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  1. Instead of clogging up the board I'll just bump this thread We have two new releases from Vendetta Records: Gespenst - Den sidste færd LP - melodic black metal with a lot of atmosphere https://meteor-gem.com/products/gespenst-den-sidste-faerd-lp Aristarchos - Aristarchos LP - cold and dissonant aggressive black metal https://meteor-gem.com/products/aristarchos-aristarchos-lp
  2. PLEBEIAN-GRANDSTAND.COM PLEBEIAN-GRANDSTAND.COM PLEBEIAN-GRANDSTAND.COM «Great bands inspire vocations, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND annihilate them. It’s hard not to laugh hysterically while listening to the band’s third album «False Highs, True Lows», which destroys any desire to play music that intense. Formed in Toulouse in 2005, the french quartet never ceased to feed its insatiable appetite for dissonance and bleakness, slowly morphing from their former noisy, metallic hardcore to what could be the ultimate blend of black metal, sludge and noise. On the heels of their acclaimed 2014 album «Lowgazers» and after countless shows in North America, India and Europe that forged their new rhythmical section, the band returned to Amaury Sauvé’s The Apiary studio during december 2015 to prove that their previous body of work was just a ladder to something even more suffocating. «False Highs, True Lows» is PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND’s most accomplished effort to date; with guitars ranging between dry-heaving riffs, light-speed melodies and crushing sludgier parts, a terrifying, surgically savage drum performance full of maniacal blasts beats and martial rhythms, and the most angst-ridden vocal performance since the invention of waterboarding. Despite the fact that the record was tracked live and no matter how organic the spectacular production job sounds, everything seems barely played by humans. This is the culmination of three decades of extreme and forward-thinking music spitted out with the visceral, abrasive approach of their early days, and an out-of-this-world recording by one of the most intimidating, essential acts ouf our time.»
  3. US Blood of Wall Street (Dark Green) /200 https://www.nightshiftmerch.com/collections/imperial-triumphant/products/imperial-triumphant-alphaville-12 Grand Central Gold /300 https://centurymedia.store/product/Y4CE266COMBO/imperial-triumphant-alphaville-grand-central-gold-vinyl-2-lp-poster-digital-download?cp=102832_103046_108152 Ivory Towers (White) /300 https://shop.revolvermag.com/product/6VLPRM004/imperial-triumphant-alphaville-limitededition-white-vinyl?cp=101786_102171&fbclid=IwAR01z5iqjOZAe8pIEGPfCgrr_v1ibOjIuuwUwItTIslYGu6kdPe_LGx-wgQ EU Atomic Sunrise (Transp. Sun Yellow) /100 https://www.cmdistro.de/Item/Imperial_Triumphant_-_Alphaville_-Gatefold_Atomic_Sunrise_2LP_-_LP-Booklet_-_Poster-/3663 Statue of Verdigris (Mint) /200 https://www.cmdistro.de/Item/Imperial_Triumphant_-_Alphaville_-Gatefold_Statue_of_Verdigris_2LP_-_LP-Booklet_-_Poster-/3664 Broadway Blues (Opaque Blue) /200 https://evilgreed.net/collections/imperial-triumphant/products/imperial-triumphant-alphaville-2xlp Empire Black (no pressing count listed) https://www.cmdistro.de/Item/Imperial_Triumphant_-_Alphaville_-Gatefold_Empire_Black_2LP_-_LP-Booklet_-_Poster-/3662
  4. MOURIR "Animal Bouffe Animal" is out now on Bandcamp and all other digital platforms. LP / CD out February 21th, pre-orders up now. Six (!) music videos by Grégoire Orio are available as well. All links at throatruinerrecords.com/mourir "Animal Bouffe Animal" is the debut full-length from MOURIR, a newly-born glacial black metal act from Toulouse, southern France. Initially the brainchild of Plebeian Grandstand's bassist Olivier L., MOURIR is the full-band follow-up to his one-man project Vermine. Bolstered by the addition of members from Toucan, late Selenites and Drawers, the four-piece headed to Laval during summer 2019 to record and mix "Animal Bouffe Animal" with engineer Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, Plebeian Grandstand, Necrodancer…). Helped with a spectacular production - mastered by Thibault Chaumont (Birds In Row, Igorrr, Klone…) - these six tracks are a non-stop barrage of majestic guitar leads, pounding drums and bone-chilling ghoulish howls. Equally influenced by early norwegian forefathers as well as the dissonant approach of their fellow countrymen, MOURIR's take on black metal propels the band as new heirs of the french black metal scene - faithful to the genre's frameworks while adding their own modern touch. The LP comes on limited blood red with white marble or black vinyl and is housed in a reverse-board heavy jacket with black discobag.
