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  1. You might have some trouble fitting 12" records inside that 7" sleeve. But that's what she said.
  2. Grabbed this. Thanks!
  3. Yes yes yes!
  4. Repress imminent. 2 versions up, shipping in April. Red and Gold Splatter - Red and Gold 2xLP - PLEASE NOTE: This is a presale item set to ship April 2017 DMM Mastered for Higher Quality Audio Both are Limited to 250 Special Edition Gatefold Jacket
  5. Then it's likely the same one. I thought so, but I actually saw some gold discs when looking through on Instagram.
  6. Got the one in from Amazon, and it's limited to 250 pressed on transparent red and yellow.
  7. I love that the records ARE solid colored, so it sets it apart from the other pressings.
  8. One of the oddest, most beautiful, hours of my life. I was pretty much slack jawed during the whole thing.
  9. The original sets were translucent color, right? The listing says solid color. I wonder if that's a mistake.
  10. The reincarnation of Laura Palmer, or her essence as well.
  11. Jebus. I thought what I watched was a dream. I was fairly stoned, but that was fucking fantastic. Lynch all the fucking way.
  12. The irony of a thread by tug, talking about 7" vs. 12". It's thick. The irony is thick.
  13. damn. gone already.
  14. The character, his name is Bing. He ran in and said "Has anyone seen Billy?"
  15. you didn't get the email? I got like 3 of them. "AMENDS"
  16. Some people just need to be told what, and what not, to buy.
  17. I know resurrection bumps are looked down upon, but there's a new HH song: