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  1. Stoked that we're getting new W&R this year, significantly less stoked on the cover art. I got my Vale LP on Monday. Only had time for one listen, but I think it's my favorite of the sub releases.
  2. The Convent - The kind of dumb, fun movie you'd have seen released straight-to-video 15 years ago. Bad CGI mixed with some decent practical effects. By no means a must see, but if you need some late night entertainment, I'd recommend it.
  3. Couple of duds for me this week. The Prodigy - The reasoning behind the kid being evil/creepy didn't work for me at all and this became laughably bad by the end. It looked like it was made by some capable people, but that can only cover up a weak script so much. The Ranger - Was really excited about this one and it was a pretty big let down. All the kids are insufferable assholes to the point where they couldn't get killed fast enough. Unfortunately, it takes about 45 minutes for anything to start happening. Some cool practical effects are about all this had going for it. Even at 77 minutes, it felt too long.
  4. Been using last.fm since 2006, still scrobble from my work and home computers using cmus+cmusfm. I mostly use it for recommendations when I'm in a music rut now. https://www.last.fm/user/billspork
  5. Monster Party - This isn't good, but it goes in such weird directions by the third act that it was a really fun and bizarre watch. Enjoyable beer movie. Killer Kate! - Total dud. Bad acting, story, dialogue, etc. Into The Dark : All That We Destroy - This was a tad too slow overall, but I mostly liked it. I've watched the first four episodes of The Twilight Zone and I can't say I love it. Not really bad, but it's not doing anything that makes it essential watching. Kind of a just above average show from what I've seen. Couple episodes are way too damn long as well. A set 30-40 minute run time would probably be a benefit here.
  6. The Howling - Well executed monster movie. Reminds me of a more polished version of something you'd see airing late at night. Double Date - This is a frustrating one. The last 30 minutes or so are really strong, but it's a slog to get there. Supposed to be a horror comedy and it fails so hard at the comedy part. Not sure if the payoff is worth it or not. Escape Room - I was pretty skeptical about this because the concept seemed dumb and it's PG-13. Turns out it's real fun and I enjoyed the heck out of it. Only real complaint is the deaths just kind of happen, they're not really bigger moments. Day of the Dead - I have some pretty big blind spots in Romero's work and this was one of them. I liked it, but it kind of pales compared to Dawn. Savini's effects are well worth the watch alone.
  7. I didn't have that issue with my first order. I've got those Arkhtinn LPs they were selling on the way now and only got one shipping notification for them as well.
  8. I'm a small to medium depending upon the company. Thanks for the offer though!
  9. First time I've liked the shirt enough to go for the bundle, but I missed it, haha. Went with the red, think it'll compliment the artwork nicely.
  10. The Field Guide to Evil - Like most anthologies, this was a mixed bag. Overall I think it was a success and liked it quite a bit. The first couple were my least favorite, which made me a bit weary for the rest, but was pleasantly surprised by the third and on. I'd recommend it, especially if you're into foreign cinema (each director is from a different country). Beyond Re-Animator - Pretty big dud for me. The best effect was in the first 10 minutes. Dug the story idea, didn't pan out in execution. I also think I was probably too hard on Bride and need to re-watch it. Hellraiser : Hellworld - This was a fairly fun trashy movie that seemed to be riding the post Scream wave a bit (lotta sexy teens in this one). Probably would've been better if it wasn't a Hellraiser movie and was more of a house of horrors film w/o the cenobites. Deadly Blessing - Had a few moments, but I think this would've been almost completely forgotten if Craven hadn't directed it. I've really liked the first three What We Do episodes. It's very faithful to the film without feeling derivative. I've gotten a few really hard laughs out of each one and I'm always happy to see Matt Berry on my TV (this role is perfect for him). I'm saving Twilight Zone for an upcoming trip and am looking forward to it. Seems like it's being cast with a lot of people I like and I've heard mostly good things about the first couple episodes.
  11. I didn't care for it. The events were right enough based on my memory of the book, so there's that. They seem to play up Euronymous as more of a sympathetic character than I think he probably was. It's not so awful it's unwatchable, but I think that even if it's taken outside the context of being based on actual events, it's not really that good of a movie. I'd be surprised if it wasn't mostly forgotten.
  12. Her cookbook is well worth the money too. I use it at least once a week.
  13. Funny, I liked this one a lot more than the last. The I'm just fucking with you line did get old after a bit, but the look and Chester's overall weirdness were great.
  14. I second this. I listen to the Ustalost album more than the YE stuff by a fair amount.
  15. Something about spending money on a piece of work that isn't tangible is a problem for me too. I'll occasionally buy something digital (usually video games), but I have trouble equating a value to it. I think a lot of it is the lack of resale value afterward. If I buy an LP, it's still worth something. A digital album or game has essentially has no value outside of the piece of work itself. I might also just be a curmudgeon who likes physical copies of things.