  5. The time is upon us! Only 100 copies of the deluxe version containing both parts! Part one is more traditional BM, while part 2 is straight folk. https://shop.bindrunerecordings.com/
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KYheQS7IgYfS9QqkzPVrxMOIJeHQ3I3BTia-GDadvJ0/edit?usp=sharing I'm taking offers on everything in my collection. Most of the records are mint condition, a lot are still sealed. PM me offers.
  7. I've mentioned this band in the black metal thread, but they deserve a topic for the new album, "dénouement", which is going to be released May 1st, with pre-order for the vinyl (scheduled for June 15th) starting the same day. This Canadian band plays a sort of post black metal/post emo/screamo with orchestral parts, they really deserve some attention: https://respirefamily.bandcamp.com/ Nice article by "invisible oranges": http://www.invisibleoranges.com/respire-influences/
  8. It’s tax refund season and I’m hunting for this LP. Please let me know if you have this release and how much I can buy it from you for. Thank you
  9. Here's A Completed Updated List of The Records I'm selling. All prices are negotiable, paypal. Also, if it's not listed => I don't have it. I have the following LP's For Sale... - Phobocosm "Deprived" *black vinyl* [canadian death metal on dark descent] ($12) - Phobocosm "Bringer of Drought" [canadian death metal on dark descent] *black vinyl* ($13) - Death Courier "Necrogasm (ep)/Deny Your Destiny (demo)/4 Live Songs" [old school thrash death metal on nwnprod] *nwnprod reissue 2017 on black vinyl* ($16) - Devouring Star "Antihedron" [black metal on dark descent] *lmtd brown vinyl* ($15) - Eternal Solstice "Remnants of Immortality" [dutch death metal on dark descent] *orange with black splatter* ($12) - Engorged/Gruesome Stuff Relish split [grind/death metal on last house on the right] *lmtd clear vinyl* ($12) - Fondlecorpse "Creaturegore" *black vinyl* [gore death metal on cannibal impalement records] ($12) - Heavy Metal Original Motion Picture Soundtrack *black vinyl* ($10) - Nasum "Inhale/Exhale" [classic grind on relapse] ($13) - Nasum "Human 2.0" [classic grind on relapse] ($13) - Gadget "The Great Destroyer" [mind bending grind on relapse] ($13) Domestic shipping rates in the USA: 1 lp shipped is $3, each additional lp is $1 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WILL HAVE TBD upon inquiry. Thanks. Trades welcomed as well... Prefer to sell... Discounts available when purchasing multiple items. Email is [email protected] hit me up there. Thanks. I accept paypal only!
  10. No teasers, no track premieres : discover NECRODANCER’s debut release "Void" by streaming it in full and downloading it for free. If you want to support us, we are taking pre-orders for both vinyl (ultraclear or black) and CD editions (as well as merch), and you can get a high-quality digital download via Bandcamp. All links are available here. This is a co-release with our friends at Lost Pilgrims Records, and US customers can order the record from Deathwish Inc. The record will be out Feb. 10th.
