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PO: INXS - Kick (30th Anniversary)

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7 hours ago, lotsalemon said:

I wonder if anyone from the US that pre-ordered this early on will receive a copy? Or if every US pre-order is getting cancelled?

I think we'd be receiving refunds if that's the case... Fingers crossed...

Shit I just jinxed myself..

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9 hours ago, Lugubrious said:

Apparently they are for the orders that were placed when they first went up for sale, but not for orders moving forward. 

Sure seems to be that way.  I'm in the US and I just got email confirmation that my order has shipped.  I ordered one of everything and yes, the shipping cost was f'king absurd, but there was no way I was going to miss out on these.

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14 hours ago, unravelled said:

Awesome. Just ordered, thanks!  Weird they didn't use the original vinyl cover, which was different from the CD. (re welcome to wherever you are)

Yeah.  Which reminds me:  I forget now which cover they used for the vinyl box set.  Hmmm...  Anyway,  this one may/may not be different after all.  I just found this:



No idea if it's the same reissue or not though. 

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