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  1. Word. Overall, Sounds pretty good for what it is. Only listened to warlord and unknown death. I wanna compare unknown memory with the first pressing
  2. I got a question for you. Is your warlord album black? I noticed on discogs it says they're all colored
  3. pizza face

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    https://kawadekarecords.bigcartel.com/ Remaining copies are up . limited to 300 each EDIT *SOLD OUT*
  4. pizza face

    Sleep - "Dopesmoker", Deluxe Reissue

    Well, for anyone near a Newbury comics I seen a few copies of this exclusive today. They're running a 25% off sale in-store this weekend so you can get it for $30.
  5. Nothing has been better than d.r.u.g.s and better off dead but it's still great music. This album came at 7 am before I left for work and all I wanted to do was spin it but I gotta wait til later :(. The jacket came out dope, glittered out just like the cd.
  6. Well they're still independent. Not sure why them being on madden makes you not want to buy this album. I personally enjoy it more than 3001 though.
  7. Orm has received the boxsets and is supposedly shipping them out this week. Anyone get a shipping notification??
  8. pizza face

    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    Well, time to sell my original copy. Been meaning to do this for a while now. Someone is selling theirs on ebay for $60 which isn't bad and they say it's been played once.
  9. https://shop.pouya305.com/ Only 500 made Some signed Will probably sell out within the next thirty minutes
  10. pizza face

    Out Now: Pouya - Five Five /500

    Got this in today 29/500. Sounds pretty great. Plays at 45 rpm. Always skeptical about underground releases after the Spooky Black album that was pressed a while back. Very mild surface noise and haven't heard any pops or sibilance so I can't complain. Only cons about this release is the shitty quality artwork and labels are the same on both sides.
  11. Still got donkey Kong country?
  12. pizza face

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Anyone order that Super Mario 64 record and don't want it anymore? I read it's shipping soon and I didn't get to order one
  13. There will be 3 variants 5/3 @ Noon (est) https://officialzao.bandcamp.com/ Fear is next and then probably Awake
  14. Just buy it again then return it using the first order you bought. I don't see why this wouldn't work
  15. pizza face

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    Even though the insert is damaged it looks dope like that. Just my opinion lol
  16. pizza face

    PO: Zao - The Funeral of God (5/3)

    I bought all three variants so I'm sure I'm gonna unload the olive variant. Black will be for listening and splatter will stay sealed. I'm not a variant collector but bought all three because it's my favorite album by them. Just hope it comes soon. Hopefully a new release date will be given to at least give us more hope
  17. pizza face

    Out Now: Pouya - Five Five /500

    Did you get one from the restock? Also got a shipping notification earlier today for this
  18. Not that I really give a shit about the bandana but I'm wondering if those will be in the retail copies
  19. pizza face

    PO: Zao - The Funeral of God (5/3)

    I got a different email as well. I think I got one that I read on here from a few months ago. Oh well at least it's still being released
  20. Anyone ever able to cancel something from their website? I'd rather get it from bullmoose and save money
  21. pizza face

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    https://instagram.com/kawadeka.records If anyone wants DKC2 on vinyl there is a Diddy Kong or Trixie Kong variant from this company shipping out now. It's KAWA001. If you contact them thru Instagram they should message you back with putting an order through. The variants looked sick when they had them up a month or two ago. I went to order it the next day and they took them down. Just a heads up if anyone is into it.
  22. Last night I could add an infinite amount but now it's only 350. Wish I double dipped... Might still consider doing so considering how expensive 3001 is now, maybe I could trade someone for it, highly doubt it but you never know
  23. Forgot to say thanks! Ordered one yesterday. It was my birthday yesterday so perfect timing. Can't wait to see how the jackets look like in person
  24. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28516529/earl-sweatshirt-some-rap-songs-150-gram When I first heard his new song a few weeks ago I wasn't a fan but maybe I'll give it another listen
  25. I appreciate the response, thanks I'll look into those! These headphones would be strictly for use with my turntable. Although it would be nice for it to be versatile, I'm mainly interested in having a nice pair for home use when my girlfriend doesn't want to hear me blasting music. I think she might be buying me the Magni 3 for Christmas but I told her I need to make sure I have everything lined up before she drops money on it. If I were to get the Massdrop HD6XX headphones would I be able to use them with my phone as well? I guess if I'd be spending the same amount of money as I would be if I were to buy the Beyerdynamic headphones but also be able to use them with my phone that would be a plus. Tbh, I'm just a complete noob when it comes to specific details in audio.