  11. We are absolutely thrilled to present you the deluxe physical version of our latest, sophomore LP called Testet ölt. Please find below the specifications: http://anchorlessbodies.bigcartel.com/product/testet-olt-deluxe-vinyl-photobook Ultra limited deluxe vinyl photobook version of our latest, sophomore LP called Testet ölt. - Limited to 50 hand numbered copies - Gold vinyl covered in hardcover photobook bounded by black canvas - Full colour artwork on the front - 20+ page stunning photography by the ever-awesome Dávid Bodnár - Includes CD version of the entire album - No repress Watch the official video for Ifjak szíve: Hear the entire LP here: https://anchorlessbodies.bandcamp.com/
  12. http://abwtb.storenvy.com/products/22238321-krieg-2004-demo One time limited pressing of 100 Pro manufactured cassette tapes polywrapped in a clear norelco box (70 yellow/30 white)
  13. Krallice released their latest album today digitally, 'Loüm' featuring Dave Edwards (Neurosis) on vocals and synths. Preorders are up now via Bandcamp, where you can also order the band's upcoming 9th studio album, 'Go Be Forgotten.' Both due to ship at the end of the year it sounds like. https://krallice.bandcamp.com/merch
  14. Following on the heels of 2017's "Tando Ashanti" (Halo of Flies Records / Alerta Antifascista Records (official)) comes five brand new songs from Denmark's black metal/hardcore hybrid Hexis. Hexis "penchant for mixing hardcore, black metal, and doom is potent, and over two records now, they’ve charred those standing in front of them." (Meat Mead Metal Fanzine). The band, well known for being touring machines, has already completed extensive European and SE Asian touring for the year, with an additional 6 weeks in the United States followed by a UK tour before the year ends. The band themselves, described by Soundscape Zine as "the kinetic power... is a diabolical noise with more semblance to black metal...(a) high protein diet with added bass, where the resonant bass frequencies distort and suffocate the main collection of riffs... swimming in a sea of discordance." Recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House in Southampton, UK. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, USA. Photos by Ivan K Maras and Sara Biscaldi (Deathless Pictures). Design and Layout by Allan Kristiansen. Includes digital download. "XII" is released in conjunction with Moment of Collapse Records, Truthseeker Music, and Division Records. Check out "Nefarius", the second song on the EP here: https://crownandthroneltd.bandcamp.com/track/nefarius Preorder here: http://crownandthroneltd.bigcartel.com/product/hexis-xii-10-cd
  15. Sagas and myths culled from J.R.R. Tolkien`s vast universe are the black blood that courses through SUMMONING`s veins, and With Doom We Come the ultimate soundtrack to a fantastic journey! Ever since the release of their debut album Lugburz (1995) SUMMONING have proven themselves to be the true guardians of Middle Earth! What started out as a project deeply rooted in traditional black metal took an epic turn in the following years – evergreens like Dol Guldur (1996) and Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (2001) bear witness to a continuously refined soundscape. Five years after Old Mornings Dawn, Protector and Silenius have turned over a new leaf in their bottomless saga. Over eight tracks, With Doom We Come indulges all things sublime and majestic, while grandiose keyboard backgrounds and mystical intros weave pure atmosphere contrasting with raw black metal. Opener ‘Tar-Calion‘ is a fitting ode to the last king of the island of Númenor, while ‘Carcharoth‘ tells the bloodthirsty tale of Arda`s mightiest wolf. Sagas and myths culled from J.R.R. Tolkien`s vast universe are the black blood that courses through SUMMONING`s veins, and With Doom We Come the ultimate soundtrack to a fantastic journey! http://www.napalmrecordsamerica.com/store/summoning https://shop.napalmrecords.com/summoning
