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  1. Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

  2. yeah from what i'm reading you want to switch over to mutual funds with more bonds in them as you get older since there is less risk. I'm currently in a growth fund that is mostly U.S. and International stocks and Lowes stock split 50/50. When I go back into reinvesting for my 401k I'm probably gonna split it into thirds with it being the Growth fund, Target retirement fund and Lowes stock. I only have 12 to choose from and these 3 have the best return over a 5 year period. All the other ones are really too conservative at my age.
  3. Better to start now. Don't want to be 65 and not have a little nest egg growing. Does your company match your contributions for your pension? I'm really glad my mom told me to invest in my 401k when I was younger. I wish I would of contributed sooner and actually learned where my 6% was going though. My wife and I have been listening to Dave Ramsey and following his steps. Mutual funds and stocks is one of the only things I really don't get. Will probably learn more when I meet with my Financial Advisor.
  4. Yeah thanks for the input. I thought about rolling over to an IRA but don't think that's an option. When doing some research I'm learning I should of sold at the maturity date with the ESPP. It's already taxed before it's invested so I think the only thing I get hit with is the capital gains portion.
  5. I am actually purchasing these through my 401k. its one of the 12 or so funds I can get. Can't really sell since it's in the 401k. I was purchasing at 17 dollars at one point. I just can't see it going more than 105 so i'm hoping if it gets back to that I will move to a little less risky fund. I actually do have a bunch of stocks I purchased through an Employee Stock Purchase Plan. I am going to sell those pretty soon though. Not looking to keep my ESSP plan after i'm out of debt.
  6. It was at the highest it's ever been a month ago at 105 dollars. It went down to 85 recently. Looking at my 2 funds in the 401k there was a greater percentage loss from the lowes single stock. I think I will move if it goes back to around the same price.
  7. Yeah the hope is to be debt free by next July so we are going to meet with some people then. I have talked with a FA and she will meet with us for free before we make any moves earlier than July. I'm just more interested in what I currently have invested. I'm not currently investing in my 401k, but seeing it go from 192 to 150 I was wondering if moving stocks would work. Obviously a question I would ask her also.
  8. So maybe somone here is a Financial Advisor and can help me understand something regarding my 401k. I plan on meeting with one in about a year when I start up some Roth IRA's and kids college, but needed some advise on my current balance in my 401k. So I work for Lowes and have a decent retirement, but had a question regarding the Lowes stock I have invested in my 401K. I have it split 50/50 with Lowes stock and Growth fund. The issue is that the Lowes stock was the highest its ever been recently before this little crash we had. Would it be smart to wait until it gets back to about the 105 mark and then move it into the Growth fund? It seems the Growth fund is a little more stable than the Lowes single stock. It went from 105 to 85 in a couple day span and I lost like 40k.
  9. Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

    list updated
  10. Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

    hit me up folks, have had plenty of orders reach good people with no issues.
  11. Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

    packing records. hit me up tonight and they go tomorrow.
  12. Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

  13. Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

    list updated.
  14. Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

    send me your tax refunds
  15. WTB Avail “Over The James” reissue.

    got a beer press if you're interested. pm what you want to get it for and maybe we can work something out.