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  1. Perfect rainy day to open up Saucerful of Secrets and give it a spin. Sounds fantastic, glad I didn't get a mispress.
  2. Glad I didn't open up my spider verse yet. Just found out there's a standard release coming out tomorrow. I don't need a lenticular cover for $12 more than what the standard release is. Definitely returning it
  3. Hide yo kids hide yo wife... Tomorrow at noon ETR is releasing two more variants of that. I remember someone saying they were looking for it.
  4. Heading in the right direction but I want height of callousness and self destructive pattern
  5. 1. "Kingdom Of One" – Maren Morris 2. "Power Is Power" – SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott 3. "Nightshade" – The Lumineers 4. "Hollow Crown" – Ellie Goulding 5. "Baptize Me" – X Ambassadors feat. Jacob Banks 6. "Too Many Gods" – A$AP Rocky & Joey Bada$$ 7. "Turn On Me" – The National 8. "From The Grave" – James Arthur 9. "Me Traicionaste" – ROSALÍA feat. A.CHAL 10. "When I Lie" (Remix) – Lil Peep feat. Ty Dolla $ign 11. "Love Can Kill" – Lennon Stella 12. "Wolf At Your Door" – Chloe x Halle 13. "Devil In Your Eye" – Mumford & Sons 14. "Pray (High Valyrian)" – Matt Bellamy I need to hear too many gods
  6. Seems like they initially entered the wrong release date as it says 2018 now it's switched to the year we are currently in.
  7. Anyone else grab something random on RSD that they've never heard of before? I got Griot Galaxy yesterday, it's great if you like avant-garde jazz. Definitely check it out, bullmoose still has copies and it looks like you can buy it pretty cheap still
  8. Robyn is a rsd first and will be available later on
  9. Newbury gave me a 20% off vinyl coupon for next weekend. I'll probably get south park if they still have it
  10. No luck on death grips for me Damn Jk went to Newbury comics and got it for $5 more. I tried getting a bingo Hand job for the boards but I must've overlooked it
  11. I'm probably 20th in line. Hoping I can get death grips, bone thugs and spider verse. Everything else I want I can care less if I get it or not. Sad that the bone thugs album doesn't have the artwork and it's in a plain sleeve.
  12. Those 3 people waiting in lines now are probably the same people that have sold shit on eBay already. I've added everything up that I want and it comes out to about $400 I might need to eliminate some stuff off my list
  13. I can try to call on my break today around 1045. Usually Ian is there and always has answers. Hopefully I get him, if not I will ask for him I guess. If you try again today let me know, I'll let you know if I discover anything about how they're gonna do it. Because if I can get a number at midnight I would much rather do that then show up for like 630
  14. That's what I was trying to figure out myself. I called Tuesday but the person I got didn't really have an answer regarding numbers. How was that number thing last year anyway? Did they give them out at midnight or something? I got there probably at like 630 and got number 26 I think, I can't remember. If you call today and figure it out let me know.
  15. It's not that hard to determine what you'll get though because whatever is numbered 1-2500 is one variant and 2501-5000 is the other variant. Not sure if those are the pressing numbers exactly but it'll at least be easy to figure out which set you'll get
  16. I think I tried signing up for that feature on the usps site recently, not sure if it was the same thing or not but it said it wasn't available in my area. I'll look again though
  17. I ordered sonic 3 last week and an hour later got an email saying it was shipped but didn't get a tracking number. Did anyone get a tracking number with their order?
  18. Yeah I'd buy at $40 max.... even then not worth it.
  19. Same. My Vince Staples record showed up double boxed as well. I guess it all depends on how the people packing these records feel that day. One day someone will be like "well it's already in a bag I'll just throw a shipping label on it I guess". Then the person next to them is packing an order like it's getting hand delivered going though a warzone or something. You never know what you're going to get with Urban Outfitters. I think the worst part is that you'll never know what the condition of the record is in if it's coming from one of their stores. I'll go into UO sometimes to browse their record section and then I'll see the majority of their records unwrapped with bent covers all because some kid wanted a cool picture for the 'gram holding up a vinyl record.
  20. Hopefully it applies to sale items too because there were a few records I was eyeing last week. Also saw a pair of Jason Voorhees socks I want. This is upsetting as I was probably gonna spend $150 but now I'll probably spend about $30-40. Oh well, probably for the best.
  21. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/29683515 Haven't looked around for any variants yet but I'm pretty excited about it.
  22. I know that I would pre-order fear for sure. (and I'm sure many others would) But I also know how much of a headache it was for yall to do funeral of God. I completely understand if it's not something in the works currently as focusing on new material is what's at the forefront.