  16. Punk: 12" Me First and the Gimmie Gimmes- Take A Break (GREEN vinyl) Less Than Jake- Sound the Alarm (half clear/trans orange Banquet Exclusive /200) Less Than Jake- Sound the Alarm (orange,cream, black tri color TOUR exclusive /400) Alkaline Trio- Good Mourning (2xLP white marble)- Alkaline Trio- Crimson (180g)- Adicts- All The Young Droogs (white vinyl w/ poster)- MFATGG- Diva (black)- Tiger Army-S/T (green vinyl)- The Briefs- Steal Yer Heart (black vinyl)- Misfits- Land of the Dead 12" single (orange)- Misfits-Land of the Dead 12" single(purple/black streaks Misfits-Twilight of the Dead(purple haze)- Voodoo Glow Skulls-Who is This Is (test press)- Dopamines-S/T(Test Press)- Anti-Flag- Acoustic (RSD clear)-(rupture at top of sleeve) Vaginasore Jr.-This Here Peninsula (purple)- Ex Boyfriends-Disease (green)- Apocalypse Meow- The End is Nigh (white/black marble)- Moral Crux- Pop Culture Assassin (blue/white splatter 4/100)- Billy Bones- The Complexity of Stupidity (red 137/250)- Chris Willard & The Ship Thieves- Canyons (translucent mint)- Dwarves-How To Win Friends....(clear/ sealed) - Bill Bondsmen- Swallowed By The World (black)- The Restarts- Outsider (white red/black splatter)- The Restarts- Sickness of the Mind (yellow)- Furious George-Gets A Record (yellow)- The Unseen- So this is freedom? (Black) The Weirdos- We got the neutron Bomb (colored) Against Me- Eternal Cowboy (black) Abolitionist- It Used to Rain (white vinyl with CD) Raw Power-Tired & Furious (colored RSD) Government Issue- Joy Ride (black) 10" NOFX- hardcore 10" (black) 7" Alkaline Trio- Private Eye (pic disc)- Alkaline Trio- Help Me 7"(black)- Kepi Ghoul- Sleepy Hollow (black) Me First- Go Down Under 2x 7" (black) Toxic Narcotic/The Unseen-Boston's Finest split 7" Minor Threat- First Demo 7"(black) PiL- Public Image 7" (RSD black)- Blood For Blood- Enemy 7" (RSD Greg marble)- Protagonist-States (red/yellow split) NOFX- Orphan Year 7" (black) NOFX-FTK 7"(black) Rancid-Radio 7" (black seem split) The Arrivals/Grabass Charlestons- Razorcake sister series 2x 7" (black)- He Who Cannot Be Named (Dwarves) - Love Doll 7" (green/black splatter)- Off With Their Heads- Fine Tuning the Bender 7" (green/silver splatter)- The Homewreckers/City Mouse- Manic Recession split 7" (lime green)- Black Metal: Tapes: Danzig- II:Lucifuge Wrath- Insane Society Artillery- Terror Squad/Fear of Tomorrow Iron Maiden- Killers Iron Maiden- No Prayer For The Dying CDs: Cannibal Corpse- Bloodthirst Cannibal Corpse- Butchered at Birth Cannibal Corpse- Tomb of the Mutilated Mortician- Zombie Apocalypse Nachtmystium-Silencing Machine Satyricon-s/t Watain- The Wild Hunt Marduk-Serpent Sermon LP: 1349- Revelations of the Black Flame/Works of Fire Forces of Hell (double black vinyl) Abbath-s/t (red vinyl) Bathory- Twilight of the Gods (2007 pic disc) Behemoth- The Satanist (double yellow vinyl SEALED) Besatt- Sacrifice For Satan (black vinyl) BlackDeath- Gift (reverse cover) Black Twilight - Tyrants Of The Southern Lands Balck Witchery- Upheaval of Satanic Might (clear vinyl, limited to /66 copies) Blood of Kingu- Sun In The House of the Scorpion (black vinyl) Darkthrone-Panzerfaust(gray vinyl) Death Wolf-II:Black Armored Death (White vinyl) Denial of God- Death and Beyond (DLP PURPLE vinyl) Gorgoroth- Instinctus Beastialis (pic disc) Gorgoroth-Destroyer (BOB gatefold black vinyl) Krieg- The Isolationist (double black vinyl) Luciation-Manifestation In Unholy Blackness (clear vinyl with patch) Lugubrum Trio- Herval (orange/brown vinyl with patch) Lugubrum Trio-Herval (orang/brownish special edition alternative cover #70/114) Marduk-Frontschwein (silver vinyl) Marduk- World Funeral (black vinyl original pressing) Marduk- Serpent Sermon (black vinyl) Nattefrost-Terrorist:Nekronaut vol.1(black vinyl) Necro Frost- Bloodstorms voktes Over Hytrunghas Dunkle Necrotoner (black vinyl #473/500) Olde-The Gates of Dawn (black vinyl) RECLUSE- Stillbirth in Bethlehem Watain- The Wild Hunt (black vinyl) Witchery- In His Infernal Majesty's Service gold vinyl limited to /100 SEALED V/A Decibel Best Metal of 2012 SEALED (Marduk,Dying Fetus,Testament, Pig Destroyer,etc.) V/A Scott Ian's Metal Underworld SEALED (Carcass,Soulfly,Toxic Holocaust, etc.) 7" Danzg- Devils Angels (purple vinyl) Dark Funeral- Nail Them To the Cross (black vinyl) Dark Funeral- Nail Them To The Cross (blue vinyl) Golden Dawn ‎– Early Obscurity... Part 1 ( autogrphed hand numbered lathe cut. /21 were made) Behemoth: The Devil's Conquistadors book SEALED
  17. PO goes up in an hour or so, so I thought it was time for a thread. http://elusive-sound.com/2017/08/09/trna-lose-find-peace-vinyl-pre-order/ The vinyl release of Trna‘s outstanding album “Lose Yourself to Find Peace”. includes extended artwork and of course a heavy gatefold sleeve (with black hot foil treatement) plus conceptualized heavy coloured vinyl. There will also be a special limited WOODEN SLEEVE edition laser-numbered to only (!) 50 copies. Better tune in on time! PREORDER will go live on Friday, August 11 at 8PM Zurich time (CET). (aka 2pm EST) Official RELEASE is set for Friday, August 25. USA distribution (standard edition) will be handled through A Thousand Arms http://www.athousandarms.com/ Not sure why I can't embed this particular picture, but here is what the records actually look like (NOT mockups) http://elusive-sound.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/20616871_1721567544520744_3640417059370022905_o.jpg
