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  1. I remember reading somewhere, Reddit I think, that this is a rather large pressing.
  2. I got a cancellation email for Body Talk but haven't gotten one for Crow yet.
  3. Kevin Shields takes his time with things. Edit: I didn't buy this either, unfortunately. I called Amoeba a couple months ago and asked if they could order more. They said that they would. I don't know if they ever got them in though.
  4. I was going to pick this up but I think I'll wait and pick up the yellow.
  5. IMO you get what you pay for. They use flimsy mailers and the last record I ordered from them arrived bent up.
  6. I guess I was one of the few that got shipping confirmation on these.
  7. For some reason received the /200 pinwheels after ordering the Bandcamp /100 silver.