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  1. Got my yellow copy from Bullmoose this morning. Hope to spin it tonight. Kind of interesting, shrink has a hype sticker covering the name of the album (The End…For Now) replacing it with “The End So Far” Edit: Spinning it now. Sounds pretty good. Pressed at 45RPM.
  2. Great! Guessing I should start to be worried then. Went from delivery date unknown to “order received”. Can’t say I’ve seen that one before.
  3. SLIPKNOT - Day Of The Gusano (3Lp+Dvd // Ltd E - Amazon.com Music Day of Gusano is available on Amazon right now for <$60 shipped. Pretty sure MSRP was $60.
  4. Comments on discogs point to pressing issues with the indie variant of Vol 3. Haven’t spun mine yet. Anyone have issues?
  5. Stoked. Interesting that the black version is the more limited one.
  6. Amazon still showing delivery date unknown for me on AHIG. Ordered the day it went up.