  18. Limited to 50 copies on silver tape. Chrome quality. $6.00 Intense and atmospheric black metal from Louisville, KY. http://store.likeyoungrecords.com/product/anagnorisis-peripeteia-cs
  19. black metal classic getting pressed on vinyl for the first (official) time. comes in a silver edition limited to 200 copies and a black edition limited to 466 copies. http://shop.aurora-infernalis.com/vinyl-12-lp/covenant-in-times-before-the-light-lp-black-116.html http://shop.aurora-infernalis.com/vinyl-12-lp/covenant-in-times-before-the-light-lp-silver-115.html
  20. Preorders for the Bonjour Tristesse Par Un Sourire LP and the Wind In His Hair Earthwrecker LP have been posted on our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com RR22 Bonjour Tristesse - Par Un Sourire Formed in Germany in the winter of 2008, Bonjour Tristesse is a vegan straight edge band from Munich that plays a style of black metal that is considered to be of the depressive ilk. Focusing on the oppressing everyday life in capitalist societies, the neverending struggle for freedom, and the crisis between civilization and the environment, the artist weaves a symphony of sadness, alienation, and inner emptiness with a sense of strength that arises from unabashed resilience and standing alone in the face of adversity. Par Un Sourire is now available for preorder through Replenish Records on clear wax with black and white splatter (limited to 100 copies), black wax (limited to 150 copies), and white wax (limited to 250 copies). Please note that preorders will ship in four to six weeks. For more information about the band, please visit http://www.facebook.com/bonjourtristesseofficial and be sure to download the split for free in its entirety from our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com RR23 Wind In His Hair - Earthwrecker Formed in Germany in the spring of 2015, Wind In His Hair is a vegan band from Berlin that combines elements of crust punk, hardcore, and black metal to create a soundtrack for anarcho-primitivism and the rewilding of nature. The lyrics promote love and respect for the environment and the indigenous cultures around the world, and the band dedicates their music to those who work to save our planet from being destroyed by the greedy claws of civilization. Earthwrecker is now available for preorder through Replenish Records on gray wax with black and white splatter (limited to 100 copies), black wax (limited to 150 copies), and white wax with gray splatter (limited to 250 copies). Please note that preorders will ship in four to six weeks and the first 50 preorders come with a free tote bag. For more information about the band, please visit http://www.facebook.com/windinhishairpunk and be sure to download the split for free in its entirety from our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com DONATE - 100% of the proceeds from all digital downloads of the Bonjour Tristesse Par Un Sourire LP will be donated to Earth First! Journal in order to raise awareness and publish news from the eco-wars, direct action resources, informant tracking, and prisoners. 100% of the proceeds from all digital downloads of the Wind In His Hair Earthwrecker LP will be donated to Stand With Standing Rock in order to support the Oceti Sakowin Camp standing in solidarity to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. With your help, Replenish Records has raised thousands of dollars in support of nonprofit organizations all over the world who specialize in direct action, so we could not be more thankful for your profound sense of generosity and willingness to embrace our rather nontraditional approach to being an independent record label. For more information and to learn how you can make a difference, please visit http://www.replenishrecords.tumblr.com/replenish-establishes-donate-what-you-want DISTRO - All of the items in our distro are currently 25% OFF for a limited time. The distro is overflowing with new titles from artists and labels all over the world including Absolutionist, Alaskan, Amber, Anchor, Arse Moreira, Autarch, Batillus, Beau Navire, Black Everest, Black Table, Burning Ghats, Centuries, Cohol, Fell Voices, Finisterre, Fister, Geranium, Heartless, Heaven In Her Arms, Hexis, Holy, Human Bodies, In The Hearts Of Emperors, Jungbluth, Landbridge, Leather Chalice, Lich, Pray For Teeth, Primitive Man, Ramlord, Recreant, Reka, Republic Of Dreams, Resurrectionists, Sea Of Bones, Teeth, Titan, and many more! Check it out and be sure to get your hands on these distributed titles at a discount directly from our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com/distro Thank you so much for the continued support, we seriously cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate it! Daniel
