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  1. My week three watches 15. Curse of Chucky 16. Phantasm III : Lord of the Dead / The Mortuary Collection 17. It Follows / Grave Robbers 18. Slumber Party Massacre III 19. Drag Me to Hell 20. The People Under the Stairs 21. The Wolf of Snow Hollow
  2. There's definitely some Lifetime vibes in Evil Eye as well!
  3. Watched Evil Eye (Welcome to the Blumhouse) last night and thought it was a perfectly acceptable way to fill a Sunday evening. It's not doing anything too new and plays out pretty much how you think it will, but it's made well. Sunita Mani is great as always.
  4. I would say more on the bad side, haha. I appreciated that it was a cam movie because that was baked into the plot (and not just a way to make it on the cheap) and the clown's story was pretty fun. It didn't feel like a lot happened in the other two stories and the 'challenges' never seemed clear. There were also parts where it was so damn hard to tell what was going on due to the camera work. Decent idea, poor execution.
  5. Here's my week two 8. Puppet Master III : Toulon's Revenge 9. Phantasm 2 10. Mockingbird 11. Slumber Party Massacre 2 12. The Fog 13. Alien 14. Books of Blood
  6. Graveface did a Marshmallow Ghosts album on clear with 'grave soil' . Mine is really noisy. I'd be a bit weary about how this'll sound.
  7. I haven't yet, but I'm hoping to watch at least a few of them before the month is over. Regarding Bly Manor, I'm sharing similar feelings as most of you. I watched episode 3 last night and feel pretty underwhelmed so far. It's interesting enough that I'll watch it al the way through, but I can't say I'm dying to start the next episode.
  8. Hope that collab album with MSC gets pressed sometime soon too. Think that's one of my favorite The Body albums in quite while.
  9. I'm hoping to start it tonight or tomorrow!
  10. I've got the blue variant and it plays clean start to finish.
  11. I watched it right around when it came out and don't remember caring for it much. I will give it credit for being a pretty faithful adaptation of a book that was seemingly unadaptable. I also really didn't like the ending of the book and the movie takes a hit because of that too. Carla Gugino was perfect casting though!
  12. I enjoyed it quite a bit! There are some nitpicky things that I didn't like, but overall I thought it was a pretty good. The way the past and present crossed over reminded me of Hill House at times. Starting to think maybe it's just his King adaptations I don't like.
  13. Had a lot of fun with week 1! This year I mapped out the whole month with a blank spot each week for a newer release. Seems to work better than trying to figure out something to watch every night, haha 1. Critters / Critters 2 double feature 2. Phantasm 3. The House by the Cemetery 4. The Slumber Party Massacre 5. Oculus 6. Scanners 7. Tokyo Home Stay Massacre
  14. Second pressing - 100 - Rose Garden w/ Board Game - 200 - Blood Simple - 400 - Lemon-Lime Splatter - 600 - Black Tar Future editions will be on black vinyl. https://softkillsoftkill.bigcartel.com/product/dead-kids-r-i-p-city-2xlp-second-press