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  1. For same or comparable prices, sure; and I do. Have four preorders with them right now. But this record in particular is twice the price at bullmoose (12.xx vs 24.95) and out of stock.
  2. Amazon has really been shitting the bed with their packaging as of late. 2 out of the last three albums have been damaged due to improper shipping. One thrown into an oversized box and the one I got today was in a padded mailer. Of course now out of stock.
  3. Yes. DD has been shady for years. I’m interested to hear the results.
  4. Wish they’d press some of their other albums. Saw these guys live 3 or 4 times about 10-15 years ago. Definitely a band that grows on you.
  5. Black Crowes - Lions is getting pressed?? Is that a new addition to the list or did I just miss that originally?
  6. There was a thread on here about it before it came out.
  7. Too bad they didn’t press Wax Ecstatic instead of pressing this again.
  8. To say the very least the tickets should be heavily discounted compared to the ones that aren’t behind the stage. These weren’t any cheaper.
  9. Ticketmaster screwed me yet again. Waited in the queue as soon as I could. 2000+ in front of me from the get go. Finally got in 10 minutes after they opened up. Nothing but seats behind the stage; and few of that.