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  1. Figured this is now deserving of it’s own thread. For those who who didn’t catch their debut last night its Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst’s new band. https://www.amoeba.com/better-oblivion-community-center-translucent-orange-vinyl-lp-better-oblivion-community-center/albums/4110323/ https://roughtrade.com/us/music/better-oblivion-community-center-better-oblivion-community-center https://www.secretlystore.com/better-oblivion-community-center
  2. Selling an orange copy of the better oblivion record. not sealed. never played. as close to new as you’re getting without it being sealed. photos available upon request for serious parties. feel free to make an offer. ships from NJ via USPS with tracking. thank you.
  3. What's left of my collection, prices are shipped and $15 minimum per order, thanks. Bloody Hammers - Bloody Hammers (Purple with black splatter) $20 Bloody Hammers - Lovely Sort Of Death (Lilac/Deluxe/300) $20 Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics (500) $20 Bloody Hammers - The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers (300) $20 Bloody Hammers - The Summoning (Purple/200) $20 Bloody Hammers - The Town That Dreaded Sundown (7 Inch) $10 Bloody Hammers - Under Satan's Sun (Yellow) $20 Bright Eyes - Singularity (7 Inch) $20 Cult Leader - Lightless Walk (Oxblood) $20 The Damned Things - High Crimes (Bone/1200) $20 Dimebag Darrell - The Hitz (black friday/4000) $10 Down - EP II of IV $10 Down - IV: The Purple EP $15 The Felice Brothers - Favorite Waitress (Cherry red/250) $20 The Felice Brothers - Life In The Dark (Red) $20 The Felice Brothers - Undress (Red Black) $20 Marilyn Manson - Born Villain (2xLP/180 Gram) $20 Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down (Red) $20 Pressure Cracks - Pressure Cracks (Pink/7 Inch) $15 Rob Zombie - American Made Music To Strip By (2xLP/Reissue) $15 Rob Zombie - Astro-Creep: 2000 Live (180 Gram) $15 Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe (Reissue) $15 Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head (2xLP) $15 Rob Zombie - The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser (No lenticular cover) $15 Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor $15 Rob Zombie - War Zone (Music On Vinyl/7 Inch/Red) $10 Six Feet Under - Torment $13 Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Bloodlust (Red) $25 Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Disomus (Purple) $15 Tori Amos - Native Invader (2xLP) $15 Turnstile - Time & Space (Burnt Orange) $25 White Zombie - It Came From N.Y.C. (Boxset/Green/320) $150 Y Kant Tori Read - Y Kant Tori Read (RSD) $10 SOUNDTRACKS 31 (A Rob Zombie Film) $10 The Crow (Original Motion Picture Score - Graeme Revell) $10
  4. https://conoroberst.merchcentral.com/products/the-uneventful-vacation-lp I don't know if it's a repress or what, but $20 ain't bad. According to the cart system, I can only order 6. I don't know if they are found leftovers or what. After receiving mine to compare with my original, these are identical. They are, with certainty, original copies.
  5. https://www.discogs.com/seller/acfine/ You can go to my discogs page (see link above) to see all of the details about the vinyl I have for sale. I think they are all pretty reasonably priced. Feel free to message me on here if you're interested in anything. I can also email you an excel sheet of the records I have if that's easier for you. Just let me know. Thanks!
