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  1. My thoughts exactly. Their manufacturing partner is Pirates Press. One more middle man so bands can attempt to press records placing all the risk on the consumers.
  2. Thanks. Just found that out. Weird that their online store makes no mention of it. The last part of my statement still holds true haha
  3. How does smartpunk even get stuff? Aren't they just online? RSD is such bullshit now.
  4. Thanks for posting that video of the 3" player. I think you officially talked me out of any interest I had in the Bad Religion/Interrupters/Rancid 3" records. Looks like you'll need a special 3" adapter to play them.
  5. https://www.cutloosemerch.com/product-p/cl-pup-ms-lp.htm says pink is /200 but if you're getting it from amazon, someone got it on tour and someone got it at a record store it seems unlikely
  6. solid pink is supposedly Canadian pressing/variant /200
  7. I have copies of both of these though I'd be more willing to trade punk rocksteady. Gonna take a look at the Purenoise discography. Do you have a tradelist anywhere?
  8. Unlikely. I'm trying to go to SBAM, but my buddy I was going to go with is taking care of his mom right now so he hasn't been able to commit. Want to go?!
  9. Also I've been crazy busy, but I need to pop in. We can talk about some of my ridiculous sales hah. I have a new 2nd most expensive record I've ever sold. I think the first half of April will slow down a bit for me.
  10. I'd love to say at least S1D used that $$ to press more records, but oh wait... Also, I think it sold pretty quickly? You should have charged more.
  11. Pretty sure there was one in Limited to One at one point. I think they were asking $300-$400. Not sure if it's sold or not though. @thepunkguy
  12. https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/collections/releases/products/sbr222-institute-readjusting-the-locks bourbon vinyl w/ screenprinted cover /250 Sacred Bones Society version on gray vinyl w/ screenprinted cover /150 the rest on black With half the band having left their native Texas for New York, Readjusting the Locks is the first Institute album written across the country. Despite the distance it sounds every bit as cohesive as if they were all still hanging out every night in the same Austin dives. The newly NYC-based Moses Brown and Arak Avakian flew to Houston in October 2018, where they joined Barry Elkanick and Adam Cahoon to demo the entirety of the new album in a single day. In December, the band got back together in Brooklyn to record with their longtime producer Ben Greenberg (Uniform). Where the previous Institute albums often wandered into the experimental, Readjusting the Locks strives to be economical, its 13 tracks clocking in at a tight 29 minutes. The band has seamlessly incorporated more ’77 rock n’ roll into their sound, some songs feeling like they could’ve been a Stiff Records single. This sound is emphasized by Greenberg’s expert production — crisp but still blown out and dirty. Lyrically, Readjusting the Locks moves away from the traditionally personal words of frontman Moses Brown. Rather than attacking the internal workings of his brain or its socialization, as on previous records, this album attempts to address the societal atmosphere in which his agita exists.
  13. Love the pressings Gunner does. Wish it was cheaper to have them shipped to the US. Makes me feel bad for all the europeans who have to deal with that from the US all the time.
  14. Selling this slipmat that came in the bundle with the screened cover. It's supposedly exclusive to the bundle so there's only 100 of them. $12 ppd or feel free to make an offer. SOLD
  15. There are 3500 copies of this already and I'm pretty sure there are less than 3500 people that want to own this on vinyl.
  16. Left I note that I ordered for me and @GradedOnACurve. Hopefully you saw that.