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  1. Just saw this awesome news this morning. If any of you were fans of Zookeeper, which is a project of Chris Simpson from Mineral, this release is essentially Zookeeper's first EP and first full-length (Becoming All Things) being released on vinyl for the first time as a 2xLP that also includes 3 previously unreleased tracks. The preorder also includes a download of an unreleased ten song album of home demos recorded in 2004-2005. I used to see them play all the time when I lived in Austin, so I'm pumped! https://www.spartanrecords.com/products/699290-mountain-time-saint-francis-zookeeper https://mountaintime.bandcamp.com/album/saint-francis-zookeeper
  2. I hope you can find it somewhere, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. If I'm not mistaking, the lead singer is either the owner or part owner of Good Records, so they may be keeping it all in-house.
  3. Any Tripping Daisy fans? I think this is their best. I've wanted this record for at least 15 years. It's up for preorder, and limited to 1,000. https://goodrecordstogo.myshopify.com/products/tripping-daisy-jesus-hits-like-the-atom-bomb
  4. I've seriously wanted this on vinyl ever since I bought the CD when it first came out. LOVE this record.
  5. I'm a big Floating Action fan, and I was surprised to get an email yesterday that he's got a new record up for pre-order and you can already take a listen on bandcamp. PIAPTK and Almost Halloween Time are probably my favorite labels putting out records right now. They always have some special versions for records that are already very limited. Pumped for this!
  6. Chris Simpson's debut for his new project, Mountain Time is up for preorder. Rolling Stone wrote something about it, and included one track you can stream. First pressing looks to be limited to 300 with two variants to choose from, and you can pre-order here. Chris is one of my favorite songwriters ever. Can't wait for this!
  7. I know there's got to be some of you that have been wanting this for a while. OOP for a very long time, and it's the 20th anniversary re-issue on red vinyl. Preorder is up! https://hobbledehoyrecords.com/store/last-days-of-april-angel-youth/.
  8. I thought about making a separate post, but this seems like a good place for this. Kissed by an Animal is one of my favorite bands in Brooklyn, and their debut album is getting released on vinyl by Handstand Records soon. You can see a review of the album and there's a place to listen to the album here or listen on Spotify. Favorite track: Right Now The lead singer/guitarist, Dima Drjuchin is probably best known as an artist, most notably for doing the album cover for Father John Misty's Fear Fun. While the official release will be out on Handstand Records soon, Dima is selling 10 test pressings here, complete with hand drawn covers and labels - each one is unique. They're admittedly not cheap, but it's a great record with really cool hand drawn album art, so I thought some of you may be interested in listening and taking a look. I purchased #8/10 myself!
  9. One of my favorite local bands is finally releasing their debut tomorrow. Over the years, Alex Toth has become one of my favorite songwriters in NYC. He's one of the main songwriters for Rubblebucket, he's the lead singer of the band Alexander F, which is completely different, but equally as good, and this is essentially his solo project, and it may be my favorite project of his. I've seen him play these songs many times over the last couple years, so I'm feeling like it could be my AOTY. There's five songs that are streamable right now here: https://tothtunes.bandcamp.com/album/practice-magic-and-seek-professional-help-when-necessary He's got black and limited edition Translucent Light Blue vinyl available, and it looks like there's only 26 left of those. The record is described as a breakup album before wholeness, but after anger. I highly recommend checking it out.
  10. White Denim - Performance Out 8/24/18 Signed copies up for pre-order on PledgeMusic: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/white-denim-performance Here's a video of their new track Magazin https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=fo7j2OIhay0
  11. http://www.npr.org/2016/09/29/495773081/first-listen-conor-oberst-ruminations
  12. If you don't mind a repress, and you can hold on a little bit, it does look like it's being repressed very soon.
  13. Expensive, but Baby Gas Mask Records has 5 hand made versions available. Only 50 were made: http://babygasmaskrecords.com/products/floating-action-hold-your-fire-double-lp/
  14. Floating Action was easily my favorite musical discovery last year. So excited for this! Pre-order here, and you can listen to the full album here. I'm loving it. Limited to 300 copies.