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  1. It wasn't on my radar at all until I saw a trailer for it before Happy Death Day 2 U and it caught my attention, glad to hear it's good!
  2. Xasthur - Nocturnal Poisoning reissue https://southernlord.com/store/xasthur-nocturnal-poisoning-2xlp-metallic-silver-vinyl/
  3. Valentine - Kind of what you'd expect, bad post-Scream slasher. It's very much a product of it's time, but it's fun and stupid. I highly doubt I'd make watching it a holiday tradition, one watch was probably enough. My Bloody Valentine - I'd never seen this and loved it. It's got a cool killer, fun gore and the teenagers are constantly drinking beer. Trauma - This is a rough one, would fit nicely on a shelf with A Serbian Film. You'll know exactly what you're in for in the first few minutes. It's supposed to be based on (or maybe just inspired by) some actual atrocities committed in Chile. I'm not entirely sure if it was a good movie, but I think it achieves what it's going for. Final Destination 4 - Didn't enjoy this one much. Easily the weakest in the series. Final Destination 5 - Oddly enough, this one was great. It looked slick and seemed like they threw some money at the CGI. Mild complaint is that it was in 3D and those effects always seem a little strange in 2D. The ending is great too. Ranking the FDs : 2, 5, 3, 1 4. Surprisingly fun franchise that I'd mostly written off as they were coming out. Happy Death Day 2U - There's some cleverness to this one and it doesn't feel too much like a forced sequel. It seemed to steer away from being a slasher and more into a sci-fi / college comedy movie. I liked it for the most part, but there's also some diminishing returns here and it does feel a dash more of the same.
  4. It might have been my mood when I watched Bride, not sure, haha. Velvet Buzzsaw - Completely agree with what @Rip said. I thought it was interesting and fun, but I also have no idea how I'd describe it to anyone. Climax - I keep seeing this being listed as a horror film and I don't feel like that's accurate. Either way, it's a pretty wild and hypnotic movie and I enjoyed it immensely. Some of the visuals in it are so fucking cool. Definitely seek this one out. Final Destination 3 - Seemed to take itself a little more seriously and felt more like the first one. It did keep the gore level of the second. Fun watch, but there we some diminishing returns here. Overlord - Although I mostly liked this, the story structure was painfully by the books and didn't offer any surprises because of it. It also seemed to take a really long time to get to the good stuff. It made for a nice lazy afternoon watch, but it didn't blow me away.
  5. Been enjoying this a ton, no physical release as far as I can tell though. https://charnelaltar.bandcamp.com/releases
  6. Been watching a lot of older things I hadn't seen / trying to tough out some bad sequels of bigger franchises. Ghosts of Mars - I recently revisited Escape from NY/LA and figured I'd give this a go. I could've swore I saw it when it came out, but also have no memory of it. Anyway, it probably wouldn't have been much better if it was a Plissken movie, but I think I'd have wanted to see that more. There are still a few late period Carpenter movies I haven't seen, but this is definitely the worst one that I have. There's some cool Mad Max stuff in parts and that's about the only redeeming factor. Let the Right One In - Hadn't seen this somehow. I liked it quite a bit, but I feel like so much has treaded on similar territory since it came out that it felt a little too familiar. More the fault of me watching it 10 years late than on the movie itself though. I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer - About as bad as you'd expect an 8 years later straight to video sequel with none of the original cast. Dead Ant - Expected this to be a dumb / funny creature feature and I was mostly satisfied. Dry Blood - Low budget psychological thriller that fell pretty flat. Animas - This was ok. The twist wasn't super surprising and it went downhill a bit after. Hellraiser : Deader - Worst one I've seen yet! Final Destination - I saw this when it was released and the concept stuck with me more than the actual movie. After revisiting it, I'd stay that largely still rings true. Decent idea, very forgettable specifics. Definitely feels dated too. Final Destination 2 - This one is fun as hell. Takes the premise and just runs with it. The original takes itself pretty seriously, this one doesn't seem to at all. Whole lot of gore and explosions and clever kills. Nailbiter - Decent idea that's completely ruined by terrible acting. Shocker - This was pretty fun. Not a great Craven movie, but if you like Freddy's one liners, you'll find a lot to enjoy here. Hellhouse LLC II : The Abaddon Hotel - I'd say if you like the original, you'll probably enjoy this, just don't expect it to be better. The first had a creative way to do found footage with there being an actual reason for cameras and this achieved that as well, but in a different manner. Bride of Re-Animator - I didn't hate this, but I'm not sure if I'd go too far out of my way to watch it again either. Braid - I wasn't expecting such a mind fuck when I went into this and think I need to rewatch it because of that. I liked it, but don't think I grasp it either. Ginger Snaps - Although I liked this, I also didn't feel like it aged very well.
