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  1. Feelings aren't facts. Flippers might make you very sad, but when it comes to timed releases Ben is correct. The more people who buy now (flippers+fans), the larger the supply. Therefore, people who miss out will be able to get it later for cheaper if more flippers buy it now. I don't think anyone is saying it will be cheaper than retail, just cheaper than it would be if only fans bought it now.
  2. Speaking of which. It's back up if anyone is still looking!
  3. Any word on the gazillion ear remix flexi? They mentioned in the email that the first 500 orders would get them but I didn't see anything on the website.
  4. For those who bought the colored set with signed poster, did you receive the poster?
  5. Sponge has been up for over a month, but take a look at the current stock of the Stabbing Westward titles and then you can choose to believe or not. Doesn't matter to me.
  6. I don't have any stake in this. Just telling you what I saw. Like I said, it's possible that LITA is faking their stock numbers and somehow keeping track of actual stock levels manually. But I've never seen them do that with any other title. Not to mention there would be no reason to do that.
  7. Well they still have copies in stock. But I think your basic idea matches with what I observed in the code.
  8. I'm not arguing with them. Just letting people know. It's pretty easy to track stock levels over time by monitoring the source code. Source code doesn't lie and I've never known LITA to manipulate it.
  9. Well someone pressed more because LITA alone sold more than the stated pressing numbers. Same goes for the Stabbing Westward titles.
  10. Great looking release! Curious to see final numbers for each color. I know wargod said "First press is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide", but they must've had a second pressing already in the works for other retailers because stock numbers just don't add up to 300/700 across all retailers. I know there are mixed opinions about wanting things to be strictly limited vs widely available but I think buyers should have all the information available to them.
  11. Dinked edition is up, too, at all the usual spots. + Limited to just 300 copies worldwide + Hand numbered + Exclusive "Fruit Punch" colour vinyl + Includes exclusive art print