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  1. PO Now: LIARS - Theme From Crying Fountain

    Thanks for the heads-upon this pre-order. I splashed out and bought the deluxe version. With the sleeve incorporating leaves and sand it might prove to be a bugger stopping the leaves from going black and mouldy!
  2. The clear white smoke edition is also being sold at Recordstore.co.uk.
  3. There's also a white vinyl option being offered: http://www.stormingthebase.com/chelsea-wolfe-hiss-spun-2lp-vinyl/
  4. The Deluxe vinyl on the Matador UK site is £25. For the same thing on the QOTSA site its £44!
  5. Any indication of how many coloured vinyl have been pressed?
  6. Orders are up: 1000 - Gold vinyl 1000 - Orange vinyl https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/rancid/
  7. This may seem a silly question but what kind of music is this? Is an instrumental solo album?
  8. P.O. NOW: Slowdive S/T (05/05/17)

    Any signed copies available anywhere?
  9. Where did you see this? Their official site just shows a signed CD option.
  10. Goddamit! Just spent more money on vinyl now thanks to this. I love this forum but it's killing my bank account!
  11. PO: Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering if a limited edition was coming out.
  12. I got mine through this week. They used an envelope mailer without any stiffeners to send it. I was surprised it got here in one piece. Definitely not a great way to send records abroad.
  13. PO NOW: David Bowie - No Plan EP

    Slightly off point but where on the source page (after pressing ctrl + U) is the cart inventory listed? I want to see how many are left if possible. Is there a way to search for it?
  14. PO NOW: David Bowie - No Plan EP

    The EU store is sold out of the White EP and litho but the US store still has them in stock. By the way, yes I agree, the prices are insane for an EP.
  15. PO NOW: Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog

    Looks like the Recordstore one is on standard black vinyl though. The Newbury one was on white.