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  1. The Flaming Lips Cloudy box set set has two listings on the site - the cheaper of the two is the one included in the sale and the listing says it is the color vinyl version.
  2. I wondered that too - if only members can buy them then they might have trouble moving huge volumes. Still, it's nice that back copies are available if you weren't a member during the month of a particular release.
  3. Last time I checked, the Angel Olsen record was the only one not available (sold out). They did find some more copies last week but the clear is gone again.
  4. I received the same and noticed the vinyl was way thicker than a standard pressing. Did anyone receive an email with the download code in it?
  5. $18.04 via Amazon. I saw Helmet play Betty a few years ago and they did a second set of all hits. At least 60% of the room was air drumming during In The Meantime which they played last. It was incredible.
  6. Better price than instore. Good lookin' out!
  7. New titles added - Two White Stripes albums from Third Man Pressing Opening Day, Faith No More MOV color vinyl, and more. $5 flat rate shipping in the USA!
  8. A lot of my Discogs sales are to people with no feedback and I've never had an issue. I'd recommend delivery confirmation and you should be ok. Priority mail includes it as well as insurance - $10 should cover the cost if they aren't on the other side of the country.
  9. Amazon pre-order is up as well! I really hope MOV has Raise waiting in the wings.
  10. Music On Vinyl will be releasing Mescal Head by Swervedriver per their newsletter. Hoping Raise is next!
  11. They did an MC5 compilation as well. I hope the Secret Machines album is next.
  12. Wow, had no idea. The Jade Tree anniversary campaign seemed underwhelming to me and a lot of stuff rumored never happened. Maybe it's for the best, although it stinks the artists may not benefit. Jade Tree was a 50/50 split with royalties and their bands.
  13. Where did you learn this? Jade Tree seems to have newer releases or are they closing up?
  14. The entire set of records was $200 in store. eBay craziness aside, the staff was saying it will be a very good year to be a Vault member.
  15. The line doesn't seem more than a few blocks as of now. Should be win/win for everyone.