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  1. I just want the OG recording of From The Depths of Dreams
  2. My guess is holidays are coming up and they're trying to bank off santa clause.
  3. Don't even care if there's other variants. That one looks great to me and free shipping is nice. FUCKING FINALLY. This and Sing The Sorrow in the same year almost makes up for the gentrification this hobby has now.
  4. Not saying it would happen but if it did Manson probably wouldn't make anything off them.
  5. How did it take this long to get The Chronic on green vinyl? I'm intrigued but agree with the estimated price being three times what it should be.
  6. The sad truth is we're never getting that band back. That band ended when Jerry Finn died. He was essentially a fourth member during their golden age. And as probably one of the more cynical assholes on here, yeah Edging sucks. It would be like using "Built This Pool" as the first single of California. But these two are pretty good. You're never going to feel the same magic their late 90s/early 00s music gave to you when you were a teenager, you've grown as have they.
  7. I'll stand corrected and say that the art was fine up until California. But I'll die on the hill that their album titles have been made up on the spot for 20 years.
  8. Fair but "California" as an album title? Are we Red Hot Chili Peppers?
  9. Anyone notice after 9/11 they just completely stopped being creative with their album titles/covers?
  10. Limited to 200 https://creeper.tmstor.es/product/121915
  11. I'm happy his stuff is getting put out but I'm getting really tired of the 50 dollar price tags.
  12. After being a member here for over a decade this is how I learned I could change my screen name.
  13. Grabbed a twister. Hopefully wax Bodega doesn't do me dirty again.
  14. First time ever on cassette https://retrospekt.com/products/neutral-milk-hotel-in-the-aeroplane-over-the-sea-cassette-tape-retrospekt-exclusive?utm_source=hpcallout&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=nmh-cassette&utm_term=homepage-callout
  15. I have a first pressing on black and it's surprisingly an exceptionally good pressing. Might double dip for a neat color.
  16. This woman's about to become a billionaire by simply covering herself.

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