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  1. Pressing numbers 250 - solid purple 500 - clear purple & black galaxy 1250 - purple & black marble
  2. Damnit! The Bronx got me again. This Just proves there isn't anything they put out that I won't buy.
  3. Sweet! City of Death & Waking the Children are probably my favorite Avenged Sevenfold albums.
  4. MOV did a 2xlp with an etched D side that sounds really good.
  5. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for it there. I also remembered that I have the MOV press of Stankonia, so I'm probably better off with that anyway.
  6. Was ready to sign back up for OutKast & Redman until I saw that they started charging $47 a record. I think I'm good with a standard press.
  7. https://www.ziarecords.com/p/11815184/billie-eilish-live-at-third-man-records-opaque-blue-vinyl-rsd-exclusive-ltd-11-000
  8. I'm so happy Creepin On Ah Come Up is a RSD first & not an exclusive.
  9. Not sure what you're willing to drop on it, but if it's a RSD exclusive, I don think it'll be anyone's "right price".
  10. Finally getting a repress at a comparatively decent price. Out 3/6. Limited tan. https://shop.2pac.com/products/me-against-the-world-exclusive-limited-tan-color-2lp?variant=31478448095266 Black. https://shop.2pac.com/products/me-against-the-world-standard-2lp?variant=31478431318050
  11. Also a clear w/ blue, orange & yellow splatter from their webstore. https://24hundred.net/products/everything-is-a-ok-12-vinyl-clear-w-blue-orange-yellow-splatter-preorder I really wish they would do a repress of their self titled album, but I'll take whatever I can get. Love these guys.
  12. I actually did laugh the first time I heard the song. You can't not notice they're the same if you've heard both songs. I still think this is their best album since AI, even with them jackin' beats.
  13. This is their best album since American Idiot. I realize this isn't saying much, but damnit if Billie Joe doesn't know how to write a pop song.
  14. MOV does it again. I wonder if they'll repress II next.
  15. Purple smoke is indie exclusive & I thought I read that pink was the tour variant. Opaque purple is retail.
  16. Dead Reflection took some time for me to come around to, but I ended up really liking it. That being said, I've heard two songs off this album & both are pretty bad. Surprised to say it, but I might be skipping this one.
  17. That's not what this thread is about. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
  18. A re-press of an album a lot of people don't seem to really like, by a band a lot of people don't seem to really like. And for $30? Someones getting fuckin' fired.
  19. That's weird. I canceled & then did a one month re-up to get OutKast a couple months ago.
  20. For the few of us who care, this is finally getting re-pressed. It's also not ridiculously priced. Limited picture disc https://shop.2pac.com/products/thug-life-volume-1-picture-disc?variant=30337679032354 Standard black https://shop.2pac.com/products/thug-life-volume-1-lp?variant=30273840316450 Bullmoose https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32396744/thug-life-2pac-thug-life-vol-1

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