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  1. going to the post office tomorrow. hit me up
  2. updated
  3. give me your tax return.
  4. .
  5. shoot me a pm on what your looking to get this for.
  6. anyone.
  7. Excellent, just picked up that blue Foreseen. Can't wait.
  8. list updated
  9. get at me folks.
  10. Oh damn I went to the site but didn't see it. This is excellent news. Can't wait.
  11. Just received an email from bandcamp about a digital download for Foreseen. Does this mean a vinyl option in the near future?
  12. So I just got the newest in the mail. They finally have my shipping address right but that flexi came bent like a motherfucker. Any of you get with them on this issue before? Hoping they are cool about replacing it.