  21. SUN WORSHIP "Pale Dawn" gatefold LP on Init Records 300 black vinyl, 200 clear vinyl, foil-stamped gatefold jackets North American version of this 2016 release from Germany's SUN WORSHIP. Four tracks in 36 minutes of uncompromising black metal. North American pressing comes packaged in a gatefold LP jacket with bronze foil-stamping and pressed on either black or clear vinyl. From INVISIBLE ORANGES review: "Since their first demo, they’ve coupled their love for minimalism and early-’90s Darkthrone with a depth that goes far beyond the simple intensity of their peers, creating genuine feelings of tension, release and catharsis. They firmly root themselves in the past, at a point when black metal felt new and limitless, and travel from that checkpoint, creating what feels like a true progression of the genre. In particular, they have a knack for landing on hooks that are so epic, it’s like listening to a seasoned band. One noticeable difference: Pale Dawn lacks the ambiance of their previous full-length, Elder Giants. Instead of providing some repose, Pale Dawn sprints from the opening drum roll and does not abate for the next 36 minutes. Even more impressive is that not a moment is wasted. From the opera tonalities of opener “Pale Dawn” to the epic crescendo of “Lichtenberg Figures,” their music is heavily refined and subtle in its progression. When the clean vocals enter on album closer “Perihelion,” it achieves what a lot of blackgaze attempts, without looking to reference the genre in any form." PRE-ORDER HERE
  22. The new ASH BORER album "The Irrepassable Gate" will be released on Dec 2 on CD/Digital with the vinyl edition to surface early 2017. Produced by Randall Dunn. Artwork and design by Glyn Smyth courtesy of Stag & Serpent. Track listing for "The Irrepassable Gate" goes as follows. 1. The Irrepassable Gate 2. Lacerated Spirit 3. Lustration I 4. Grey Marrow 5. Rotten Firmament 6. Lustration II Upcoming tour dates: 01/19 - Seattle, WA @ Highline 01/20 - Vancouver, BC - TBA 01/21 - Portland, OR @ The Raven 01/22 - Sacramento, CA @ Starlite Lounge 01/23 - Los Angeles, CA @ Complex 01/24 - Oakland, CA @ Metro 01/25 - Arcata, CA @ The Alibi Stream the title track here: https://soundcloud.com/profoundlorerecords/ash-borer-the-irrepassable-gate
  23. Looking for the Clear/Green/Black splatter /300 variant. If you got a copy and want to let it go, please message me. Thanks
  24. The first full length from Chicago's CRACKED VESSEL, No Path is finally almost upon us. Finally, a full length from CRACKED VESSEL sees the light of day. Years in the works, these eight songs see the band at their most ambitious, creative, and aggressive yet. Hardcore punk backbone underneath searing black metal blasts melded into song structures that demand repeat listens. Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl in hand-assembled screen-printed jackets, hand drawn and stamped center labels, and numbered half-sized, full color booklet inserts. These will start shipping December 9th. You can order copies starting now at http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com You can also stream a track at Invisible Oranges here: http://www.invisibleoranges.com/cracked-vessel-winters-unsheathed-sword-song-premiere/ More to come!
  25. Add $4 for shipping (Media Mail with tracking). All of these records have been either played once or never at all. They are all in great condition. Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain 2xLP (Grau Repress, Unofficial, Black) - $15 As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep 2xLP (Black) - $20 Being As An Ocean - Dear G-d 2xLP (Metallic Silver) - $15 SOLD Dredg - Catch Without Arms 2xLP (Lime Green) - $50 SOLD Envy - Insomniac Doze 2xLP (Black) - $30 From Indian Lakes - Able Bodies (1st Press, Black) - $10 Gem Club - Breakers LP (Black) - $8 Hotelier - Goodness 2xLP (Midnight & Smitten) - $30 Misery Signals - Boxset 4xLP - $190 Moving Mountains - Pnuema 2xLP (2015 Reissue, White) - $15 Obsequiae - Suspended In The Brume Of Eos LP (Black) - $9 Opeth - Blackwater Park 2xLP (Black) - $25 Saor - Aura 2xLP (Satire Blue) - $20 Wolves In The Throne Room - Diadem Of 12 Stars 2xLP (2016 Reissue, Black) - $20 Yndi Halda - Under Summer 2xLP (Cookies & Cream) - $10 I will combine shipping, free shipping if you buy 3 or more.

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