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Hey kids! My tradelist is for sale~

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Here is a link to my tradelist: 


You know the deal. Some have been listened to and some haven't

Everything is in great condition. I take care of my shit

Some stuff I'm more attached to than others

There's a few things I'd only sell for an absurd amount of money

Shoot me an offer on whatever you're interested in

Let's work out some deals or something

With that being said, suppy?


Shipping $4 + $1.50 for each additional. International PM.


Things definitely off limits:

Jack's Mannequin

The Format / fun.

The Front Bottoms



Some of The Wonder Years

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Would you be willing to hold onto bullets a few weeks? In between jobs but I've been wanting to buy my girlfriend a copy for years. What number do you have in mind? Hopefully nothing too high, I remember when we picked up our original copied for $12 back in like 2003 lol


Sure thing homie. I'll sit it aside for ya. Shoot me a PM so I don't forget.



Also, who is BeardlessYouth and why did he neg my posts? #bummer

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Don't mean to bump this again but I really want to sell both of these. I can get them shipped out tomorrow n stuff.


2nd Press - Clear /500 (tour exclusive?) : $30PPD

3rd Press - Safety Green /5000 : $20PPD


I have a copy of the 2nd Press Purple /500 but I'd prefer to keep it since it looks radical.

If anyone wants to shoot me an offer for it, that's cool. Just know it's gonna take a bit for me to let it go.




Or you know, but some other stuff!

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