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  1. Gotta disagree. Disarmed is one of their best tracks. Opinions I guess.
  2. I double checked mine cause I was curious & that is correct. It's a good live record too.
  3. I think all of those look amazing, so I personally wouldn't be upset getting any variation of them.
  4. Was this supposed to be an April fools joke? That can't be real.
  5. Seems like 1,000 total. 500 US, 500 EU, but what do I know. Their description for TFWL was like that too.
  6. I'm pretty sure they screwed up the whole run. I ordered the white & green A side/B side & got the color in color.
  7. Ordered a copy from Deep Discount in November or December & just got a shipping notification for it.
  8. Jeez. I didn't realize they were still popular enough to be selling out all these variants.
  9. Here's my hot take... I think I'm With You is a great album & probably in my top 5 of theirs.
  10. Weird that both exclusives ended up being completely different colors than what was mentioned in their pre-orders.
  11. I remember people selling the fucked up earth disc on ebay. At the height of the AI vinyl madness, people were actually buying just that disc.
  12. I mean they did totally change the vinyl. And the cover is slightly different. So... different?!
  13. Just got an email that there was a mix up with the Beggars pressing & the color is now orange/yellow galaxy instead of purple/ neon green.
  14. I'm what most would consider an intelligent, responsible, mature adult-type & I still absolutely love 90's hip hop and gangsta rap. It's probably my favorite style of music.
  15. Fuck what everyone else wants until they finally press Holding a Wolf By the Ears.

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