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  1. if anyone want's the colored version i'll sell it for $20 shipped in the US. it's been played twice
  2. Also the whole album is up on youtube if you wanna hear it
  3. I think I enjoy the free Mathew Dear cd more than the new Shigeto lp that came in the mail today also Zeloopers is really bad, no idea why he hooked up w/ him
  4. I would take any song on time to die over this new one
  5. Maybe that's a bonus 7" ? With unreleased songs ?!
  6. PO Soon: Washed Out - Mr. Mellow

    So this record fucking rules.
  7. Rap Discussion Thread

    I can't deny it
  8. Don't forget anatomy of a ghost
  9. eh i've written this, and deleted it few times but. Ptm has been headed in this direction ever since American Ghetto I feel like. Anything from there on has just been a familiar trope of modern pop music. American Ghetto might've not been a great album but it still had that unique organic sound especially with the beats. Anything since then doesn't really have any longevity. Their music post AG is unfortunately just bland consumable music. I hate saying this because they were one of my favorite band's, and clearly they are very good at writing catchy pop music. Really, it shouldn't be a surprise at all but personally this LP was kind've a last chance for me. Tracks like "Live in the Moment" and " Noise Pollution" are honestly unbearable and quite hard to get through. It blow's my mind that this band had actually scrapped an entire album and re-wrote this new one. I cringed when I read it at first, this isn't verbatim but that one poster who said they're now basically going for that urban outfitters ish crowd sound I feel is unfortunately right. It just doesn't feel like them. In retrospect they've always been a band to hop on music trends.