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record store bullshit.

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In the few cases where I have receieved something I feel is defective, rather than have my shop eat the cost, I've had pretty good luck dealing with the actual record company. I've found a lot can be accomplished with a quick polite e-mail. Food for thought.

I've done this...With My Drums S/T LP...the LP the record label sent me was in a envelope and the cover was fucked, but i didn't care cause my other cover was fine...however the LP they sent me had the SAME defects! :(

As for Amoeba I don't like them that much. The used CD prices are usually pretty high, and I don't like being treated like a criminal. I feel so dirty every time I go there. I can't be trusted not to shoplift, and my purchases have to be walked to the door. If you think its the best record store, you need to come to Tokyo and spend a week or two here.

Also in the LA area I checked out Sound Station Records and I really liked it. The prices seemed pretty good (at least on new punk LPs), and the dudes that run the place were super nice and could talk to you about music. Of course the selection was not as big as Amoeba, but its worth checking out if you go to LAX...its super close to the airport.

When I went to the Virgin Megastore in NYC I had to be walked out the door with my purchase. Bizarre.

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uhh not to be a dick, but.. YOU LIVE IN FUCKING ARKANSAS. thats why everything is shit there. maybe GTFO?

just a thought.

but hey, in this day and age, you have just as much access to vinyl as someone here in LA or even NYC.

still. you live in Arkansas, and im sorry.

yeah, i know what you're saying.

I mean, the beautiful scenery, the super nice people, the awesome hot southern chicks....man this place fucking sucks!!

i say the same thing about Austin. except we have more hot chicks.

no seriously, we do.

with that said, just about every store i go to will take a return. what you should have done is possibly contacted JEW's label or the actual label who put it out and write them politely stating your case. i've done this about 5 or 6 times for records i received at a store in another state that were cool in sending me a new copy. half of them i didn't even have to send the vinyl back. though i told them, i totally would. just a reminder for next time around.

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Yeah all the stores around me are no return on new vinyl. Just like you can buy a CD, open it and return it.

My fav was when the Virgin megastore had a LP I wanted but the jacket was all scratched up and I asked for a simple dollar discount and they told me only if the product is damaged. We then argued if the jacket was part of the record...

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