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[WTB] The Devil Wears Prada - Dear Love/Plagues 2xLP reissue

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hey ya'll,


i wasn't able to get this reissue online before it sold out, and there's no way i'll be able to make it to my local hot topic before it sells out because i'm incredibly busy over the coming weeks. if anyone picked up one, or an extra one, or if someone would be feeling generous enough to go pick one up for me and ship it out, i'll gladly pay above its price. I'm willing to do up to $50 (including shipping) because I desperately need these records. TDWP is my favorite band and I'm working to get their entire discography on vinyl. any help at all would be great because ebay is a disaster right now.




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does anybody even have confirmation that these vinyl were shipped to the stores yet? i called alot of them and they all said they hadn't even gotten them in yet...


I picked one up in store last week! Travis posted a store list in the Rise Records thread a while back, but they were heavily shipped to the west coast stores first.

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I can maybe grab you a copy if you want one. 

I went in after RSD today and although my store didn't have it, the cashier gave me a list of three other local stores that are getting them and managed to convince them to "set one aside" for me monday. 

Also check the HT thread, Travis is pretty active in letting the information out because it's his job to make sure these things sell. 

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