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Crosley t200

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6 hours ago, shenanigans said:

Have you ever tried to play your records using a stick with a nail on the end of it?

That's just ridiculous. I have an amazing set up, check it out.


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On 1/23/2018 at 10:39 PM, lostcrimes said:

Was browsing a record store and noticed this thing. Was curious about it but can't really find any reviews or anything on it.



Well, I bought a used one for $100 off of Blinq.  It was badly misrepresented and completely broken, so I returned it.  It was very heavy and seemed very much like at Audio-Technica AT-LP120.  I believe it is a rebadged Lenco L3808.  They get decent reviews.  The one I bought looked like it had been through a war, was missing it's counterweight, stylus was broken, dust cover was damaged heavily.  I probably could have lived with it if the turntable worked, but I plugged it in and hit start...good to go...hit stop, and it started spinning backward so fast I thought the platter was going to fly off.  Crazy darned thing.

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