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  1. Bull Moose has it on green/black split vinyl: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34746835/phish-sigma-oasis-seafoam-black-vinyl
  2. I will probably pick this up if there is a standard version. I have a bunch of box sets collecting dust. As many have said, their self-titled is the real jewel--I don't know how MOV didn't end up repressing that when they did Dirt, Jar of Flies, Unplugged, etc.
  3. There's nothing good in this entire situation, but at least I can unsubscribe from this thread.
  4. Hoping for a single with this remix as the b-side:
  5. If anyone is in the same boat and hasn't received this yet: I got in touch with SC today and there was a delay in getting it out to everyone. They said it should be out by the end of the week.
  6. I never got shipping notifications with previous Secretly Society subscriptions, but it would show up in my shipping dash. Gives me hope that it'll be here sooner rather than later!
  7. Wow, great to hear! Mine hasn't shown up in my USPS tracking yet, but will keep a closer eye now...
  8. New repress of their self-titled album is available for pre-order now (with a supposed ship date of October). Not the color I voted for, but whatever; I missed it on RSD last year: https://slowdownsounds.com/products/the-bird-and-the-bee-repress-pre-order
  9. Had a weird thing happen, not necessarily vinyl related but figured this is where to ask: so earlier this week I had two items show up in my package tracker of my USPS account. My wife had ordered some candles, so I figured one of them was that, but the others were probably just subscription boxes of some kind. Been following them every few days and today I noticed they're both out for delivery. The thing is: one is out for delivery in my town (in Rhode Island) and the other is out for delivery in Waterloo, Iowa (not my town). How is it that I got a package in my tracker that's being delivered to a different state?
  10. They've been putting out about two releases per year, so I did hope that was going to be the late-year release in 2020 (although I was expecting a deluxe, 15th anniversary edition of What Comes After the Blues). A new album was basically the only thing I would've liked more than Sojourner. Maybe next year!