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  1. Another bootlegger show is up. Melbourne '21. Can preorder from Diggers. Triple LP $25 shipped. Live in Melbourne '21 - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Limited Edition Vinyl - Diggers Factory
  2. I'm banking on it not being in there (if they follow the CD release). Ended up picking it up from Target's last B2G1 sale. Great album.
  3. 24 days from Denmark to IL. Can’t complain about that. In the meantime I’ve had something stuck in TX with FedEx without movement and no ETA due to “delay beyond their control” for 10 days now. Clearly due to the weather, not that it feels any better!
  4. 3rd box (2008-2019) up for preorder. Keeping an eye out to snag it for the same price as the last two sets.
  5. Reached out to Sound of Vinyl about the lack of shipment. It was "submitted as a backorder due to postponement/delay which usually occurs when an issue is discovered with the stock or release following the order being placed. After 60 business days from the last order update, that item will be cancelled and refunded if it does not fulfill." Of course the set shows nothing about being out of stock or backordered on their site. EDIT: Got another response saying it IS out of stock (and the site does now show out of stock) and they do not know when or if they wi
  6. Was just wondering about this myself since mine hadn't shown up yet.
  7. I got a copy of their Polygondwanaland because it was so cheap and had no issues with it. Quality pressings. Interestingly enough it was actually more expensive than these at 6 Euro.
  8. Diggers Factory out of France has the single LPs (Demos 1, 2 and Teenage Gizzard) for 5 euro each. All of the live sets are 15...and triple LP. $138 for the lot shipped to the States with tracking and insurance. All /500 on solid colors. https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl-shop?search=King gizzard
  9. Lol and when I answered to go ahead and ship the album again vs a refund they told me to wait another week as it is likely still on its way. Still doesn’t show accepted by USPS. What a joke.
  10. Got an update as well. Supposedly mine was lost even though it never showed up as accepted by USPS.
  11. Haven't been following this thread at all as I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. Not going to lie, it burns my ass that not only was this 'limited to one week of ordering' and opened back up for more orders, but also the fact that you can order it now and get free shipping instead of the >$6 I was charged. Not to mention the fact that I still haven't received it.

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