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  1. This time you can only order 4 total music products. So if you're trying to buy all 8 variants you will need to enter a different email for your second order.
  2. Actually, the pledge has teeth if you want to bite them. Stores that get caught are banned from ordering product for the next event. Would be especially easy to report Timewarp since those morons link directly from the recordstoreday.com page to their own discogs page where they are price gouging. But my personal favorite way to enforce the rules is to order the Notorious BIG box set and pay the $300. Then when it arrives email them and tell them you just realized they were a pledge signed store and they must have made a mistake in their pricing. You will get at least a $120 refund pretty quickly.
  3. Hmmm they changed the description. The black specifically said no etching earlier, and also no mention of being numbered.
  4. Reckless is great for regular records but garbage for RSD items. I've received a cancellation every single time. Including for Bone which I purchased yesterday, they told me they didn't have it today, and then relisted.
  5. You're right. I noticed the same thing. But then it went away and if you added them to cart they showed as out of stock at checkout.
  6. I bought the Both Worlds variant. It looks great. Doesn't match the mock-up exactly (yellow portion of pinwheel is translucent and the "wave" effect on the blue/purple isn't nearly as good as others I've seen) but we definitely don't need to bring out the infinity stones of disappointment. Actually if you go to discogs, someone made a listing under the singles/EP heading (not sure why it was misplaced there) that isn't my copy but is an accurate representation of what I received. The packaging is great. Haven't had a proper listen yet, but I missed out on the deluxe CFUTF and settled for the delicate orange version so wouldn't be able to compare sound quality there. Anyway, I hope everyone on the board receives their copies soon and I'm sure you will.
  7. Seems like a reasonable theory but if that's the case I think they screwed up the variant video by showing both sides of the blue/yellow smash in the same shot while all the other variants just show one side. But I guess you could make the argument that the other variants look the same on both sides.
  8. The cream never made it up on the main page. Some people played with the URL and found/posted direct links to the cream and also to what appeared to be a cassette and several bundles with no descriptions. Then all those product pages were killed. So it's assumed that they didn't sell out but rather weren't ready to go public yet. Although you could order from the direct links for maybe an hour or two so no one can be sure if anything did sell out or if they will even honor the orders that were placed during that time.