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  1. For the colored vinyl, yeah, you do. Noloveforned (the moderator at the official JMo board) said that the Secretly Society newsletter mentioned a standard black version coming in the spring that, I imagine, you wouldn't have to sign up for.
  2. Secretly Society vets: I just signed up this morning; looks like I'll get the Nov/Dec/Jan releases, is that right? Edit: read the terms and this does appear to be the case.
  3. Couldn't find the setlist anywhere online, but some searching turned up the show announcement and a poster (all in French): http://www.foutraque.com/soiree_foutraque.php?id=599
  4. https://www.secretlystore.com/live-at-la-chapelle-jason-molina Tracklist not available yet. Secretly Society edition is blue vinyl, I've heard rumblings that a regular black press will come in the spring. I believe this blurb is from the record club newsletter: "On a rare day off during Magnolia Electric Co.’s 2005 European tour, a pair of fans in the south of France convinced Jason Molina to abandon the promise of leisure to play a show in an old church in Toulouse. Now, fifteen years later, the result is making its way into the world for the first time via Live at La Chapelle, an 11-track album of Molina’s performance at the former church squatted and converted into a hub for the arts. Recorded with just a static microphone and a minidisc on June 7th, 2005, in front of a reverent crowd of 200, Live at La Chapelle is aglow with the hushed murmurs and whispers of an engrossed audience, of Molina’s stripped-back performance reverberating to the rafters. The neighbors’ penchant for calling the police with noise complaints meant acoustic shows only, so Molina split the difference and came with his electric guitar, choirboy voice, and Magnolia Electric Co. member Michael Kapinus’ occasionally guesting on trumpet. The sparse record finally made its way Secretly Canadian in 2014, and six years later, as part of the process of unearthing work from the extensive Molina archive, Live at La Chapelle will finally be widely heard. Here, Molina remarks some of his canonical work as well as the more obscure, deeper cuts in the special environment of La Chapelle. Nowhere better to hear a solo performance of Jason Molina’s catalog than in a house of worship, a cavernous structure with ceilings nearly high enough to contain the impossible reach a holy, lonesome voice."
  5. Just FYI, Bull Moose now has these up for pre-order if you haven't ordered from the label yet. Info on their order pages includes the release date: December 6th.
  6. I ordered from Bullmoose since they don't charge until the ship date. Hopefully they get enough!
  7. I sweated this out over the weekend because I had noooooo money until payday today. Ordered the red Leave Ruin and the splatter Dark Shores. The 3-pack was tempting for that price, but I already have Killdragon, and figured the karmic thing to do was to leave a copy on there for someone who doesn't own it yet. Very excited!
  8. The National have a tape set coming on RSD Black Friday:
  9. PS, available digitally and on streaming October 4th: https://www.nickcave.com/ghosteen/
  10. Bull Moose has both the CD and the LP up for pre-order. It looks like they have the prices reversed, not sure if they will honor it if you order it early: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32394667 EDIT: NVM, they are not honoring it, which I understand.