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  1. I might be crazy, but I think US prices have dropped a bit, too. I seem to remember my total being greater than $70 when I first added it to my cart on Saturday, no it's a few bucks lower.
  2. Nice little item here: a 7'' single for "Passaic 1975" b/w "Get High and Listen to The Cure." $7.98 direct from Merge with free shipping, out 8/23: https://www.mergerecords.com/welcome-to-passaic-7-inch
  3. The shipping (even just in the US) is, once again, significantly higher than almost anyone else in the business, but the sting of having to pay it wears off by the time it arrives. Excited about the show and getting to spin it....next summer, maybe? (I still haven't unwrapped my Missoula vault.)
  4. SRCvinyl says vinyl preorder following "in the coming days."
  5. If I pay $15 to reserve this, does it get added on to the total?
  6. "Daddy, what was the wait between Tool records like?" "Not bad, but the thread on VC was locked the day of pre-orders after 13 years, so that kind of sucked."
  7. This Dutch site has the new LP up for preorder, and mentions new vinyl pressings of the other albums: https://www.hoeshop.nl/a-56948912/welkom/tool-fear-inoculum-lp-versie/#description
  8. SRC tweeted today that this is going to be on orange vinyl. I sent a message to Bull Moose and it looks like their preorder will be colored, too.
  9. I could see this. Consider this very 2006 sentence: when 10,000 Days came out, I was in college and borrowed someone else's car to drive to Target to buy it since I had a gift card.
  10. This was out of stock for a few days, but is now back. Ordered mine today! 8)
  11. Was thinking of ordering the red version and selling my black copy, but the $11 shipping (plus tax) is a bit much. Hoping for a good vault release next month.