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  1. They recently started asking everyone to add 2 factor authentication to their accounts
  2. Saw a copy of this at Amoeba Berkeley not too long ago.
  3. Can throw you some extra $$ or do a trade for some SF stuff. Shoot me a message
  4. I don't get on here much anymore, but selling some stuff so thought I'd cross post it here. Add $5 shipping in the US. International message me to figure out shipping. Red City Radio - Dangers - white $40 NOFX - HOFX - tiny bubbles $40 Pulley - Together Again - clear w/ splatter $75 Masked Intruder - MI - purple $45 Bombpops - Dear Beer - gold $25 AntiFlag - A Dying Plea Vol 1&2 - hellfire $17 Bad Brains - Pay to - clear w/ black splatter $43 Mad Caddies - The Holiday Has Been Cancelled - Fat store edition $60 Enemy You - Video to Radio - green $50 Up For Nothing - Twelve Stories Down - $27 Thrice - Beggars - clear w/ blue splatter $65 Mikey Erg - Waxbuilt Castles - blue/green splatter (smartpunk exclusive) $18 H2O - DC - blue $18 H2O - NYC - orange $17 No!se - The Real Enemy - silver $15 Pup - This Place Sucks Ass - with screenprint and colored pencils - $40 Bouncing Souls - Comet - blue/black/white tricolor $25 Don't Sleep - Turn The Tide - clear w/ splatter - $45 Pears - Pears - purple/clear Fat store edition $63 Agnostic Front - I remember - black w/ red splatter $48 Less Than Jake - B is for B Sides - green - $25 Taking Back Sunday - We Play Songs - blue $22 Lemuria - 2004 Demo - $27 Menzingers - Hello Exile - galaxy blue - $41 Dropkick Murphys - You'll Never Walk Alone - pic disc $25 Teenage Bottlerocket - Sick Sesh - Fat Store variant $60 Face to Face - No Way out - Fat Store variant $60
  5. June 27 they responded to my email Apologies for the continued delays. Unfortunately we're still waiting on these arriving from the pressing plant so we do appreciate your patience once again very much while we navigate these challenges. I hope to have an accurate ETA from them soon and will update everyone once I can. Once your order is filled you will receive an auto update at that time as well! Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you in the meantime! Thank you, Connor
  6. Or use a bigger shipping company that passes those discounts on to its users, but yes, the savings in taxes likely outweighs whatever their fees are.
  7. Delaware being a tax free state is nice, but it's even better if you can get a member here to be your "ship7"
  8. Weird question. Face to Face, Last Gang, Copyrights, Escape the Zoo, Real McKenzies, Teenage Bottlerocket, Joey Cape all had new albums come out on fat in the last 9 months.
  9. The little indie shop by me growing up would let you pick up the release as soon as it came in
  10. Sick of It All - Call To Arms https://fatwreck.com/collections/colored-vinyl/products/call-to-arms
  11. None of these are Skeleton Coast...and there's already a thread about them.
  12. https://shop.thebronxxx.com/products/meb-ii-picture-disk?_pos=2&_sid=928d6cfe7&_ss=r
  13. What's amazing is somehow this guy still shows his face at shows in the scene.
  14. This Charming Man, The Falcon and I think the Jealous Sound?
  15. Preorders have never been consistently delayed for months on end like they have the last 2 years. Were you around for the TOYPAJ preorder?
  16. They're closed until after new years when they'll probably finish shipping these.
  17. Field day put leftovers up in their store $25 https://fielddaysounds.bigcartel.com/product/why-7
  18. True on the offers part. lol @ the deciding they want something after purchase. That's most stores.
  19. Also that paypal takes 3% of what you're getting paid in taxes that you end up on the hook for. I wouldn't say payment received is the same as payment accepted. I think thats a carry over that was never really updated from before having a checkout button when you had to invoice the buyer and then they'd pay and discogs had no connection to whether they paid or not. You can add items to your cart and check out in a single order...
  20. Sweat PO up on Pirates Press https://shop.piratespressrecords.com/products/sweat-gotta-give-it-up-lp

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