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  1. Ordered. I was planning on it after the first short clip was posted. Really looking forward to this album.
  2. Yes. She was billed as "american woman" I think, but that was def her.
  3. I just want to say, I have seen some crazy heat for these first 4 episodes. I love it though, I love how nuts and fucking insane it's been right out the door. And I for one and wholly excited Lynch and Frost just went balls to the wall on grasping that fucking supernatural element and throwing it right in our faces. It was always there, especially in season 2, but never this outright. I really can't wait to watch all of this unfold.
  4. I'm also really digging the new opening.
  5. Chris Cornell has passed away. I'm pretty heartbroken. He was such a talented musician. I finally had the opportunity to see him perform 2 years ago on his solo acoustic tour.
  6. hurry up duder, I want to be able to pick this apart with you and @FiggyPuddling
  7. Yeah, I get up for work at 5 am on weekdays, so as MUCH as I would have liked to watch 3+4, I really don't need to be up until 1 am on Monday morning. There was so much going on, and in the long run, most of which I believe will lead to payoff. I am so happy for this. I see A LOT of complaining online, because I honestly think people expected a rehashing of the original series. I feel this was much more in line with FWWM, in a big way. Which is great, because I love that flick.
  8. So, thoughts on parts 1+2? I know 3 and 4 are available, but I haven't watched them yet. Not sure if I'm going to wait until next Sunday, or devour them this week. I loved it, even if I didn't quite understand it all. The narrative is mixed, all over the place, but Lynch and Frost filmed this like an 18 hour movie, so there's so much more. It's so Lynch too, down to the dialogue. That had me rolling.
  9. Here is Chris in St Pete, FL on October 30th, 2015. The one and only time I got to see him perform.
  10. Not just that, Euphoria Mourning is one of my all time favorite albums. This whole situation just fucking sucks.
  11. Crap, I don't wanna fight anyone.
  12. That's what I did. Twin Peaks runs til September, and I promised my lady we'll get Starz after the finale so she can watch the new season of Outlander, since it drops in September.
  13. If you're just giving away hellboy tpbs....put me on that list
  14. I think they way they described it: There is a 2 hour premiere on Sunday, the following Sunday is also 2 hours (broken down parts 1/2 and then 3/4). Immediately after (this Sunday), you should be able to stream the premiere episodes (1/2) and the following weeks episodes (3/4). The total number of episodes is not technically 18, but instead they are calling it 18 hours. The first two weeks are 4 hours total, and then it will be 1 hour episodes up until the finale, which will also run 2 hours on September 3rd. Does that make sense, did I explain it okay?
  15. I'm pretty much freaking out. I am so anxious.
  16. I'm enjoying the book he and Snyder are doing together, After Death. His art is just so obscure, but beautiful.
  17. OGN means original graphic novel, like his creator owned work
  18. I finished Master of None with the quickness. My only complaint is the shortness of the seasons. It was good, I'm always left wanting more, especially on shows like MON or Love.
  19. Fyi, that might not play on US players. It says region B.
  20. Well that's just fucking insane. I really wish they would do a pressing of the whole album!
  21. Oh I know you were playing along. I just wanted to have a little fun, and you're right, there's always someone.
  22. you're about as much fun as a jack in the box filled with dog shit. Why do you have to ruin all the fun? Do you derive pleasure from being a spoilsport boner killer?