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  1. I'm going to have to hear more before I make a choice. There's some parts of the single I like, but I'm not sure if a whole album in this style would be for me.
  2. I'm trying to talk myself into it, but am struggling to justify the price.
  3. I liked it, but I don't think it packed quite the punch that Hereditary did. Good follow up for sure and I'm excited to see what he's going to do next.
  4. Feel like CSR has been really quiet this year. Going to wait until my LP shows up to give this a listen, but I'm pretty stoked. Unrelated, couple new Sanguine Eagle LPs. https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/sanguine-eagle-shores-of-avarice-lp https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/sanguine-eagle-storm-mysticism-lp
  5. Got quite a bit watched in the last week or so (girlfriend out of town gave me a lot of time to kill) Head Count - This was a fun Friday night beer movie. Quality-wise, it felt like something that would've fit as an Into The Dark episode. Deep Murder - I turned this off about 25 minutes in. It's attempts at humor were insultingly bad. I'm also not sure why this is being marketed as a horror comedy. Based on what I watched, it was more of a murder mystery comedy. The Beast Within - Kind of a practical effects hidden gem. If you're into creature features and/or practical effects, check it out. It's a little light on plot and a dash slow at times, but not so much that it drags the movie down overall. Trapped Alive - Might be a fun bad movie watch as a group I suppose, definitely not worth your time for solo viewing. Black Mirror S05 - I've mostly disliked the Netflix seasons of this and these three episodes don't do anything to change that. Only one episode seems fairly faithful to what the series is, the other two feel pretty out of place. Gretta - I thought this was fun, but very flawed. A lot of things fall apart if you think about it too much. This was my GF and I's beer movie last Friday and it fit well for that. The Cleaning Lady - This one took my by surprise. It was really dull and living in Lifetime movie land for the first 30 minutes and then it gets vicious and dark. Minor qualm is that one of the actors leaves a lot to be desired. Overall, I'd recommend it!
  6. Gave my copy a listen today. Definitely lands much more firmly in the space rock side of Cave In, nothing too heavy and all clean vocals. The two singles that've been released are a pretty accurate depiction of what to expect. I liked it quite a bit based on the one listen and I'll probably come to appreciate it more with multiple revisits.
  7. All Hallows' Eve - Have to thank @The Butcha for mentioning this one. I assumed Terrifier was the first movie he directed. Anyway, it's mostly the last segment and the wrap around stuff that were great, but it's worth a watch just for that. The Art story in this is pretty savage and nasty, even more so than what was in Terrifier. Starfish - Far from perfect, but I thought this was a pretty interesting movie. It's great visually and Virginia Gardener does a good job carrying it (it's pretty much just her). Probably a little too abstract for it's own good and has some pretty big unexpected shifts, makes it a little hard to follow. Definitely cool to see a newer director take some big swings, even if they don't always hit. Hellraiser : Revelation - Easily the worst of the sequels. Oddly, it's also the most faithful in terms of working on the foundation of the original. Dog Soldiers - This was really fun when it was soldier on werewolf action. Past that, I found myself getting a little bored with the plot. Us - It's tough for me to get to the theater, so I missed this during it's run. I can say it was well worth the wait. Such a well crafted movie. The Twilight Zone : Season 1 - My original thoughts on this still stand for the most part. Additionally, I noticed that the metaphors on some are so obvious that it's a bit insulting and in one episode, the narrator even spells it out at the end. On the plus side, the finale was really good and has me a bit more hopeful for the second season. I'd say that the first three episodes and the last were good to great and the rest were pretty sub-par.
  8. I got mine this morning and liked it quite a bit on my initial listen.
  9. Seeing him do an acoustic show on Wednesday, pretty excited about it. Am I seeing things right that Social Disservices is another 1LP pressing?
  10. I've really enjoyed What We Do as well. The Trial was kind of a dud episode for me, but mainly because I don't think cameos as a joke work very well and that episode leaned real hard into that. Past that, been a pretty consistent laugh factory for me. Devil Hunter - If you've got a soft spot for bad dubs and schlocky exploitation films, this might be up your alley. It was entertaining, but would probably be more fun with a small crowd. The Perfection - This one threw me. I went in with very little knowledge and for the first half I kept thinking that it was a pretty solid film and then it gets ridiculous and convoluted and very fun. It set my expectations up as one thing and then goes in such a wild direction, really didn't expect it. It has a hell of an ending as well. Not sure if I'd call it a good film, but I liked it a lot. Especially now that I've had the night to think about it more. Soft Matter - I feel like this would've been something that would've fit in well on the weirder end of the Adult Swim lineup. If you're into they're really strange stuff, you'd probably like this. Without Name - Didn't care for this. It was well shot and acted, but I feel like it's the same type psychological horror that I've seen a dozen times before. House of Voices - I mostly liked this, but I wouldn't say I loved it. It was a bit more of a slow burn that I was in the mood for, so I found my mind wandering a little too much. Kind of reminds me of something Del Toro would've done.
  11. Stoked that we're getting new W&R this year, significantly less stoked on the cover art. I got my Vale LP on Monday. Only had time for one listen, but I think it's my favorite of the sub releases.
  12. The Convent - The kind of dumb, fun movie you'd have seen released straight-to-video 15 years ago. Bad CGI mixed with some decent practical effects. By no means a must see, but if you need some late night entertainment, I'd recommend it.
  13. Couple of duds for me this week. The Prodigy - The reasoning behind the kid being evil/creepy didn't work for me at all and this became laughably bad by the end. It looked like it was made by some capable people, but that can only cover up a weak script so much. The Ranger - Was really excited about this one and it was a pretty big let down. All the kids are insufferable assholes to the point where they couldn't get killed fast enough. Unfortunately, it takes about 45 minutes for anything to start happening. Some cool practical effects are about all this had going for it. Even at 77 minutes, it felt too long.
  14. Been using last.fm since 2006, still scrobble from my work and home computers using cmus+cmusfm. I mostly use it for recommendations when I'm in a music rut now. https://www.last.fm/user/billspork
  15. Monster Party - This isn't good, but it goes in such weird directions by the third act that it was a really fun and bizarre watch. Enjoyable beer movie. Killer Kate! - Total dud. Bad acting, story, dialogue, etc. Into The Dark : All That We Destroy - This was a tad too slow overall, but I mostly liked it. I've watched the first four episodes of The Twilight Zone and I can't say I love it. Not really bad, but it's not doing anything that makes it essential watching. Kind of a just above average show from what I've seen. Couple episodes are way too damn long as well. A set 30-40 minute run time would probably be a benefit here.