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  1. The "Please play this song for X..." threads have gotten ridiculous at the Pit come tour time, and the last few years they have multiplied exponentially because the band has actually responded to them.
  2. Who in their right mind would pick the Tully sigil? (Besides, I assume, some very very intense Blackfish fans--but that's not even what he wore!)
  3. Minor drama at my local store, as the guy who usually does the orders wasn't involved in the process this year. People were asking him about certain titles and he just kept shurgging his shoulders and saying, "Sorry." I think the only way I was affected was the lack of Broken Social Scene (I was sixth in line--only arrived 20 minutes before doors opened--and didn't see a copy, unless someone in front of me got it very quickly). Also no Robyn or Bird and the Bee (although they were further down my list). Walked out with Pearl Jam (they had plenty of copies), Green River (1 copy), and Tweedy (a handful of copies). Not a bad year, but spent way less than RSD or BF last year.
  4. Email list just came through, tweet should be up soon: 20% off everything in-store tomorrow and Sunday. Nowhere close to years past. Got my hopes up.
  5. This sale is always just in-store. Here is last year's announcement tweet: https://twitter.com/newburycomics/status/982234849837629448
  6. Probably Friday, but sometimes it's announced day-of. I will see you there.
  7. Mayor Walsh has declared Saturday as "Newbury Comics Day" in Boston, so I think it's safe to say that it'll be on the weekend.
  8. Last year it was 40% off everything for the 40th anniversary; I can't imagine they'd go any higher, but we'll see (part of me imagines they might sink the discount a bit lower, like 35%)
  9. 20% online this week. Anticipating a big, big in-store sale this Saturday.
  10. Subscribing to this thread during the Obama administration, before any of my 3 kids were born, and right after Mookie Betts' rookie season really paid off!
  11. I think there's info on that in the Cherry Tree thread; not sure off the top of my head.
  12. I haven't bought tickets, but, honestly, I think the package with the Vol. 1 vinyl and access to the new album's variant has been worth the price of admission.
  13. Thanks for posting the Cherry Tree variant! I was fussing about whether I needed the 3LP edition, but will be happy to just order the club exclusive. Standard pre-order question: does Cherry Tree charge when you order or when it ships?
  14. New single dropping today; I will leave it to one of you fine people to start the new album thread when the time comes: