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  1. I remember the demo of lemmings being on the wasting time australian tour EP
  2. *But what was he doing 40 miles away from his house*
  3. Rippinchicken

    PO: Gnarwolves - Self Titled out 9/23/14

    That track Boneyard was sick, also picked up White/Yellow and Olive Bronze. Ugh Banquet has a nice pressing, but there has to be multiple items for me to make it worth their shipping prices.
  4. Rippinchicken

    Citizen tour 7"

    Going to chain reaction and taking a friend who has no interest in vinyl with me. I'll have him pick up an extra one if a single person can't buy 2. I'll help someone out on this, just let me know
  5. Rippinchicken

    PO: Dikembe - Mediumship

    I mean like have set stops in every state. Right now they're just skimming through random spots in the states. I feel like a good tour would be the Front Bottoms, You Blew it, Dikembe, and Kittyhawk. Anyone else?
  6. Rippinchicken

    PO : Old Gray - An Autobiography

    Thumbs up to that kid who took that video, not even sure if my Iphone would have had enough memory to take 2 snapshots of that show. Didn't even know it was a tour press or /175 when i picked it up at GUID
  7. Rippinchicken

    PO: Dikembe - Mediumship

    They're live set at GUID was phenomenal, i just had to pick up the dark pink variant as well. These guys need to do a US tour soon
  8. Cheapest shipping without prime is 10 bucks…my wallet is crying.
  9. Because of the release date, i'm wondering if Claudio will be carrying this at the merch table on their IKSSE3 tour?
  10. Pennsatucky from OITNB needs to die in the next season.

    1. batman


      i hate that girl