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  1. I loved Renacer. It seemed like they wanted to push the envelope even further with PTTFYH & for the most part, it just didn't hit for me. So now I'll just continue to hold my breath for a new Bayonet album.
  2. This sounds like he's trying to make an edgier Foxboro Huttubs song.
  3. If you take the mystery vinyl out of your cart, it gives you the media mail option.
  4. I think everyone in these Tool threads would benefit from taking a moment to watch 'Attack of the 50 ft. Eyesores' from Treehouse of Horror VI of The Simpsons. Pay special attention to the song.
  5. I just started really listening to Tool fairly recently. Not sure why it took so long for them to finally click with me, but I think this album is really good. For perspective (and to potentially disappoint the "die hards"), 10,000 Days is probably my favorite album of theirs.
  6. They do one a couple times a month (usually around a holiday) & It's always on their homepage.
  7. Holy shit. Is this where all the Brand New fans went after they apparently called it quits?
  8. Yeah, I was surprised I got mine two days after the shipping notification.
  9. It's just in the shape of their logo. I heard they're doing it with everything they ship now.
  10. Nope. No insert either. It did come with a poly lined paper sleeve... so there is that.
  11. I got my bone variant from Nuclear Blast a couple weeks ago.
  12. I would assume that too. It also might explain why they used a generic sleeve. I'm just hoping they'll finally repress Creepin On Ah Come Up.