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  1. Snoop lion... why not Chaz bear?
  2. Toro ASDIG and Big Thief- i have to say, their monthly store exclusives have been pretty good the past few months
  3. Loved their first single from greenway that sold out fast- preordered immediately-
  4. Digested... are you a consultant, by chance?
  5. Poster still looks cool; albeit a bit pricey
  6. This morning- caught a tweet that only a few were available. Was still buy able at time of post
  7. Im sure some of the Isbell Weclome RSD hunters will be happy for this. Grab it while you can- https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/The-Nashville-Sound-Signed/5IM60000000
  8. Newbury has a color variant with signed 12x12 print they just put up: https://www.newburycomics.com/products/mogwai-every_countrys_sun_2_lp_color?utm_source=VinylNewsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=5-23-17_M&utm_content=Img
  9. How much are those TPS going for, if they're even still available? Don't readily have the means to vpn into EU
  10. Is she casting shadow puppets on her face??! Only other acceptable reason is some sort of seizure.
  11. King Gizz rocks, but other Flightless artists have yet to impress, IMO- I'll keep hoping for another band on par there; otherwise, Pond's got a new album that just arrived, and Portugal the Man's should be good distractions until KGATWL 2017 album #2 arrives and #3 preorders
  12. Completely understand- put the Noga tracks on while I fought to get FF in the cart. Here's to hoping the rest turns out as good
  13. Had login probs too, and lags adding to cart. Eventually got FF, Noga and Norgren