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  1. Anyone able to tell if this is a limited pressing? I do see it says "Exclusive D2C Color"
  2. I can still put it in my cart and get through the check out process.. for whatever it's worth
  3. Had 11 records in my cart from get_importcds and 10 just jumped up in price a bit... snooze you lose i guess. Question now is to wait and see if they go back down or still take the great deal before they sell out
  4. ^^Thank you for this! Been looking for Endless River for a good price and that did it. Ordered one for myself and one as a gift
  5. Actually just bought an original pressing of this one. Thanks though!
  6. Great prices on This Time Next Year and Long Lost, If I didnt have them I'd be all over it. Free bump for you
  7. Found a lot of them in the past few months, so update bump
  8. Neck Deep just launched a pre-order for their New 7" for December. Two colors, solid gold and red/gold splatter, each limited to 1,000. Only available as a bundle with a shirt December 7" Track Listing Side A 1. December (again) [ft. Mark Hoppus] Side B 1. December (ft. Chris Carrabba)
  9. Anyone else notice if you click on one of the packages containing a record now it says "Releases on July 22nd, 2016" Seems pretty fast to push back the release date
  10. Someone should jump on this ticket, this show is going to be insane.
  11. If anyone has a membership and grab me one I would greatly appreciate it
  12. It still says its just "Don't Panic" on Hot Topic's site with the picture of the standard version. Bummer... was really hoping it was the standard version since I bought "It's Longer Now" already from Hopeless
  13. Bought for this reason. Hoping it is the regular version
  14. Snagged the brown starbust. Stoked for this album! They played a couple of these songs on the $5 tour, can't wait to hear the studio version