  7. Glad to see this is getting a physical release. Listened to this once yesterday and thought both tracks were real good.
  8. Suspirira (2018) - This was very well crafted. It mostly maintains the original story, but presents it in a different way. It doesn't try to emulate Argento's style either and definitely has it's own feel to it. It's a bit bloated at 2:30 hours and there was one subplot that I didn't think added much. Additionally, Yorke's score isn't too impressive. I'd say I like the original more, but I think this has plenty of merit and is worth watching. Hellraiser VI : Hellseeker - There's some decent psychological horror ideas here, but overall this isn't a very good movie. With some minor rewrites and replace the cenobites with nudity and you'd probably have a Cinemax softcore porno.
  9. Channel Zero got cancelled today, kind of a bummer.
  10. Here's what I went through over the last couple weeks. Scream 4 - This was surprisingly good. Doesn't quite top the original, but I think it's the next best entry into the series. A nice redemption from the rubbish that was Scream 3. Dead Girl - This is the first movie I've been repulsed by in a very long time. I kept watching in hopes that it'd redeem itself at the end, but it just doubled down on the misogynistic rape fantasy that it portrays the whole film. Lifechanger - Real cool concept, very mediocre execution. The main character gets itself into some real amusing situations and I think it would've worked better if it dove into that and presented itself as a horror comedy. Rust Creek - I was expecting this to be more of a survival horror movie. What I got was an ok, if not predictable drama. Murder Party - Nothing amazing, but it was fun. I usually like seeing the early work of film makers I enjoy, especially when they're working on real low budgets. Happy House - This was neither the horror nor the comedy it was billed as. Don't bother. I Know What You Did Last Summer - Hadn't seen this since it came out. It didn't age nearly as well as Scream did and definitely was far worse than I remember it being. Even though some of the logic here is bad even by horror standards, it was still fun to revisit. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer - Significantly worse than the first, but it does cross into so bad it's good territory. I had a pretty fun time with this one. Swamp Thing - This was awesome in a late night monster movie sort of way. Not Craven's best work and definitely not a great representation of Swampy as a character though. Suspiria (4k remaster) - I haven't seen this in about 15 years and figured I should refresh myself before the new one gets a home release. The use of sound here is so good and I think it really makes the movie. Additionally, it seems like a lot of care was taken in the remaster and it looks gorgeous. Good Manners - More of a dark fantasy than a horror film. My friend and I both liked this quite a bit. It tells a werewolf story in a way I'd never seen before. The runtime is a little long, but it seems to go fast due to how the movie is structured. I'd recommend it pretty highly.
  11. If I can still sign up when I get paid next Friday, I'll probably jump on this.
  12. New Year's Evil - Trashy little slasher from the very early 80s. Not bad enough to be fun and not good enough to be entertaining. Probably would be completely forgotten if it wasn't NYE themed. Avenged (aka Savaged) - Save for a little bit of fun gore, I didn't care for this one bit. Hellraiser V : Inferno - Slowly going to be working my way through series now that the holidays are over. This has a decent psychological horror / detective noir vibe too it. Different from the previous four quite a bit. Mostly a swing and a miss, but at least they tried something different.
  13. I'm digging it too. I already have one pending order with FE, looks like I'll have another soon.
  14. I found out about this a little to late to make it into my schedule. Going to make it high priority next year! Eden Lake - Real solid survival horror movie. It's tense and savage. Into the Dark : New Year, New You - Another good entry into the series. Don't have a whole lot to add except that each installment seems to deliver.