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The Wunder Years- Function Over Fashion UP NOW

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Yes The Wunder Years with an U not an O; in case you didn't know this is the band that was fronted by Brian Moss (of Olehole, Hanalei, The Ghost).

THE WUNDER YEARS broke up in 2001. Robbed the Bank Records and Side With Us Records teamed up to re-release a 10 Year Anniversary version of the Function Over Fashion EP on vinyl. Side With Us will be handling the reunion show with 100 copies of the album on black, we will also have about 25 of those in our store. These will be going up this weekend.

Brian Moss and Shane Stevens went on to form 'The Ghost' with Wunder Years' friend and collaborator, Jordan Schalich. The Ghost moved to Chicago and has released two albums on Some Records. Brian also performs under the name 'Hanalei' and has just started playing in a new band called Great Apes. Shane Stevens lives in Austin and plays bass in 'Pompeii'. Caitlin Love plays in Hot Victory. Josh Staples plays with The Velvet Teen and The New Trust.

Lineup: Brian, Josh, Shane + Caitlin

I'm sure I don't have to say this but I am excited to be able to release this album. Again these should go up this weekend here: http://robbedthebank.storenvy.com/ I will update this page as we get closer.

Any questions post them here.

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