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  1. That version is a cream/yellow, not the blood red speckled- i ordered from there pre-rsd and also bought the single from my store on rsd- It's a different version and costs more-
  2. Got order confirmation too- from the songs out, it sounds like it will be good!
  3. Thanks for the link- i may have second-guessed purchasing in store if I knew..
  4. Fatbeats has some things up, like the spacemen 3 lps and goat single- czarface and slick Rick are gone though. Saw the Bengans.se email, too- got the meters set, toto, kasabian, polica, pearl Jam, and a couple.others to make it worthwhile for that shipping cost. Ordered from them before non-rsd without problems
  5. it works... but only once per user, it seems
  6. I got one Monday for signed posters I never expected to receive (they weren't packaged properly, but beside the point)- only an LP outstanding now. Looks like they're making good
  7. or if they will be different from one AUS variant to the next
  8. Wow... talk about milking the release - is this what we should expect for KGATWL going forward?? Collectors will give up..
  9. Sucks that they don't show what the 3 AU discs will look like
  10. US site link I got the ATO, and then chose one from AU, not the tricolor though. The US being the most limited's gonna throw everyone for a loop- wouldn't be surprised if some people buy 4 copies
  11. I am a crate subscriber, and I bought this month to ensure I got DD. I had no desire to compete with others for the chance to buy later. Given the release importance and demand, it was a no-brainer. If anything, I might request a reimbursement or store credit for my crate fee since I bought this month... but Im keeping my crate membership