Not sure what to think based based on that statement.
  9. So happy I pulled the plug on variant collecting for DGD. I thought the Artificial Selection variant count was absurd, but this is just ridiculous.

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