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  1. hey i work at a print shop so if anyone wants these printed up profe$$ionally, hit me up and i will get them for you at cost.
  2. nah we're still 10 pages or so away from a PO, another 50 pages or so from shipping
  3. the last one of these i won the guy never shipped anything. imma pm u tho. eat it suckers jk i'll pay it forward and do one of these in a few days
  4. i had two of these in my cart and i thought "no.. i can't flip a cassette" never again
  5. can't wait to flip past 20 of these with corner dings and scratches at my local UO
  6. yo i made a supa-hot-fire mixtape a few months ago called girls if yinz wanna copy hit me up i got a ton of tapes with sunday school lessons on them i can tape over
  7. my A/B was ok but C/D was really noisy. took 2 months to get here, shitty quality jacket and a huge seam split
  8. can we just lock til we have actual PO news or a video or something edit: well this works too would have been easier to just behave, BUT NO
  9. had a bad experience with vinyl-digital with their graduation bootleg, not too interested in giving them any more money
  10. is this a boot? unofficial? i've heard of respect the classics but don't know anything about them.
  11. i'm a strong independent brand new fan that don't need no tape which is convenient because mine still hasn't arrived
  12. forgot to pm this guy ^ bump make me an offer on anything and i'll probably accept it!
  13. sold golden haze and i honestly don't remember the other. i think it's black. i'll check when i get home and pm you. ALSO BUUUUMMPPP buy some stuff i will make dealz
  14. naw I mail ordered the brown, I'll wait on that. probably should have though
  15. they had so much freaking merch. I grabbed the 7" in charleston. I was going to get extra stuff for the board but I spent a lot of money that day and bought a dumb $25 shirt instead. they were also really good
  16. selling off about 100 records. some great stuff opretty cheap. need monies. make an offer if you don't like a price. buy multiples! $1 off for buying 2, $2 off for buying 3. if I can fit 4 in a mailer I'll ship it for free. what a deal. shipping is $4 with tracking. PayPal as a gift or include money for fees. i am legit. let's get this show on the road: artist - album - details - $price The Appleseed Cast - Middle States 12" Maroon/Baby Blue $10 Ariel Pink - Pom Pom 2xLP, Album $16 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today LP, Album $13 At The Drive-In - Relationship Of Command 2x

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