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  1. FYI Thrill Jockey told me they handle the Bandcamp orders as well so maybe they get a cut of those too.
  2. I’m not a member anymore and it still let me order.
  3. I remember from that book that Secretly has a ton of unreleased material in the vault.
  4. Norman Records had this for cheaper. I should have held out and ordered from them.
  5. There's still no explanation why the label didn't know anything about this.
  6. Is this a boot? I thought it wasn't getting repressed.
  7. You could order them before. They're sold out now. It said pre-order the last time as well.
  8. It could very well not. Looks like more warehouse finds.
  9. Only a couple of hours for Rich Isolation to get 5 more backers and be funded: https://qrates.com/projects/18895-