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  1. FT/NOFX split on pink is up on Fat https://fatwreck.com/collections/colored-vinyl/products/nofx-frank-turner-west-coast-vs-wessex
  2. Leftovers from the release show. They've been on Fat's site for months
  3. So I have a Technics SU-G90 receiver that has the issue where the left speakers go out. It seems to be caused by the heat sinks getting hot and de soldering. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/technics-su-g90s-poor-wire-contacts.640148/ I would have no idea how to resolder but I have a friend willing to give it a shot. In the case that it doesn't work or he destroys my unit does anyone want to take a peek on craigslist or FB marketplace and recommend me a replacement? I'd be looking to spend ~$50. I'm running a Technics 1200 with Kef Q15 6 ohm speakers.
  4. And maybe you'll actually get it in 2022 after emailing them 25 times asking where your order is!
  5. Apparently they sold out yesterday according to a reddit thread so either more were added today or carts were reset.
  6. Pink is up. Don't miss it! https://www.recessrecords.com/product-page/screeching-weasel-some-freaks-of-atavism-lp-orange-vinyl
  7. And based on them getting "some" at a time, the bigger the package you ordered the longer you're going to be waiting. Had a long discussion with them yesterday basically asking why it's so hard for them to send an email with the subject "Less Than Jake Updates" to tell everyone what's going on rather than posting cryptic shit on twitter and buring half updates in 4 paragraphs of newsletter with the subject "smartpunk learns to email good"
  8. Smartpunk posted on twitter the other day. Would sure be nice if they sent an email update to those who pre-ordered rather than a "This record is delayed" a month after it was supposed to be released.
  9. What a shit show, but at this point it's pretty much to be expected with anything trever keith has his hands on. Refunds everyone and tells them its going up at 12:00 PST and then puts it up at like 12 EST. It was completely sold out by 12 PST.
  10. What I'm saying is that while these records are pressed in Europe, it's up to the individual label how they get to the US AKA whether or not they're going to pay the exorbitant prices to have them flown over, but also where they end up in the US. Fat's stuff gets shipped to LA and then trucked to SF. That's a shorter trip than if Smartpunk's stuff ends up in LA and has to get trucked to Orlando, or faster if they fly it from there.
  11. We're in the middle of a pandemic. Do you think when they sent these records to be pressed they knew that there were going to be no flights from Europe to the US? Do you think GZ is pressing records at full capacity? I'm sure Fat also is working packing up records with a smaller crew to be safe. And it's NOFX. It's probably 2 dudes in a warehouse packing up 10,000 records. Any of their other bands it's probably 1,000 and takes them a few days.
  12. Most of Fat's records are pressed in Europe and because of the decrease in flights between Europe and the US they're being shipped from Europe to the US by boat and then on a truck to Fat from the port. The situation would potentially be different for every label though I think most go through Pirates Press/GZ.
  13. Got an order confirmation randomly like a week later
  14. Fiasco? They've been pretty transparent through the whole thing.
  15. https://www.altpress.com/news/attila-vocalist-fronz-warped-tour-revival-not-looking-so-great/
  16. I don't think you get to use the "the world's on fire" excuse when the world was already on fire when the preorders went up.
  17. Pulley played an outdoor show in Southern California a couple weeks ago.
  18. Update came from Jump Start today Just a quick note to give you an update on the pressing on this release. We sent out a few updates via our general email blasts, but we wanted to more directly reach out with an update since some of you may have missed the previous ones. We're still waiting on the vinyl from the pressing plant. They've got everything from our end: jackets, labels, inserts, download cards, etc. They're just waiting on the plates from the mastering house. I was told the plates should be here this week, and we'd have wax off the presses within days of their

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