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  1. simple_torture

    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Dispatch - Gut The Van I mean, seriously, what's the holdup? They've repressed all of their old LPs (some multiple times on different colors), and yet the double-live album is nowhere to be seen. Tracklist Peg Open Up 4:54 Passerby 5:50 Cut It Ya Match It 5:36 Lightning 7:06 Outloud 3:28 Even 4:39 Prince Of Spades 8:46 Flying Horses 5:16 5/4 Here We Go 8:22 Bullet Holes 8:21 Bats In The Belfry 5:23 The General 5:22 Wimpy Elias 6:49 Cover This 5:15 Steeples 7:56 Two Coins 4:30 Bang Bang 8:13 Railway 6:10 Questioned Apocalypse 5:43 Water Stop 7:04 Carry You 3:39 Mission 6:15 Time Served 4:33
  2. simple_torture

    PO: the Mountain Goats - In League With Dragons

    This has jumped up to $23.98; I hope others got their orders in.
  3. simple_torture

    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    Based on last year's thread, this is around the time that announced and rumored releases really start to pick up (the post below was when the ambassadors were announced last year):
  4. simple_torture

    PO: the Mountain Goats - In League With Dragons

    If you're not too picky about the peak/hardcore vinyl, Amazon has the standard black 2-LP version up for pre-order at $13.98 (seems to be a pricing error, as it's the same price as the CD): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N3RL8GC/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. I definitely mixed those up, my bad. It's the red S/T that I occasionally see around. Don't know if I've ever seen the purple YFIIP in stores.
  6. simple_torture

    PO: the Mountain Goats - In League With Dragons

    I've listened to TMG's concept albums a bit less than their other releases, but have still found them to be joys to listen to. Not going to go nuts on the hardcore vinyl or anything like that, but very excited to hear it.
  7. With no new material I will probably stick with what I have, but it is always good to hear that these guys are still around.
  8. simple_torture

    PO Now: Strand Of Oaks - Eraserland

    Always welcome news to hear.
  9. Also got my Pepsi Stuff Points in a shoebox under my bed saving up for a new Huffy. What could possibly go wrong?
  10. The over/under is actually the heat death of the universe.