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  1. There is no context, it wasn't birthed in meme culture.
  2. I wonder if he can send emails from the Range Rover he bought after not paying his bands.
  3. Is dead format.........dead?

    I just liked the pure text format and just being able to quickly Shift+F and find stuff.
  4. Is dead format.........dead?

    This is very unfortunate. I like Discogs but it sucks to browse through your collection and I hate having hundreds of little unread messages about changes to an item in my collection.
  5. Glad I got my first 2017 pressing
  6. So they decided to make more copies so people are pissed that it's not as "limited"?
  7. I'm guessing they won't do a tape release of it because they went with the Vinyl.
  8. Sure, but for the sake of continuity and OCD, the tape would've been preferable.
  9. Glad to be able to have a physical copy of the self titled, to bad it's not on tape to go with my BoaND and RT tapes.
  10. Not a fan of whatever is going on with Ben's voice.
  11. Unfortunate, hopefully they don't decide to vacate the title and just work around building a new contender to the title on the road to the next Takeover. She has more than enough time to recover before then.
  12. He posted a video of the test press of Dragon Soul, It's coming.
  13. I think most people here pretty much keep tabs on new releases via the VCC on Facebook, which is why the thread is all but dead now.
  14. then don't buy VW vinyl and let one more person who wanted those records have them at a decent price?