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  1. shenanigans

    Goldfinger - Hang-Ups

    Got excited thinking this would be the final SRCVinyl pressing of anything
  2. shenanigans

    WTB - Ska records

    Have a couple Fat color Mad Caddies records for sale, but they're pricey. https://www.discogs.com/seller/shenanigans/profile
  3. Anyone going to a show that can help me out with a tour variant? I'm concerned they'll be gone before they get to NYC which is like the 3rd to last show of the tour. @NapalmBrain I assume you know by now, but it's a tour variant.
  4. Seems like the difference is they have scheduled tours as opposed to random people coming in to pick up orders. If they let you and angryalan how many other people do they have to let? Maybe that also requires hiring someone to deal with all you people coming to pick up orders. They probably also feel like if you want to pick up your records just go to a record store.
  5. shenanigans

    WTB: A-F Records record club - Reconciler - Set Us Free

    These guys are good friends of mine. Been seeing them since before they had a name and played as Joseph Lazzari and Friends. Derron, the base player, is a Gainesville legend. Played in Gunmoll and sax in LTJ for 5ish years and recorded many of the Gainesville bands we all listen to including The Draft.
  6. Hoping someone here has an A-F records sub and doesn't want this record. Doesn't come out until 2/1 but looking to secure one beforehand.
  7. shenanigans

    selling super rare batch of 7"s

    Damn! Missed out
  8. shenanigans

    selling super rare batch of 7"s

    Hi I'm interested. PM me and I'll send you my address. When I receive the records, I will send you a MO.
  9. shenanigans

    VC 2019 Super Bowl Squares!

    For those asking (unofficial) winners were 1st quarter Rams 0, Pats 0- vinyl addict ($25) halftime Rams 0, Pats 3 - reshiram ($25) 3rd Q Rams 3, Pats 3- marc32137 ($25) Final score Rams 3, Pats 13 - marc32137 ($50)
  10. shenanigans

    VC 2019 Super Bowl Squares!

    Wasn't around much yesterday other than to download the bracket. Thanks again to @The Saint for putting it all together. Congrats to the winners.
  11. shenanigans

    VC 2019 Super Bowl Squares!

    Seems fair enough. He's paying for them. You could always keep your extra 2 and take away 2 of theirs to make things more even.
  12. shenanigans

    VC 2019 Super Bowl Squares!

    Double everyones squares and split the pots in half?
  13. shenanigans

    VC 2019 Super Bowl Squares!

    Edit. JK. Didn't realize the 1st post wasn't updated.
  14. Assuming its the white w/ black splatter /1500 thats for stores and tour, but there could be other versions that they just haven't posted
  15. There's a combo w/ a 30 year anniversary book /200 and then the regular vinyl version. https://bouncingsouls.merchnow.com/ Tour dates
  16. shenanigans

    WTB: A-F Records record club - Reconciler - Set Us Free

    Bump. Maybe someone got this and is ready to let it go now?
  17. shenanigans

    PO: Masked Intruder - III

    Free shipping $35 shipped. I mean it sucks that you have to buy a bundle, but an $18 record + slipmat (~$10) + screenprint + shipping $4 is actually a good deal.
  18. shenanigans

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    thanks @GradedOnACurve grabbed 2 so I got one from him.
  19. I don't think the book is limited at all.
  20. shenanigans

    New Noise Flexi Series

    This was definitely true in the past, but may have changed. I know when they started the flexis it was supposed to be subscriber exclusive. Worth checking a store and if not I'll order online. Save on shipping and don't have to worry about the magazine being folded in half through the mail for a week because NN refuses to put a piece of cardboard in.
  21. I definitely thought you were talking about a price tag!
  22. shenanigans

    New Noise Flexi Series

    Does anybody still get this magazine? I want to grab the new issue withe the Teenage Bottlerocket and Masked Intruder flexis. Just wanted to see if anyone had gotten it yet before I head to Barnes and Noble to see if they have it.