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  1. Grabbed a copper nitrate. Looks the coolest I reckon
  2. What great news to wake up to. I missed out on the last release. By some reports though, those pressings were pretty bloody ordinary anyway.
  3. The RTI test pressing is the test pressing I own. I have never opened it so cannot vouch for how good it sounds. I have chatted with one of the other owners who have opened theirs, and they said it sounds really good. My regular pressing is a little beat up and needs a decent clean as well. So I just listen to the FLACs if I want to listen to the album. Discogs says there are currently 8 owners of the RTI test pressing, however the general opinion of myself, the other owners and the person at the pressing plant is that there are only 5. I think some people who own the later 200g te
  4. No vinyl pre order tomorrow, no set release date for vinyl. (Source - Maynard's wife, thread on reddit). Sadly I was right
  5. It was my understanding that there will be no vinyl available for pre order and at album launch. It will come later this year. I hope I am wrong though.
  6. Pre-order on a website actually did go up early today. It's sold out, but at least you can see what you get in the bundle https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/fear-inoculum-cd-bundle
  7. I'll be very interested to see what kind of vinyl packages they'll do with this new album. I managed to get a signed copy of Lateralus from Toolarmy back in the day, maybe they will do something similar. Although these days I don't have the time to sit online and refresh and refresh until the second they go on sale. I remember the copies of signed Lateralus sold out in less than 60 seconds. Then the record never arrived... I launched an investigation with the post office. The post office offered to pay for a replacement, bit tough with that record though! Simply not available. A c
  8. Awesome, thanks Mondie! Did you hit up any of the small bars off Hindley?
  9. Really? I just searched my inbox and I didn't get one.
  10. The pressing sounds really good... however despite the store's page advertising a signed print (last photo on this page https://www.officialstores.com.au/au_en/powderfinger-internationalist-2lp-deluxe.html ), there wasn't one in the package.
  11. I pulled out my original copy of Toxicity this morning and am spinning it for the first time in a few years. Still sounds awesome. I’m expecting my new copy of Toxicity to arrive today or tomorrow, I can post photos comparing original cover artwork to the new one if people want? Edit - scratch that, I just got an email from Amazon saying they are trying to obtain Toxicity and so it hasn't been shipped yet. God damn it
  12. Just tried with a VPN and it worked. Weird. Maybe they don't like people from Australia accessing the site.

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