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  1. + got rid of my TV, bed, microwave and lots of other stuff + magic draft tonight - last night in seattle for a while
  2. the city had an awesome buzz going on about this....i over heard many conversation starting off with "did you hear about the kid who saved the sounders..."
  3. future of our nation, right there, boys and girls
  4. that year will probably fly by thomas! - trying to sell/give away/throw out stuff i dont need, which is a lot! + found an awesome apartment in SF at an extremely reasonable price in a wicked cool area
  5. - been super busy lately and havent had time to play video games or float around on the boards + its because i took a new job and will be moving to san francisco in 2 weeks - having to leave seattle
  6. best: monotonix - i left the show not really remembering a song they played, but had a smile on my face the entire set worst: high on fire - maybe because i went to see MONO open, i was expecting something different, but i couldnt get into their set
  7. i have been playing a lot of Dominion and some of the heads i play with have recommended giving this game a go
  8. + back in seattle + expecting a job offer on thursday or friday - dragging from the flights
  9. there is a good place to grind it out on GP if you dont mind repeating the same battle over and over. it should take about a minute or two and net you 6600 CP (by comparison, i just battled out a 10 minute match and only got 6000). it is on the way to vanilles, follow the ! and in the narrow path towards the end there are two dudes that fight each other....you get preemptive and they wont touch you until one is dead.
  10. - gotta get up at 430 am to get to the airport + flying to a job interview - have to return to seattle the same night, so i can get home, switch luggage and get back to the airport for a redeye to the east coast - dont think i will have time to finish FF13 prior to leaving + Finished FF13 with 4 hours to spare
  11. i got through about 17, picked up the Chocobos and got the 10k steps and 100k damage [which is pretty easy, i used Fang's summon and with the stagger bonus did 300k]