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  1. I really liked Octopath Traveler. I started Hyper Light Drifter a few days ago and it seems fun so far. My weakness for Switch estore sales has given me a nice bit of backlog to work through while I'm stuck at home.
  2. I watched Scream, Queen! : My Nightmare on Elm Street last night and thought it was worth my time. It's less a of a horror doc than I was expecting and more about how Nightmare 2 effected Mark's life and career.
  3. I thought it was that people were crying that it was about hunting conservatives, but I'm not certain. Could be both reasons pretty easily.
  4. I watched Vivarium a few nights ago and liked it a fair amount. More nightmarish scifi than horror. Not sure if watching a movie about being trapped in a home is a little too real or not right now though, haha. I also watched The Hunt last week and it's fun enough. Having see it, I can't believe it caused any controversy, let alone enough to get it's release pulled.
  5. I cannot say that I did, that price is a bit ridiculous.
  6. Watched The Invisible Man last night and damn, it's really good! Well paced and Moss is great.
  7. I always seem to end up with more games than I can play whenever there's a good Switch store sale. I feel like I'll be putting a nice dent in my backlog in the coming weeks.
  8. I've been working from home for the last three weeks and feel very fortunate that I have that option, I know a lot of people aren't able to. I'm in Seattle and it seems like our bars/restaurants/venues started to see a pinch a week or two earlier than most places. Now, it's take-out and delivery only for restaurants, bars and venues are shuttered for another 10 days (at least). Some places have closed permanently and I feel like that's just the start. I've got an upcoming European trip that's all but completely cancelled, which definitely a bummer, but in perspective is just that and not an actual problem.
  9. The New Year's one was pretty fun, but the last two have been kind of duds. I can't remember what the December one was, which is probably indicative of how good it was. Pooka is supposed to be back for the April one, so I'm looking forward to that
  10. Watched Leprechaun 2 and the new Into the Dark last night, made for a fun St. Patrick's day.
  11. Remix albums tend to just take up space on my shelf. I'm pretty interested in the Jesu/CW remixes, but I think digital is all I need on this one.
  12. I placed my order about an hour after getting the email from Dias and it was sold out already
  13. I did a double feature of VFW and After Midnight last Saturday and enjoyed them both. After Midnight is a pretty slow burn and feels more like a drama than a horror movie most of the time. Some great performances in here. I'd recommend it, but if you're expecting a creature feature, you'll be disappointed. VFW was all around awesome. It's violent and sleazy and knows exactly what kind of movie it wants to be. It's real fun!
  14. I saw it a month or two ago and loved it. I'm not sure if it was my favorite movie of 2019, but it's easily a top contender.