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  1. You know there's multiple copies of Coral Fang for sale for less than what you're asking.
  2. Looks like only for envelopes. Page 49 of that document still shows first class packages 9 oz - 2 lbs will be ~$24
  3. Late to the thread. Someone fill me in on the variants? Is there a tour version? Indie store version?
  4. https://limitedsfu.bigcartel.com/product/sfu116-the-boils-from-the-bleachers-lp-preorder They also have a sick Boils/Gritty tshirt
  5. Anyone get shipping notification from dine alone?
  6. That's not saying much considering the merch table in BK...
  7. Bought it a few months ago. Rise will also throw in a couple extra LPs. Only issue with the box set is the LPs got mixed up. I ordered the splatter and got 3 splatter and 1 solid.
  8. Thanks. I expect to see Jon this weekend.
  9. are you selling these all online or will the band have any copies?
  10. I think everyone should have gotten these now. Anyone interested in selling/trading?
  11. Yeah, I originally just had a deadformat, but they asked for something indicating values so I moved everything into discogs.
  12. Catalog them on discogs. I added some renters insurance for mine. Discogs says average value is ~$30K and the insurance company has a link to my discogs on file.
  13. PO: Tommy and June LP https://fatwreck.com/products/tommy-and-june
  14. My thoughts exactly. Their manufacturing partner is Pirates Press. One more middle man so bands can attempt to press records placing all the risk on the consumers.
  15. Anybody been to a show recently and know if the tour version is still available?
  16. Thanks. Just found that out. Weird that their online store makes no mention of it. The last part of my statement still holds true haha
  17. How does smartpunk even get stuff? Aren't they just online? RSD is such bullshit now.
  18. Thanks for posting that video of the 3" player. I think you officially talked me out of any interest I had in the Bad Religion/Interrupters/Rancid 3" records. Looks like you'll need a special 3" adapter to play them.
  19. https://www.cutloosemerch.com/product-p/cl-pup-ms-lp.htm says pink is /200 but if you're getting it from amazon, someone got it on tour and someone got it at a record store it seems unlikely
  20. solid pink is supposedly Canadian pressing/variant /200
  21. I have copies of both of these though I'd be more willing to trade punk rocksteady. Gonna take a look at the Purenoise discography. Do you have a tradelist anywhere?