  6. Finally ready to part with some/all of these. Send a message with what you want and an offer or just ask me for a price and I'll shoot you one. Looking for a bit less than what they usually go for online aka something fair for both of us. AJJ (ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD) 7" andrew jackson jihad - art of the underground singles series volume 19 - black 215/250 7" andrew jackson jihad - art of the underground singles series volume 19 - black 91/250 7" andrew jackson jihad / cobra skulls - under the influence split - black/white /1000 7" andrew jackson jihad/3 others - dangerous intersections v - black /330 7" andrew jackson jihad/3 others - dangerous intersections v - mineral water clear /167 7" andrew jackson jihad/3 others - the chronicles of sheriff joe arpaio - pink /300 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - black /337 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - clear /265 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - clear amber /55 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - orange swirl /151 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - white /265 7" andrew jackson jihad/partners in 818 - split - pink/black 38/300 7" andrew jackson jihad/the gunshy - split - earwax yellow /220 7" andrew jackson jihad/the gunshy - split - smashed slug /200 7" andrew jackson jihad/3 others - dangerous intersections v - brown trash /60 KEVIN DEVINE 7" delusion - stages - black /200-300 7" delusion - teenage unity - blue /500 7" delusion - teenage unity - blue with handmade cover /25 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - black /241 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - blue /448 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - red /305 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - red with black smoke /12 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - test press 18/20 7" kevin devine - buried by the buzzzz - clear 428/450 7" kevin devine - just stay - black /500 7" kevin devine - luxembourg - black /100 7" kevin devine - luxembourg - clear /650 7" kevin devine - luxembourg - clear blue /250 7" kevin devine - luxembourg / part of the whole - green /100 7" kevin devine - luxembourg / part of the whole - purple /200 7" kevin devine - part of the whole - black /100 7" kevin devine - part of the whole - clear /650 7" kevin devine - part of the whole - clear orange /250 7" kevin devine - travelling the eu - black /500 7" kevin devine / river city extension - split - pea green /500 7" miracle of 86 / render useless - split - black /1000 BRIGHT EYES 7" bright eyes - easy lucky free - black 7" bright eyes - four winds - black 7" bright eyes - gold mine gutted - black 7" bright eyes - motion sickness - black /1100 7" bright eyes - motion sickness - gray 7" bright eyes - singularity - clear blue /2000 7" bright eyes - sub pop singles club - green /1300 7" bright eyes - susan miller rag - black + 3" cd 7" bright eyes - take it easy (love nothing) - black 7" bright eyes - when the president talks to god - black (white sleeve, not screenprinted version) 7" bright eyes/rilo kiley/sorry about dresden - devil in the woods magazine split - black 100/666 7" bright eyes/super furry animals - easy lucky free/lazerbeam (remixed by danger mouse) - black /2000 7" bright eyes/the album leaf - collaboration series no. 1 - black randoms: 7" ghost mice/brook pridemore - split - charcoal marble cover /50 record #117/500 7" bon iver/peter gabriel - split - black /2000 7" mischief brew - jobs in steeltown - purple marble 7" the unicorns - 2014 - purple /2000 7" two gallants - las cruces jail - black
  7. http://www.nonesuch.com/albums/ruminations ABOUT THIS ALBUM In the winter of 2016, Conor Oberst found himself hibernating in his hometown of Omaha after living in New York City for more than a decade. He emerged with the unexpectedly raw, unadorned solo album Ruminations, available October 14, 2016, on Nonesuch Records. "I wasn't expecting to write a record," says Oberst. "I honestly wasn't expecting to do much of anything. Winter in Omaha can have a paralyzing effect on a person but in this case it worked in my favor. I was just staying up late every night playing piano and watching the snow pile up outside the window. Next thing I knew I had burned through all the firewood in the garage and had more than enough songs for a record. I recorded them quick to get them down but then it just felt right to leave them alone." A limited number of Nonesuch Store pre-orders will include a signed print. Order total came out to $32.27 after standard shipping! Sheesh. But it does say my order includes the signed print, so that's cool.
  8. Hi I have to part with some of my gems. I'm Open to offers but would like to get what I payed. There are a few listed below feel free to make offers on my collection as well. http://www.discogs.com/user/zpushor/collection Tim Kasher, truly freaking out, ltd pre order package The John Butler trio, April uprising ltd white The John butler trio, grand national ltd orange The John butler trio, sunrise over sea ltd The Mountain goats, the coroners gambit The mountain goats, the sunset tree hand painted cover The Mountain goats, Sweden The mountain goats, zopilot machine Conor oberst, water cassette
