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@Kanye West Hey guy, you gonna respond to me in front of these people as to why you locked up my PayPal and faked a video to get me refund you for records that had 0 issues playing and were listed and sold as described?

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I have no desire to interact with the above user, but for transparency since I don't like being slandered on a public forum: I purchased two records from him that cost $200. He took my money and disappeared for well over a week and didn't respond to any of my messages. He finally responded, sent the records, and one of them was a Paramore 7" box set that I was REALLY looking forward to getting. I put a record on and it played completely distorted, despite looking fine. I played another 7" I owned to see if it was my turntable, and it played fine. I asked him to return it, he didn't respond, so I opened a dispute. He freaked out because it locked up his account. I returned the record and he sent me an angry message saying it played fine on his turntable.


Now he's accusing me of faking something? I didn't try to get a discount, I wanted to return a record I was really looking forward to getting. His profile says "paramore, paramore, paramore" so clearly he's a big fan. The more likely scenario is that he had a second copy that was totally fine and this was the busted one prior to the replacement, rather than me buying something from him and returning it for no reason, wasting everyone's time and money.


Anyone who sees this topic can see I have almost 40 positive transactions on here and 0 negative. That should speak for itself. I'm not interested in his side of the story, I'm just not going to get harrassed in my own topic over some lies from a vindictive, shady user. 

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4 hours ago, Kanye West said:

a vindictive, shady user. 

Let the users' individual reputations speak for themselves, indeed. I also have 30+ positive trades and *POSITIVE TOTAL REPUTATION* for what its worth. I apologized to you and explained why I didn't respond to you for that time period. I didn't disappear again, though.  Your version of events here is also not what you told me in DMs; you claimed all 4 records played screwed up on your deck, but when I received them back, played all four with 0 issues and asked you to follow up on it, YOU disappeared. There wasn't a single thing wrong with the playability of that box set. To say the "more likely scenario" is that I intentionally swindled you with my magical two copies of this release, trying to sully MY positive reputation here by selling factory defect records, when the more likely scenario is you don't know how to work some setting on your sIxtEeN hUnDrEd DoLlAr turntable, then to pull this business locking my PayPal account up TWICE, send me back perfectly functioning records in VG, stop responding to my DMs and make me have to come into the public forum to address this, only to accuse me of lying my way through entirely, its far more clear now who's shady and vindictive. Carry on all.

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7 hours ago, Kanye West said:


now back to the fun stuff!

Nah, you don’t get to slither away that easily. I sure as hell didn’t try to sell someone a factory defected record for $100 and then come back blaming them for the trouble. There’s 0 issue with the box set you bought. What’s the real reason you returned it?

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