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  1. Any Thurston fans? Couple songs on Spotify for it, and they have a double lp signed copy: http://www.recordstore.co.uk/search.html?term=Rock+N+Roll+Consciousness Smoke of dreams https://open.spotify.com/album/4pCWVU9z568GBPFPTAFaDS Ceasefire
  2. 20% off of both for today only, using code "today", bringing them to $28 each: https://www.hottracksmusicstore.com/search?q=Counting+crows
  3. Out on Spotify now, so take a listen: Also, Piccadilly lists it as Ltd to 200 lp and cd: https://www.piccadillyrecords.com/counter/product.php?pid=114332
  4. The ato preorder also includes an autographed booklet, btw
  5. Totally getcha^ and to each his own Unfortunately Alt-j, and many other bands , don't typically have stops here in Florida. Not sure what bands you typically get free autographs for, but it feels like once a band hits a certain size, you'll have to stalk them to get something signed. I'm all about meeting bands when they're open to it, and will come early or stay a bit late at shows, regardless if I have anything to get autographed. For bands that won't happen for, $12 for the autographed version is an easy no-regret choice for me-
  6. I look at it as $12 to have the band sign, which isn't bad compared to other vinyl autograph copy markups I've seen. Then there's the aftermarket cost to consider if you sleep on it... don't know how many times I hesitated, then kicked myself later for bands I really like Of course all depends on how big an Alt-j fan you are..
  7. LIMITED SIGNED COPIES: http://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/RELAXER-Signed/5GRK0000000 Get one while you can...
  8. Early April drop - looks like collaboration with Shabazz Palaces, etc and/or remixes from Callus https://www.undergroundhiphop.com/products/gonjasufi-mandela-effect-vinyl-lp-record-2lp
  9. Shipping is only $6 if you become VIP for 5$/mo. You can sign up and cancel for one month, at least that was my plan 6 months ago, but their consistent releases have kept me from canceling. Looks like 145 left--
  10. ^so is panda bear: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Panda-Bear-Meets-The-Grim-Reaper-3xLP-Vinyl-Deluxe-Limited-animal-collective-/222416320498?nav=SEARCH
  11. Totally grabbed that day of the dead, Ryan Adams and silversun. Also had zepplin coda for 4.98 too. Thank you for posting- appreciate it!
  12. AND bull moose doesn't charge for pre-orders until fulfilled, so time-value of money consideration if you're strapped for cash
  13. I was curious what 4 records you have and why you care about our interest. Would your likelihood to expand your collection be impacted by how far our fixation has developed? As other posts here have demonstrated, collectors here care little about what others think - if you care, it may be best to find a different hobby before you get hurt, and be glad you're only 4 records in.
  14. Something wrong with the link maybe? Getting a redirect error. Regardless already opened mine and enjoying- Once I heard good feedback from others, that was an easy decision. Bring on Niandra LaDes!