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  1. Only the real ones know. Such a classic game
  2. pizza face

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Super Mario World from select/start should be arriving Saturday. Excited to get this. I'm a sucker for these video game bootlegs
  3. pizza face

    What video games have you been playing?

    Yeah I'll play Claire's story but probably won't do the 2nd runs. I'll try to find differences online and see if it's worth it. Kinda wish I killed more zombies the first time around I had so much ammo leftover (normal difficulty). Maybe I'll attempt hardcore.
  4. pizza face

    What video games have you been playing?

    Picked up RE2 Friday and beat Leon's story just now. Incredible game. Anyone else get anxiety when Mr. X's music plays? That mixed with those fucking footsteps makes me get a pit in my stomach. Can't say I've ever really felt that way playing a video game before
  5. That's good, can't be bad if you're buying it again. Excited to get it!
  6. Just got shipping notification from Ed and also got another email saying thank you for your patience, we sent you a cool number.... Thanks! Very interested to see what number I get now. In my head all I can think of is either 1, 69, 420, 666 or 2000 unless the cool number was the tracking number. Anyone receive theirs yet? How's the sound on it? I remember reading volume 1's sound isn't the best but I'm staying optimistic
  7. Trophy Scars will continue to release music on vinyl and limited edition art. Darkness, Oh Hell is almost finished and will be officially announced by the end of the month. Alphabets will see a new double vinyl remastered release in a special 10 year package by the middle of the year. Never Born, Never Dead will see a release towards the end of the year. Hopefully Hospital Music (and maybe even a very limited Darts to the Sea) early in 2017. To go along with this news Trophy Scars is on hiatus. Funny, I woke up and decided to spin alphabets this morning. Might sell it. I'd like to get the 10 year anniversary with hopes it's a gatefold. But I'll most likely keep my copy though as its a single LP /20 from the release show
  8. Got the grape I typically don't buy 7" records but always love me some zao
  9. There will be 3 variants 5/3 @ Noon (est) https://officialzao.bandcamp.com/ Fear is next and then probably Awake
  10. pizza face

    PO: Zao - The Funeral of God (5/3)

    Just got an email from the Zao mailing list "If you ordered a Funeral Of God vinyl last year and want updates there has been an email address set up by Tragic Hero to handle any concerns. They promise it is still happening but any concerns can go to [email protected]"
  11. I bought don't smile at me a while back and had to return it. I've never seen so many dimples on a record before in my life. No exaggeration, there was at least 20 throughout one of the songs. Bought another recently at Newbury because it's only $16 and there was only one or two. Hoping this is better. Ended up buying the GITD variant. Wish I was able to get a bundle tho. I'll most likely buy a standard variant too
  12. If I buy the glow it's gonna stay sealed since they all sound like shit. (at least that's what I've read about gitd records)
  13. Almost bought something the other day. Thankfully I'm waiting til it's available thru retail
  14. pizza face

    PO: Zao - The Funeral of God (5/3)

    Try to message zao in Facebook or Instagram they will probably work with you to contact the label. They seem pretty responsive
  15. I ordered this from bullmoose. I have the Newbury Variant already though. I mainly just want it for the poster so I can shoot it. Anybody wanna buy my Newbury variant?
  16. pizza face

    The Acacia Strain- Continent PO

    https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28958483/the-acacia-strain-continent-orange-w-magenta-splatter-vinyl-ltd-to-250-ltd-to-250 New variant
  17. pizza face

    Recent purchases

    I get drunk and buy stuff sometimes. Never knew this existed
  18. I hear the OG press is messed up anyway. Born Like This, Dangerdoom and now this has been re-pressed so it should happen soon Almost bought a swirl last night when I got the e-mail from fat beats but I'm trying to hold off on buying records I don't need/already have. I'm sure more variants will surface soon from Newbury or something.
  19. Yeha I have an OG too. I'd only buy this if it had the instrumentals with it. Wish it was Venemous Villain tho..
  20. pizza face

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    I believe this is the third Delton variant Newbury has done for the album. Don't get me wrong, its an amazing album but I'm sure there's other albums they could have pressed up before doing this one again.
  21. pizza face

    PO Now: XXXtentacion - SKINS

    I'd buy it for $16 Nothing more though
  22. pizza face

    [PO NOW] BROCKHAMPTON - Iridescence

    I have a slight corner bend on the top right, not terrible. Better than seam splits though. Sounds like yours is bad though. :/
  23. pizza face

    FYE Exclusives

    I started to buy stuff from fye within the last two/three months after discovering a 20% off coupon I can use every time I buy something in-store. Makes the prices more than reasonable, especially if it's a new release. Otherwise they have really high prices.
  24. pizza face

    FYE Exclusives

    Is it in-store as well? I wonder if I can stack a 20% off coupon on top of that. Probably not but if so I might have to grab that NotLD