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  1. got PTSD from RSD

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    If anyone has a spare bundle 1 to swap for a bundle 2, let me know. Accidentally bought two of the same.
  2. Can you hold out for the 4LP deluxe version of Wildflowers that is coming next year?
  3. got PTSD from RSD

    PO: Misfits- Famous Monsters repress

    Yes. Never had any trouble.
  4. I share the criticism but the tracks have grown on me a bit as all of DOOM's stuff tends to do. I didn't really like Death Wish until I watched the music video. Mostly because, like you said the beat is too simplistic. But the video brought it to another level for me. Hoping they do the same for Assassination Day, because the end of the video has that "to be continued..." vibe. I'm probably the wrong measuring stick though. After The Missing Notebook Rhymes got scrapped and never got a physical release, I've been craving more DOOM so I would have bought it blind just to support.
  5. Cool, but I think the one screened at the event was slightly different than those 5 (or at least a different colorway) and also Muggs signed them. Unless you mean you ordered during the second window when they put that specific variant up.
  6. <trigger warning> I am going to ask a question about possible purchase or trade related to the item in the title of this thread. I'm interested in purchasing or trading for one of the copies that was screened live at the rappcats event. Bought multiple copies of all the other variants, except for the obi. I could justify spending 50 bucks for 2 DOOM tracks but another 50 for a strip of paper? That's a bridge too far. Willing to trade some records or cash or combination of both. Yeah, I'll try reddit too.
  7. got PTSD from RSD

    PO: Homesafe - One

    Says out of 50 total but each of the 4 bundles with different sized shorts stocked at least 100 copies?
  8. got PTSD from RSD

    PO Corrupted Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos LP

    Clear and black swirl limited to 150 hand numbered copies here.
  9. So are the signed copies on his Bandcamp not legitimate? They look like the same variants the label has except for the green one.
  10. They're just talking about the shipping box. Cardboard with foam or bubble wrap.
  11. got PTSD from RSD

    PO Now - Tash Sultana - Flow State

    Not sure. 24hundred had like 500 of the colored vinyl plus bundles. I just wish I knew if they still have the signed posters available. Anyone know if Merchtable or 24hundred usually deletes or crosses out that phrasing once they're gone?
  12. got PTSD from RSD

    PO Now - Tash Sultana - Flow State

    US Pre-orders here.
  13. For the box set that was sold through Domino, they shipped the silver Screen Memories ahead of time and the rest of the box came later (sealed separately). For the remaining copies of the box set that went up for sale yesterday on Turntable Lab, those come with the black vinyl version of Screen Memories and presumably everything ships together sealed. Tracklist is the same between the two. Unclear how ttlab ended up with these box sets but my guess is they weren't strictly part of the original 1000 since presumably there would've been enough silver copies of Screen Memories to cover those boxes.
  14. got PTSD from RSD

    PO: Dashboard Confessional Reissues

    They wouldn't put the entire run (1000 copies) up for pre-order online. They hold some back for their retail stores. It does seem that the copies allocated for pre-order are sold out, but probably they will put a small amount back up for sale on the website on/around release day. That's what they did for Britney, anyway.