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  1. People really, really need all of those reissues of the Space Jam soundtrack:
  2. My copy of December from Dry Goods shipped btw, although I'm sure everyone else's did too.
  3. Cool, thanks! Slightly cheaper at Bull Moose if you have sales tax where you live.
  4. I believe this was originally scheduled for June of this year but got pushed back. It hasn't been a RSD release before--the most recent one I can remember is the SOLAT/Breath 7'' from a couple of years ago.
  5. Available on the US store too: https://store.matadorrecords.com/boygenius Ordered before realizing it won't ship until 9/3.
  6. What's the worst that could happen? It takes 8 months to produce and send out and it's shipped out while half the country is in a triple-digit heat wave using the slowing shipping service imaginable and there are no extra copies for anyone who receives defective and damaged goods?
  7. Do The National still ship merch from Maine? My USPS account has a label in it from Portland (printed, not yet shipped), but I don't have anything on order from Bull Moose. Hoping it's this!
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQhJ_egnXuJ My insta links never inbed, but that's a link to Cherry Tree's instagram post with a nice view of the LPs.
  9. Fwiw, based on the comments in The National subreddit, it looks like mostly people in Canada have been getting shipping notices.
  10. At one point there was an email about making sure your address in their system is current. But beyond that, if your membership was renewed in 2020, you should be getting this.
  11. Apparently this has started to arrive? You can check out Cherry Tree's story on Instagram (you'll need the app to see it): https://instagram.com/stories/ntlcherrytree/2601882484452686230?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=share_sheet
  12. Neil's releases are so weird. He already released 3 of the 4 records from ORS Box #4 years ago with no fanfare, and Eldorado mysteriously showed up in some European record stores in the spring. Probably won't buy that box and will just get the individual Eldorado. But will probably get the ORS #6 box even though I already have Harvest Moon. Is it so hard to release them in order? Also, even with no release date, it's nice to see Dume on there.
  13. If you're having trouble finding the LP on LP 1+2 discs, there are some people who have them on sale on Discogs for $25 each. Still a bit higher than sticker price, but yesterday the lowest price there was $60 for one of them. Mine shipped early from Bull Moose and will arrive tomorrow.

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