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  1. When did these first go up for sale? Last Friday or before then?
  2. Same. Did any order earlier than last Friday get their order canceled?
  3. Lugubrious


    Sooooo, anyone else still waiting or have any insider info? Supposedly shipped a month ago.
  4. Lugubrious

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    Nice! I didn't know Mondo did that though. Thought that once it sold out it was gone, at least for a few weeks.
  5. Lugubrious

    PO Now: Kids See Ghosts

    That's crazy, guess they weren't lying.
  6. This album is really good.
  7. Lugubrious

    PO Now: Kids See Ghosts

    If they really are limited wouldn't stating that in the item description boost their sales? Not smart marketing on their part.
  8. Lugubrious

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    How many of the colored vinyl were available?
  9. Lugubrious

    PO - Wild Nothing - Indigo

    Bummer, wouldn't they have removed that in the description if they weren't available though?
  10. Lugubrious

    PO - Wild Nothing - Indigo

    Still available though isn't it?
  11. Lugubrious

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    It sold out in like 5 minutes, why do you think it won't resale for much?
  12. Lugubrious

    Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

    Just saying when 808's came out people were vilifying Kanye for that album too, he made that in a few weeks too. A lot of people's opinions changed on that album.
  13. Lugubrious

    Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

    Is that a bad thing that he made the album in a few weeks?