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  1. Saw em in Birmingham last night. They fukn laid waste to the crowd by finishing the show w 15 minute Silverfuck that was all you could ever want out of that song. My 1st SF at my10th show. Also my 1st Quiet. Edit to be on topic. Anyone willing to part with the last boot?
  2. Any chance, any chance at all that someone would sell me a copy? Ready to go on the drop but a catastrophic work issue (at least for me) totally fd my chances. Appreciate it.
  3. Definitely!! Odd that the black is the more limited pressing chapter one.
  4. Mine too. First time there isn't at least one release I'm moderately interested in.
  5. Must've gotten the last copy. They are all listed as sold out now. Hope they don't cancel my order
  6. I was able to snag a gold just now. It let me add both gold and silver non autographed copies but told me the silver was sold out when I went to check out. Just glad I got one!! https://madamezuzus.com/collections/records/products/live-at-the-viper-room-gold-edition-pre-order
  7. Wow...great album from MM. Early still, but may be their best since Moon and Antarctica? Really digging this immersive modest mouse sound on this record.
  8. The glow in the dark is really cool. It acts as a night light in the den.
  9. Lol. I listened to White again after my post and would have to agree w you. Officially bumped White to unravelled's top tier Weezer albums!!
  10. https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/the-dear-hunter/products/copy-of-all-is-as-all-should-be-standard-vinyl The Fox and the Hunt limited orange lp pressing of 450.
  11. Really enjoying this record all the way through. IMO this is top tier weezer w blue, pink, green, maladroit, and EWBAITE. White just misses the cut. Crazy that my two favorite albums over the last 12 months, OK Human and My Morning Jacket's the Waterfall II, may not have ever seen the light of day if not for COVID.

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