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  1. People said that about the Ocean Avenue press and now they are going for like $500 on Discogs
  2. I got a toot toot for not going when the light turned green due to refreshing. I was worried this would be like a PN drop and go live like 20 min early.
  3. 250 on White and Red Marble - Sold Out https://thedangeroussummer.us/products/coming-home-vinyl-marbled-pink 50 Signed Test Pressings https://thedangeroussummer.us/products/signed-coming-home-test-pressing
  4. Got my copy of goodness from bull moose. Punch is very off center, sounds like a Fischer Price album. Very disappointed.
  5. On rough trade GB. Does MOV do US releases? Never bought one before and cant pay $70 to get this one https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/say-anything/in-defense-of-the-genre
  6. https://www.tinymovingparts.com/products/729142-tiny-moving-parts-vinyl 200 splatter 300 translucent red 500 black
  7. Totally forgot about this but glad I happened to check the forum. The Pokeball color was a no brained.
  8. Went with the pink/blue split. I always wanted an ARMOR shirt back in the day (when they had wings on the back) so I had to pick one of those up too.
  9. Panic purchased the grey whale before I noticed it was a 4 song EP...
  10. Not sure the album will be worth the hefty price but the nostalgia makes it a little more digestible.
  11. I meant Home Like No Place Is There specifically. Rough trade sold out like immediately.
  12. Ordered through bull moose but ended up getting a cancellation email. Does anyone know where else to pre order these?