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  1. The artwork reminds me of this Romare album. Also curious to see how you came about the outkast comparison. Reminds me of a wayne/kendrick flow tbh
  2. F/S: 1,300 LP's, 7"s, 10"s, 78's, etc (all genres)

    not sure if you're still selling stuff or getting rid of these but if so could you give me a rough idea on condition for these ? Thanks Green, Al ‎– "Let's Stay Together" (Hi Records ‎SHL 32070/first pressing) Gaye, Marvin - "What's Going On" (Tamla TS310/First pressing/gatefold sleeve w/ Motown inner sleeve)
  3. seriously fucking get over that shit it happens. listen to the record
  4. Wu tang could definitely learn a thing or two from these guys. This seems like a much more reasonably priced Anniversary re-release
  5. make sure you select the free shipping
  6. Set sale free shipping on the US

    Goin to the post office Tomorrow just a bump
  7. Seriously , shit is stupid I'm so sick of this mentality. I have no problem with collecting certain colors for the thrill but to complain about something that you didn't get specifically because it's a collectible ...,
  8. Hey dudes posted this on Reddit & figured I'd try my luck here as well. Shipping is included in the price. I only ship to the US $8 minimum. Hey guys most of these records i've had for sale at some point. There are a few new ones. Instead of listing what's new I just consolidated an updated list of everything. I'm willing to cut deals, however since these include free shipping and most are cheaper than ebay/discog's unless you're trying to bundle some stuff don't bother trying to get a cheaper price. ************************************************************************* 5" Yonatan Gat/Dark Party/Lathe/$30 ppd 7" Anthony Green/Soul 4 my soul flexi $30 ppd Chamberlain/raise it high/the south has spoiled me (ft.Brian Fallon)$10 ppd Circa Survive: b-sides $28 ppd each -Clear -Green Dead to Me/Flatliners split/shr/white/$7 ppd Frank Turner/Franz Nicolay/sing noel coward/red/100/$30 ppd Goat/It's time for fun $4 Jacco Gardener/ find yourself $6 Kevin Devine/Luxembourg/black/ethed b-side/100/$15 ppd Kevin Devine/Part of the Whole/black/etched b-side/100/$15 ppd King Tuff/Biggest Hearts/$4 Magic Hop (members of king tuff)/$5 -Murder By Death -For Matt Davis/For Those Who Left (early version) Suburban home version $12 -3 men hangin (acoustic)/The desert is on fire(live), Theme song from Carny $12 -Split w/o'death $8 -Split w/Samantha Crain $8 -Split w/Sam Lowry $4 -Split W/Amanda Palmer $8 -Split W/ William Elliott Whitmore $8 -Split With Builders & The Butchers $8 Sam Means(of the format)/Nona/autographed/white/$5 ppd The Shrine/Venice California/red/$5 ppd Uncle Acid/Mind Crawler gold or silver $14 ppd each Gold/$15 ppd Grey/$15 ppd ******************************************************* 10" Murder By Death/Who Will Survive & What Will Be left of them/olive/$16 Radiohead/King of limbs/2x clear/newspaper (open)/ $65 ******************************************************* 12" -Acid Witch/Witchtanic Hellucinations/black/100/repress/$20 ppd -Achillies/hospice/promo/$5 ppd -Andrew Bird/Noble Beast $15 -Brontide/Sans Souci/black/$20 ppd -Brontide/EP/$15 ppd -Caspian/Waking Season/grey purple (tour)/$35 ppd -Caspian/You are the conductor/the four trees/silver 27/190 $40 ppd -Caspian/Tertia/black/1'st press/100 $35 ppd -Cosmonauts/if you wanna die then I wanna die/white/$15 -Cursed/one/silver/red/re-press/$25 ppd -Cursed/two/bootleg/$10 ppd -Church Of Misery/Master of Brutality/clear/sealed/$40 ppd -Church Of Misery/The Second Coming/clear/SEALED/$40 ppd -Dameria/M(u)sic/black/100/$20 ppd -Daniel Romano/sleep beneath the willow/$18 ppd -David Lynch/the big dream/screen printed jacket/sealed/$50 ppd -Detroit Cobras/Life love and leaving/$10 -Earthless/Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky/Clear red/$24 ppd -Earthless/From The Ages 2x lp/ Dark maroon-ish color/$24 ppd Eddie Vedder/Into the wild/re-press/$23 ppd Epsilons/red/clear/$20 ESPIRIT/Virtua/black/$50 Frank Turner/Sleep is for the week/seam split top middle of jacket 1"/$20 ppd Foals/Holy fire/rsd/includes 7"/$14 -Fruit Bats/Mouthfuls/screened cover/white/green/$30 ppd -Jakob/Sines/orange/$35 ppd -Jay Reatard/better than something/black $30 ppd -Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground/Rainbow Transparent/$80 -King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard/Murder of the Universe/clear w/black smoke $28 -Mink Mussel Creek/Manticore/purple/$45 ppd -They Make Beer Commercials like this/fruity pebbles/500/1'st press $28 PENDING SALE -interpretaciones del oso /root beer/250 $17 ppd -Omni/red/white $35 ppd PENDING SALE -Acoustics vol. ll/Splatter/1000/1'st tour press $35 ppd -Murder By Death/bitter drink,bitter moon/yellow/white/$15 -Murder By Death wooden box set (includes zoetrope & slipmat) 7 RECORDS $230 -Like The Exorcist, But More Breakdancing - 180 grams pink vinyl -Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them? - pale green vinyl -In Bocca Al Lupo - 200 grams brown vinyl -Red Of Tooth And Claw - 200 grams yellow vinyl -Finch - yellow vinyl -Good Morning, Magpie - clear green vinyl -Little Joe Gould / Volta Do Mar Split - orange vinyl -Skeletons In The Closet - LP1 - Orange Marble - LP2 - Turquoise Marble - LP3 - White -The National/Cherry Tree/$15 -Owen-The EP (yellow)/$35 ppd (OG press) -Rosetta/Quintessential Ephemera/Green splatter/clear/$28 ppd -Rosetta/Junius split/clear blue/$10 -Shigeto/Lineage/189/450/$100 -Shigeto/new monday/splatter/$15 -Starfucker/Jupiter/orange/103/$50 ppd -Starfucker/golden light/clear/500/$18 -Troller/graphic/100/red/$28 ppd -Torche/part chimp/blue/1’st press/$30 ppd $ $25 ppd -Torche/Songs for lovers/autographed/teal/100/$35 ppd -Toro Y Moi/What For/sky blue/white/$22 ppd -Weird Owl/Enter The Silver cord/$8
  9. Someone in the US should buy my 1'st press root beer float for $15 shipped
  10. find that in any used record shop $5-$8
  11. I would highly recommend this Error's LP for $3.62 dirt cheap especially considering it's an import. People who like Tycho,com truise ish kind've stuff i'm sure would dig. https://www.amazon.com/New-Relics-ERRORS/dp/B008U3NTWA/ref=sr_1_15_twi_lp__3?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1508530038&sr=1-15&keywords=errors
  12. if anyone want's the colored version i'll sell it for $20 shipped in the US. it's been played twice