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  1. Official Fantasy Football Advice

    Yeah that killed me. He was on pace for a huge game too. I mean he still got me 3.5 pts so it's better than nothing.
  2. Official Fantasy Football Advice

    I dropped Olsen but I thought he re-injured his foot. Figure I would pickup a handcuff and drop him. He seems like a scary start.
  3. Official Fantasy Football Advice

    ok thats a little reassuring. thats who i have in currently. just worried about hunt flopping and missing an opportunity with bernard if mixon is out. only thing going for hunt is KC needs a win and i'm hoping hunt will be a big part of that.
  4. Official Fantasy Football Advice

    Ok so I'm completely fucked in my league. I have Kamara and since he got hurt I need to hit on my running backs. Who are you going with. I need 2 Hunt vs. OAK Howard vs. CIN Drake vs. NE G. Bernard vs. CHI D. Henry vs. ARI I have been rolling with Hunt and Howard obviously, but those dudes have been shit lately.
  5. Can you access your goggle doc on your phone? I tried the other day but wasn't having any luck.
  6. My basement flooded and I lost about 30 records I had down there. When the adjuster came he said it wasn't included. I called my wife's cousin who works for an insurance company and he said that he was just lazy and that it should be covered. I ended up sending an email with artist and album title and received a check not long after.
  7. happy thanksgiving. hit me up peeps
  8. wow i am killing it this year. first to worst baby.
  9. hit me up.
  10. anyone?
  11. are they active on the league board? i mean you have to sign yourself back up to play right? im fine with the prize amounts.
  12. i'm hoping it turns around for me too. i went 0-3 this week. this has been a crazy first 2 weeks of FF.
  13. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwindians