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VC Fantasy Football Season: Fourth Time's the Charm

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has anyone seen lemongoat recently?  i havent received his keepers yet, and he didnt select anyone, so right now he's not keeping anyone.  I will post the league keepers tomorrow, the draft is set for 8 PM on Tuesday, get ready!


is everyone cool with sending me the money this week?  paypal cool?

I've been checking the league page. I was ignoring this thread because I thought "Third wave" meant the 3rd VC league!


I submitted my keepers last week. But if I need to tell you here too, Charles and D Thomas

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I usually try not to draft Philadelphia players because even if the Eagles win I still get mad when the guys on my team have a bad game. So, what do I do? I draft Murray, Ertz and the team defense.


I made a rule for myself to not draft Panthers players at all, its worked well

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