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  1. Signed White. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Hospice-Signed-10th-Anniversary-Edition-Double-White-Vinyl/63T80000000
  2. Can I ask how folks are getting notified? Which variant? With a T-shirt? (I ordered /500 with a shirt and haven’t heard a thing)
  3. Ex:Re (Daughter!!!!) - $12 (ships in 1-2 months) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LD8NCL1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_1nmxCbNJXRY3D
  4. Not sure. It was waiting for me. I believe USPS. With international packages, I never see them on the tracker, due to non-US labels.
  5. Arrived in Cali today. Heavy vinyl. Only suffered a partial inner seam split. Sounds nice. Surface noise is good, some small pops. A bit mid-dy for my ears. Highs are great.
  6. 7 more up. Also, signed Guster if you need. Edit: Gone again.
  7. 38 x orange $20+ship https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/better-oblivion-community-center?variant=21459316637801
  8. Time to bring back the Weezer cruise.
  9. https://www.amoeba.com/remind-me-tomorrow-signed-amoeba-exclusive-translucent-violet-vinyl-lp-sharon-van-etten/albums/4110260/ $33 signed Amoeba exclusive use code “vinyl10” EDIT: Already gone. Keep an eye out for more.
  10. Last update on mine was from the 14th...USPS LA Distro does it again. I swore they they made a FB post a few days ago saying something like “the only people guaranteed to get the smoky versions were Patreon. When we ran out, we filled orders with SRC”.
  11. Love most of this. Saw them once, Sam kept repeating, “We’re not a meme band”. I didn’t make a meme and feel like I let him down. In general, he keeps it interesting and I appreciate that.