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$1000 new Receiver or Amp suggestions?

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I'm looking to replace my 15+ year old mediocre Pioneer receiver with something better, but I'm kind of lost on where to start since I haven't paid any attention to this stuff in about that long of a time.


My current setup is an Ortofon Blue 2MM on a Planar 3 with a Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 as my pre-amp.  The speakers'll be replaced at some point, so they're a bit irrelevant right now.


I'm looking to spend about $1000, but could be convinced to spend more if there's a big bump for my money.  I'm only planning on using this for music, so I don't really need 7.1 or anything, but I don't think I can avoid that if I go the receiver route.  Anyone have suggestions on what I should be looking for?  If I go the amp route, I'd need something with an additional input for my tape deck (or possibly a switch type device).

Anyway, if anyone can point me in a good direction, I'd really appreciate it.  Even just brands to look for or if there's a strong argument for spending $1000 on a stereo amplifier vs. a 7.1 receiver, I'd be interested in that.


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I'm very happy with my Cambridge Audio CXA60

No phono pre but I wanted and external anyway.

Cambridge sometimes have them refurbished on their ebay store for a decent discount.

Good luck.

I nearly go crazy anytime I have to research new equipment.

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