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  1. saw a bunch of copies of Ghost World at the Turntable Lab store yesterday late afternoon
  2. is it like the end of "Radiers of the Lost Ark" and all the extra copies are stored in a giant warehouse never to be seen again?
  3. good to know, would hate to spend a ton on it and feel ripped off.
  4. damn congrats on that score of a deal! i have no desire to be price gouged for it and can't find anything close to that price range, will keep searching and hope more stock pops up online at some point or will just have to wait for another reissue.
  5. Looking for Lost in Translation soundtrack for a normal price, anyone come any online?
  6. This was me and I very much regret it. Figured we would get a US press. I figured wrong.
  7. Up on Bullmoose too: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/1624271/john-frusciante-empyrean-180gm-vinyl Really excited to finally get a copy of this. Now can we PLEASE get a Shadows Collide With People repress! Also still on the hunt for a decently priced To Record Only Water for 10 Days.
  8. Update: records are in hand and shipping out this week to anyone who ordered! Thanks to everyone who has supported this record so far it really means a lot to us! If you still have not grabbed your copy yet please do so at the following link. We anticipate the orange variant selling out by the end of this week. DON'T SLEEP! http://freemanstreetrecords.limitedrun.com/products/630718-alexander-orange-drink-babel-on
  9. Hi all! Just a note that Gruff Beard Records is now Freeman Street Records. We still have some leftover stock of Ma Jolie's "Compared to Giants" and are selling them at the amazingly low price of $5! You can grab a copy at our site below! Also anyone who orders Alexander Orange Drink's "Babel On' our first release under Freeman Street Records will receive free copy of "Compared to Giants" with your order! Win win for everyone!! Check us out: http://freemanstreetrecords.limitedrun.com/
  10. Quick update for anyone who placed an order, the records shipped from the plant today and we should have everything in hand on Monday. If you are looking to get a copy in time for the holidays message us and we can bump you to the top of the shipping list. Also check out this sweet article which includes the video for “Normalize”: http://floodmagazine.com/53953/premiere-alexander-orange-drink-pursues-eternal-friendships-magic-in-normalize-video/
  11. Quick Tuesday bump to let you know if you want an orange copy to grab one now. Once it's gone it's gone for good!
  12. Just got word from the plant that records may be shipping earlier then expected. Also orange vinyl is moving fast! Spider Stacey from the Pogues got his copy...........what are you waiting for?
  13. Quick heads up we are more then half sold on the orange vinyl so if you want a colored copy I would grab one now! Also if any folks are interested in going to the release show/Shea Stadium Bk Holiday Party it will be at the Glove in Bushwick on 12/20. We will have limited copies on both colors available. Pm us and we will give you the address!
  14. Hi everyone! Not sure anyone remembers Gruff Beard Records but this is our new thing. Check out the info on our first release which is available for pre-order now at the link below! "Babel On" is the debut solo album from The So So Glos' singer Alex Zarou Levine better know as Alexander Orange Drink. The album title, a reference to the biblical Tower Of Babel, evokes a culture lost in a twenty-four hour news cycle while a subversive narrator guides the listener through an interior dystopian landscape. Babel On comes just in time for the rise of global fascism, toward the end of a son of an American’s youth, in the midst of strange and uncertain times. Freeman Street Records is proud to have Alexander Orange Drink's "Babel On" as their inaugural release. Mainly because this is a great record in the current climate that gets you dancing during the dark times. We are currently taking pre orders for this record and expect to be shipping it out at the end of December 2018 / beginning of January 2019 150 on Classic Black 100 on Orange http://freemanstreetrecords.limitedrun.com/products/630718-alexander-orange-drink-babel-on