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  1. simple_torture

    PO Iron & Wine- Weed Garden

    That is good to hear!
  2. simple_torture

    PO Iron & Wine- Weed Garden

    "Waves of Galveston" is on Spotify now, too, and it's a good one. Very in-line with Beast Epic, which I was a huge fan of.
  3. Self-titled shipping today, at least from Bull Moose.
  4. Always good news.
  5. Before I plunk down this $50, has anyone seen confirmation that if we sign up now we get that LP?
  6. Great, now I will probably join.
  7. simple_torture

    Pearl Jam fans

    Not an unfair assumption.
  8. simple_torture

    Pearl Jam fans

    I thought Bellingham was complete? This was never officially released, but an MP3 version leaked years ago. If I remember correctly, there's a funky version of Insignificance on this.
  9. simple_torture

    PO Iron & Wine- Weed Garden

    If you ordered the black vinyl from Bullmoose like 2 weeks ago (like I did), a quick Twitter DM to them and they'll change it to the loser version.
  10. simple_torture

    Soundgarden A Sides 2LP black vinyl preorder

    I am sure it will come down. I almost bought the colored at ~$30, I figure I can wait a bit longer.
  11. The new EP ‘Distant Sky’ from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will be released on 12” vinyl and digitally on 28 September. Pre-order the EP here. Watch the video for title track ‘Distant Sky’ here. Recorded at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena in October 2017, Distant Sky captures an extraordinary and triumphant live concert from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Tracklist: Jubilee Street Distant Sky From Her To Eternity The Mercy Seat https://www.nickcave.com/news/distant-sky-nick-cave-bad-seeds-live-copenhagen-ep/
  12. This looks so nice; very excited.
  13. simple_torture

    PO Iron & Wine- Weed Garden

    Nice find!