  9. 04/06/15: http://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/artist/?id=544 Desaparecidos Out first album in 13 years, "Payola" will be in stores this June. Pre-order at http://t.co/umvvlGczuZ Stream "City on The Hill": http://t.co/qlZZW789Na
  10. Everything is priced with postage paid but negotiable I suppose. Will obviously cut deals if you want more than one or at least discount since I can combine shipping. Fine with outside of USA but you’ll pay extra shipping obviously. Also will entertain offers on anything on my list - https://deadformat.net/collection/izs3 - but some of them are in storage and I don’t have access for a bit. 12” Vinyl Mischief Brew - Stone Operation (purple+green /500 - sleeve top splitting from shipping) -$25ppd The Real McKenzies - Oot & Aboot (brand new sealed) - $15ppd The Real McKenzies - Loch’d & Loaded (brand new sealed) - $20ppd Dance Hall Crashers - Live Record Witless Banter… (brand new sealed) - $30ppd Conor Oberst - Gentleman’s Pact EP (brand new sealed) - $160ppd Daggermouth - Turf Wars (test press 23/101) - offer? Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts (pink) - $50ppd Screeching Weasel - Boogada (white) - $50ppd Pavement - Live Europaturnen MCMXCVII (purple cover) - $30ppd Chris Clavin ‎- The Roads Don't Lead Home. The Roads Lead Everywhere (new - red) - $15ppd The Unicorns - Who Will Cut… (solid pink original /500) - $160ppd Soel - Memento (sealed new) - $45ppd 7” Vinyl Kevin Devine & River City Extension - 7” split (pea green /500 - brand new) - $25ppd Glassjaw - Jesus Glue (repress(?)-vinyl is all black with thin orange line, without GJ adapter) - $40ppd Glassjaw - Lennon (repress(?)-vinyl is all black with thin blue line, without GJ adapter) - $50ppd Beastie Boys ‎– Get It Together / Futterman's Rule (white - “clean - for jukeboxes only”) - $15ppd Dub Narcotic Sound System ‎– Fuck Shit Up (black) - $15ppd Fucked Up - Year of the Pig (Japanese version - black - brand new) - $15ppd
  11. Hey guys, I just sold a record and I'm looking to put that money into some new ones! Hit me up if you have any of these and we can work something out. Danny Brown- XXX Danny Brown- OLD Tim Hecker- Virgins Modest Mouse- We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank Modest Mouse- The Moon and Antarctica Sunn O))) & Scott Walker Conor Oberst- One of My Kind Frank Zappa- Apostrophe Bright Eyes/Her Space Holiday split Simon Joyner- Hotel Lives David Dondero- This Guitar David Dondero- Golden Hits vol 1. Clipping- CLPPNG (Loser edition/would trade my black+$5 or something) At The Drive In- Relationship of Command RSD Leonard Cohen- New Skin for the Old Ceremony Sunn O)))- Void Swans- The Burning World Swans- Love Will Tear Us Apart single Bauhaus- In The Flat Field Boris- Pink Boris- Feedbacker BADBADNOTGOOD-BBNG BADBADNOTGOOD- BBNG2 BADBADNOTGOOD- III Elliott Smith- New Moon Elliott Smith- XO Elliot Smith- Figure 8 Eric's Trip- Love Tara
  12. I have the 3 7"s from the past few years, unplayed, that I don't really want anymore. Anonymous/The Left Is Right Marikkkopa/Backsell Te Amo Camila Vallejo/The Underground Man Willing to make a deal for all 3! I also have a few Bright Eyes ones, also unplayed Singularity When The President Talks To God (with a screen printed cover only available at Saddle Creek HQ and Team Love Records HQ)
  13. Hi I will pay good money for any of these please pm me Any test pressings by Conor Oberst or any band he has been in Bright Eyes, when the president talks to god 7" 2013 silk screened jacket Exhibit B, compilation cassette circumstantial evidence Magnetas, parts compilation CD John Butler Trio, Funky tonight 7" Jack's mannequin, the resolution 7"
  14. Just a few rarer variants/OOP things that I don't listen to. Not looking for any crazy amount for these. Old Gray / Tiny Moving Parts - Pink Seahaven - Silhouette - Black Bright Eyes - Singularity - Coke Bottle Check out my tradelist if there's any other 7"s you want from there. https://deadformat.net/tradelist/MattSherm (I'm only doing 7"s because I have no LP mailers)
  15. http://m.pitchfork.com/news/53510-conor-oberst-considers-legal-action-after-anonymous-rape-allegation/ This does seem like a really odd accusation. I'm not saying he's 100% innocent of anything but could a 90lb 4th wave emo kid really do something this low? Wondering how this will unfold over the next couple weeks. Sorry if this post seems tasteless, but this a very bizarre music news story.
  16. New Oberst solo record (and US tour) coming in May on Nonsuch Records. Here's a new track called Hundred Ways. Enjoy! http://www.nonesuch.com/journal/nonesuch-release-conor-oberst-upside-down-mountain-may-20-tour-special-guest-dawes-2014-02-11
  17. Was in line early at Generation over in the city and everything I was looking for still managed to sell out. Help me out with reasonably priced copies of these? Dinosaur Jr/The Cure Split Conor Oberst/Dawes Split Thanks!
