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  1. What are the odds I'm in Michigan the same day they're at the Fillmore, but I'm doing something else...might drive to Pittsburgh. Kind of hoping that second leg is them opening for Metallica this fall/winter.
  2. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    It’s a shame Hot Topic is more about Funko pops than records now
  3. PO: Trivium - The Crusade

    Now if they can get Ascedancy on vinyl and reissue In Waves everything will be available.
  4. PO: Trivium - The Crusade

    I haven't seen anything pop up at retailers over here yet, so maybe a grain of salt, but this is popping up on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Trivium-Shogun-2-LP-180-Gram-RED-BLACK-MIXED-Vinyl-Ltd-Num-MOV-Import-NEW-PreO/222824187040?hash=item33e15b44a0:g:PlwAAOSwY7tadyD4 So we are possibly getting a reissue for Shogun as well pretty soon.
  5. Is it safe to assume the issue with Heroes is delaying the individual release of the albums in this set?
  6. Cleaning House Sale! ***UPDATED***

    School is taking all of my free time bump!
  7. nvm. finally got it to work
  8. Cleaning House Sale! ***UPDATED***

    Thursday bump!
  9. Debating if ordering the EU one is worth it for one song.
  10. Cleaning House Sale! ***UPDATED***

    Weekend bump!
  11. Not sure if I should jump on that or wait and see what colors the band puts up.
  12. Cleaning House Sale! ***UPDATED***

    Weekend BUUUMP
  13. Cleaning House Sale! ***UPDATED***