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  1. This all makes me wish I ordered a copy of Killdragon even though I already had one.
  2. Couple of copies on Discogs for sticker price plus shipping: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/14465335?ev=rb
  3. If you're out for RSD today and your store has a few copies of Ghost, be wary and be sure to flip: the guy in front of me got a copy that was not numbered (mine was--6666; never gotten such a symmetrical number before!).
  4. The other weird thing that happened: I got the last copy of Phish, and the people in front of me each grabbed one too. The guy who was first in line asked to compare mine to his, and his actually wasn't numbered. Mine has a nice symmetrical number: 6666.
  5. This package was so small, much harder to spot than I expected. my store had one, and it was on a shelf to the side with 7'' adapters and LP sleeves. No one was over there, so I lucked out big time.
  6. I usually line up about 1/2 an hour early and get between 10th-15th in line. This year I was later than usual (about 20 mins before doors) and was 3rd in line. Things seem to have fizzled out when it comes to excitement.
  7. Yeah, mine have officially moved and are scheduled to arrive 12/3.
  8. My USPS account now has a media mail package incoming from Austin (label created, not yet handed to USPS). The re-issues are the only things this could conceivably be, so looks like they should be out the door soon.
  9. I had a nice guffaw over the "...and a CD" at the end there.