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  1. Man, I had the order button for the Spotify, but decided to navigate away to see if there was a Cherry Tree version. It wasn't posted yet, and by the time I went back to Spotify, it was gone. Not really interested in the white or the CT package, so I'll just grab the indie red whenever.
  2. Wow! I just listened to this last night for the first time in....a decade? More? This album bangs from front to back. Very excited.
  3. Lol good news, guys, the carousel is open again. We did it!: https://fb.watch/eNbSI9vis9/
  4. This is one of their weirder releases in a while. Sometime in 2003, I was at a shop and found the Live at Chop Suey DVD bundled with copies of Riot Act (which I had owned since release). It was just held to it with a rubber band. So I took it out of the rubber band and stacked it with the CDs I was buying. The guy at the counter recognized that it was a promo, but he just let me take it anyway.
  5. Keep an eye on Discogs all day Saturday/Sunday for Pearl Jam. There are already a bunch of listings from Europe for sticker price (or I assume so, about €30), so hopefully it'll be available wide here, too. You helped me secure a Pearl Jam release years ago, so I hope you find it!
  6. Nice! I'm glad there are 2 songs on this one. Will hold off for now; the first two volumes were super easy to get cheap later on.
  7. Remember this? Soon! I asked, and they're going to start charging cards next week sometime.
  8. Yeah, I have a feeling this is blue vinyl since it's coming out the same month for S&D supporters as it is for Secretly Society members. When something like--and hopefully it's when and not if, and hopefully it's soon, it's the 15th anniversary this year--Sojourner gets a vinyl release, it'll probably be plain black I imagine.
  9. Announced yesterday, available only through Secretly Society and Static & Distance, which is a new subscription service that's basically a Jason Molina Patreon. Nobody Tries That Hard Anymore Are We Getting Any Closer Tigress Being In Love VU Anxiety Cabwaylingo Lioness It Won’t Be Easy She Came To Me As A Ghost The Black Crow Come Back To Your Man Translation https://staticanddistance.substack.com/ or https://www.secretlystore.com/secretly-society First and possibly only single:

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