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  1. Have the following for sale. Please send offers. Panic! At The Disco - Too Weird Splatter SOLDPokémon - Masterball variantSOLDAcceptance - Phantoms - Blue Marble first press Yellowcard Box Set - "Good" Condition Mae - The Everglow Nightmare Of You - LP & EP combo sealed
  2. Hmmm just tested it on my mobile and it's working fine... was able to add to cart and get to check out. Let me know if you're still having issues in a bit. We're going to scrap this website entirely and have a new one ready before our next release. Almost all of our negative feedback has been the website.
  3. I definitely won't complain about either of them coming in early!!!
  4. Here we go! The second press of Boys Like Girls debut album. -500 copies on translucent red -Standard record packaging -Includes lyric sheet insert On sale tomorrow, May 17 @ 11:00 AM CST/12:00 PM EST http://www.fielddayrecords.com
  5. Trying to make this happen. Does anyone actually give a shit or am I going to lose my ass on this? Hahah
  6. me too unfortunately it's kind of hard to narrow down who's orders they are and people be douchebags... I hope the word gets around that the second press is coming. There'll be an official announcement soon just finishing up some mockups and such.
  7. There are a few copies on eBay... Do NOT buy them...
  8. We're sold out. 11 minutes flat. Wow. Thank you.
  9. Ok great!!! Sorry our site is a little buggy. We have a lot of problems to iron out before our next release
  10. yeah we're working on it! Any and all feedback is very much appreciated!
  11. Sorry for another update in the thread but I've been getting a lot of e-mails about confirmation numbers. If you received a confirmation e-mail from paypal then you are all set! Still trying to figure out this system we're using and this is the first time we've used it!
  12. Hoping the momentum from this and Cartel will help us open up some conversations that I want to have for two other releases.
  13. Hoping the momentum from this and Cartel will help us open up some conversations that I want to have for two other releases.
  14. DO NOT buy from flippers. We're gonna be making another 150 of these available at 11 AM CST tomorrow.
  15. Ok yeah thats an issue... thanks for the feedback. looking into it now.
  16. The idea is for people to attend the concerts and pick up the vinyl at the show so that they don't have to pay for shipping. If and when the rest sell out (which is looking likely) we will do a second press on a different color. Sorry for the inconvenience. We obviously should have pressed more initially at this point we just didn't know.
  17. Just so everyone knows you can still get this with the packages for the shows. We only put 100 on our web store. Although I will say we're out another 150 through the ticket outlets.
  18. sold out on field day records web store thanks everyone!!! <3