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  1. tape

    Pearl Jam fans

    Hm I guess that's true. I ain't been to a game in a while and haven't been in the bleachers in an additional while.
  2. tape

    Pearl Jam fans

    All the seats at Fenway are blue or red so there's that.
  3. I got the last Hey Mercedes S/T. helllll yeah
  4. I'm sort of glad I didn't come here all weekend, so I didn't have to learn that Dulcinea got repressed and it was fifty fucking dollars while there was still a chance to buy it anyway like the dumb mark I am.
  5. tape

    Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

    I'm not sure what you would have wanted Foo Fighters to differently here? To me, the versions are at different tempos, they're in different keys, each band does different little filly bits. The only thing that's "the same" is they're heavy rock versions of the same not-heavy-rock song.
  6. sticking those variants only in overpriced $100 bundles is a deeply wack move.
  7. I didn't take it personally, and I knew it was a joke. why do I bother typing things on the internet
  8. I mean, I wasn't claiming otherwise
  9. seems to be the same as what they had when the album was first released, yes?
  10. how come DW has the good vinyl variant and KRM has the good baseball shirt variant. I hate this
  11. oh man jumping on these when they were $23 was the best move I made last week
  12. Over the course of various records, tapes and CDs, over the years I'd say I've always been struck by how "bright" this album is compared to its chronological neighbors (say, Fables/Pageant/Green), especially if for example I've been listening to Pageant and Fables a lot and then listen to Document. This one seems about right to me.
  13. hey i have one of those! the "we are having a wonderful time" one or whatever it's called, top row 3rd from right.
  14. crazy idea, but hear me out: maybe they don't use pledgemusic for other albums
  15. Yeah it's a little bit much. That said if it lasts through tomorrow and the remhq sale I'd be surprised. 2500 isn't that many for a band this big.
  16. Their SOP is to send a daily text with a record suggestion around 3:30 eastern, so I wouldn't be shocked if the texts go out in a couple of hours from now.
  17. variants: Label mailorder exclusive black/off-white starburst /500 - includes exclusive tape with acoustic versions of 8 album tracks. 180g clear green https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/nightstand First single "Reviews": Brief NPR piece about the announcement: https://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2018/03/27/597079262/tancreds-announces-nightstands-with-introspective-and-poppy-single
  18. I got mine today (ordered both colors) and the green is not nearly as bright/neon as it looks in the picture. It's not quite forest or anything by any means, but my guess is that it looks so bright in the Polyvinyl picture because of the lighting and the white background,
  19. Oh, hm. The description hasn't changed, it's been "clear green" the whole time. I wonder if they expected it to be darker but it came out lighter once it was made.
  20. I mean it's the same green that's been available the entire time.
  21. Yeah I've seen them twice and both times everyone went apeshit for Under the Tide and/or High Enough to Carry You Over (depending on when the show was). So far, my least favorite songs on this album are the ones they put out as singles. The album tracks overall do it for me much more.
  22. .... uhhhhhhhhhhh the Martin songs are great