  18. "CONOR OBERST: I know I told you this when we met, but I tried out for your role in Inside Llewyn Davis—and thank god for everyone that I didn't get it. But they auditioned a lot of musicians and actors for this part, to the point where I heard the Coen brothers and T Bone Burnett say that they had more or less given up on the idea of finding someone. And then you appeared. When you first heard about the role of Llewyn Davis, did you feel like it was a role that you were uniquely prepared for? Did you feel like there was some hand of destiny involved in you getting it? Or did you think about it like any other role that would come up? OSCAR ISAAC: I definitely felt the hand of destiny massaging me and pushing me toward it. This thing was definitely in my sights, for sure." full interview here: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/oscar-isaac#_
  19. PO is up for the soundtrack to the movie Stuck in Love (dir: Josh Boone) by Mike Mogis and Nathaniel Walcott of Bright Eyes. Also includes tracks by Conor Oberst, Big Harp and Elliott Smith Release date is set for June 11 and you can preorder here - http://www.amazon.com/Stuck-In-Love-Mike-Mogis/dp/B00CAZOIA6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368258417&sr=8-1&keywords=stuck+in+love+soundtrack Track List: 1. Nosebleed (Score) (1:25) 2. At Your Door • Nathaniel Walcott and Mike Mogis featuring Big Harp (2:55) Stefanie Drootin-Senseney, vocals • Chris Senseney, vocals Mike Mogis, guitars, bass, drum machine programming, toy piano Nathaniel Walcott, piano, organ, electric piano • Clark Baechle, drums, Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mike Mogis at ARC, Omaha, Nebraska, spring, 2012 3. Peeping Tom (Score) (1:48) 4. You Are Your Mother’s Child • Conor Oberst (3:56) A 2013 Recording *5. American Man • Rio Bravo (4:00) 6. Polkadot • Like Pioneers (3:01) A 2012 Recording 7. Rusty Tucks Kate In (Score) (1:25) 8. Will You Be By Me • Wallpaper Airplanes (5:45) A 2009 Recording 9. Goodbye (Score) (2:05) *10. I Won't Love You Any Less • Nat & Alex Wolff (3:10) A 2011 Recording 11. Between the Bars • Elliott Smith (2:21) A 1997 Recording 12. Bill Gets Dressed (Score) (1:26) 13. The Calendar Hung Itself... • Bright Eyes (3:56) A 2000 Recording 14. Bill Tells Sam the Truth (Score) (1:38) 15. A Mountain, A Peak • Bill Ricchini (4:12) A 2002 Recording 16 Erica At The Door (Score) (1:08) 17. Somersaults In Spring • Friends of Gemini (4:47) Friends of Gemini are Corina Figueroa Escamilla, lead vocals • Nik Freitas, vocals Mike Mogis, guitars, bass • Nathaniel Walcott, keyboards • Clark Baechle, drums • Engineered and Mixed by Mike Mogis at ARC, Omaha, Nebraska, Spring, 2012 This is on Varese Serabande label. Woo hoo!
  20. It originally came as part of the 'I want it all' bundle with the People's Key release. Looking to buy it for a good friend. Thanks!
  21. A new 7" from Desaparecidos was just announced today on the band's website. http://www.desaparecidosband.com/ They have lyrics for both songs up already and they have a link to Rolling Stone where both songs are streaming. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/desaparecidos-salute-the-rebels-in-anonymous-and-the-left-is-right-song-premieres-20130206 Pre-order goes up tomorrow. Not sure what time though (Possibly midnight tonight?). This is set to be released on March 13th.
  22. From their website: Desaparecidos will release their first new material in a decade on Thursday, August 2nd 2012. Two brand new tracks, “MariKKKopa” and “Backsell” will be available tomorrow digitally and on double A-sided 7inch vinyl via the band’s website, www.desaparecidosband.com. Fans can listen to a world wide exclusive stream of “MariKKKopa” and read an interview with Conor Oberst about the new material at Huffington Post. “Backsell” is exclusively streaming on the homepage of Alternative Press magazine. Check back at desaparecidosband.com at midnight on August 2nd to purchase the new songs.
  23. My Wants: http://boards.vinylc...ction&type=want looking for Commander Venus vinyl. please help me out!
  24. Hey All, I recently picked up a bunch of Bright Eyes items, but was really only interested in the vinyl. These are all in VG+ to NM condition. Hoping someone here would be interested in this big collection of CDs if people still listen to or collect those. Hoping to sell as a group, but feel free to make offers on individuals if you'd like. Also interested in vinyl or merch trades. Lifted The story is in the Soil keep your Ear to the Ground, Noise Floor Rarities, Lua EP, Everyday and Everynight EP, There's no beginning to the Story, Letting off the Happiness, Fevers and Mirrors, Cassadaga, OH, Holy Fools EP, Four Winds EP, Take it Easy, Love Nothing EP, One Jug of Wine and Two Vessels, Motion Sickness, Saddle Creek 50th Anni, with "One Foot in Front of the Other", HOME w/ Britt Daniels, Desaparecidos "Read Music / Speak Spanish" I'm wide Awake it's Morning, The Amos House Collection Volume II, A Collection of Songs 1995-1997, A Christmas Album, 3 New Hit Songs, 3 More Hit Songs, Park Ave. When Jamie went to London, Susan Miller Rag.

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