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  1. Yeah. I ordered a copy of Ratatouille and they sent me 2.
  2. wellnow

    Waxwork Records Thread

    I like the retail variant better anyway.
  3. wellnow

    Pinback - Blue Screen Life reissue

    One sold on eBay yesterday for 80 bucks.
  4. wellnow

    PO NOW: Snail Mail - Lush LP

    I just got shipping confirmation from them.
  5. It's sold out again.
  6. Thanks. Got one this time.
  7. wellnow

    Low - "Double Negative"

    Looks like all the versions they're selling come with the mask.
  8. Just bought a red one on Discogs. Still love this album.
  9. Posted about this in the Radiator thread but I guess it deserves it's own thread.
  10. My favorite album of theirs, Rings Around the World, reissued on colored vinyl: http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/super-furry-animals-rings-around-the-world-limited-2lp-coloured-vinyl-7/
  11. Now if this was Beverly Hills Cop 3...