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  1. The Amused To Death repress sounds so fucking good. I wouldn't mind his other albums on vinyl either.
  2. Roger Waters is set to release his first album of all-new rock songs in nearly 25 years. Is This The Life We Really Want? was produced by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Beck, U2) and is due out June 2 on Columbia Records. Water's previous solo studio release was 1992's Amused To Death. Waters, known for his scathing political and social commentaries, says the new record reflects an age of uncertainty and unrest. News of Is This The Life We Really Want? comes just ahead of a U.S. tour by Waters, which runs from May 26 through the end of October. Here's the full track list: 1. When We Were Young 2. Déjà Vu 3. The Last Refugee 4. Picture That 5. Broken Bones 6. Is This the Life We Really Want? 7. Bird In A Gale 8. The Most Beautiful Girl 9. Smell the Roses 10. Wait for Her 11. Oceans Apart 12. Part of Me Died CD/Digital/Vinyl: currently available at Amazon.
  3. If anyone could help me out, I need that Against Me! release. Please?
  4. What the fuck.......Again?????
  5. By this person, you mean YOU? Is this correct? Why are you here? Why start this useless fucking poll thread, instead of a "hey, check out my music" thread? Maybe you would have come off less of like a dude who jacks off to your own reflection.
  6. I couldn't listen unless it was #28 or better. But that's always been a personal choice.
  7. Agreed. Can this be added to the poll?
  8. Is this the surprise? Because I seriously don't use Shazam, and probably never will.
  9. Glad to see they found what's causing all the issues, my dude! and on the joking side of things, I have no idea what Hoshimoto's is, but it sure sounds delicious!
  10. People get like that, because the simple aspect of looking at the stickied threads before posting is beyond the simplest of minds, it seems. More waste, more clutter, and stupid questions about obscure vinyl that no one gives a shit about. Yep, sounds about right. Thanks for playing.
  11. You fucking tool. He responded with it before. You even quoted it. And's you QUOTING it. Twice. Fucking loser.
  12. Holy shit, what a great premiere. Like @batman said, killer opener, and there's so much being built up and so much unanswered too. I'm not ready for the show to end, but at least they are going out big.
  13. There is a thread dedicated to this, as listed above. Go there, and stop being a waste of space, who may or may not be able to read.
  14. It does say the VIP is an exclusive colorway. So I would expect a wide release reissue, maybe?
  15. woah, that's crazy. I would have thought they pressed enough to cover the amount of VIP tickets sold.
  16. What an asshole. He also has a copy of the Prize Fighter Inferno album up, same thing, not in hand. Which funny enough, is the same one that is being sold on amazon, but his is up for $150.
  17. Both great. Someone is gonna be a happy camper when they grab those. (Not me, I already have em)
  18. There is already an existing thread. Also, why make a thread and not link to the product...? That's pretty lame.
  19. Remember, you're not paying for content, you're paying for something special to frame.
  20. Repress imminent. 2 versions up, shipping in April. Red and Gold Splatter - Red and Gold 2xLP - PLEASE NOTE: This is a presale item set to ship April 2017 DMM Mastered for Higher Quality Audio Both are Limited to 250 Special Edition Gatefold Jacket
  21. dammit.