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  1. Tawney Bomb

    FS: Blink-182

  2. Tawney Bomb

    FS: Blink-182

  3. Tawney Bomb

    FS: Blink-182

    Take Off Your Pants and Jacket - Hot Topic Splatter 2015 - $25 Wouldn't be able to ship these until the weekend, due to work. PM me
  4. Looking to sell this for $100. Each album has been listened to a few times, but the LPs are in great shape and the box itself is also good. Edit: sold
  5. I thought I would like the record considering I had to pay for it before I’d heard more than one song. Just not feeling this one. I already cancelled for the Margo Price package since that one doesn’t interest me. Not sure why I’m justifying myself to a stranger on the Internet, but here I am.
  6. I have sold one other and no issues. I’m selling because I don’t care for the album. Not trying to gouge or anything just selling at cost plus shipping if someone happens to want it.
  7. Boarding House Reach Vault package, brand new unopened in box - $65 Edit: SOLD
  8. Tawney Bomb

    PO: GHOST - Ceremony and Devotion (Live 2xLP)

    What are the odds I'm in Michigan the same day they're at the Fillmore, but I'm doing something else...might drive to Pittsburgh. Kind of hoping that second leg is them opening for Metallica this fall/winter.
  9. Tawney Bomb

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    It’s a shame Hot Topic is more about Funko pops than records now
  10. Tawney Bomb

    PO: Trivium - The Crusade

    Now if they can get Ascedancy on vinyl and reissue In Waves everything will be available.
  11. Tawney Bomb

    PO: Trivium - The Crusade

    I haven't seen anything pop up at retailers over here yet, so maybe a grain of salt, but this is popping up on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Trivium-Shogun-2-LP-180-Gram-RED-BLACK-MIXED-Vinyl-Ltd-Num-MOV-Import-NEW-PreO/222824187040?hash=item33e15b44a0:g:PlwAAOSwY7tadyD4 So we are possibly getting a reissue for Shogun as well pretty soon.
  12. Tawney Bomb

    PO: DEATH Repress Galore (/200 each)

    Those went fast
  13. Is it safe to assume the issue with Heroes is delaying the individual release of the albums in this set?
  14. Tawney Bomb

    Cleaning House Sale! ***UPDATED***

    School is taking all of my free time bump!
  15. nvm. finally got it to work