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  1. As much as I love those records I doubt that we will go after them but who knows. We’ve literally been working on this one since may of 2019. It’s been a slow and arduous process with the pandemic.
  2. They are new plates we made with the universal masters. They weren’t remastered specifically for vinyl or anything like that (that’s a whole different league with dealing with majors) but the tests sound great!
  3. Thanks for the love everyone! Rico and I (Field Day) are super excited about this one. I will say that my anxiety is at an all-time high given this is one of my favorite records and I just want to do right by it but luckily Ryan has been super cool, hands-on, and supportive of the release and we can’t wait to share it! ❤️
  4. The way you worded your question was not asking “Since the record are 180 gram and most likely to come shrink-wrapped, will you honor requests through your fulfillment company to have them shipped outside of the jacket?” Just saying We are very communicative label and open to any and all feedback but that was not constructive criticism. If you order a record and want it shipped differently then I’m sure we can figure something out!
  5. Lol if they’re sealed and shrink wrapped the records are not shipping outside of the sleeve or the jacket. We print on only upgraded stock jackets so hopefully seam splits will be minimal! Either way, I’m really happy with how the artwork (not cover art) and mock-ups turned out and can’t wait to see it in person! for more updates just follow our socials! @fielddayrecords
  6. There will be two variants and they will both be 180 gram
  7. It’s still a single LP but will be different packaging from the other ocean avenue releases.
  8. This is not a reimagined album. This is a repress of Ocean Avenue in all its glory. The records are finished and on a boat to the states. Once they arrive we’ll get our promo photos up and announce the album properly and go on sale shortly thereafter (probably a week from the official announcement).
  9. Only buying this cause it’s remastered and my OG doesn’t sound very good
  10. 😂 Ya'll blowing me up since that post! It sounds good though
  11. There'll def be a US variant of this from what I've gathered.
  12. Following this thread for laughs. (and hopefully only laughs)
  13. Have an OG copy but picking up the swirl. Love this band and album.
  14. The yellow variant was eventually meant for something else which is why it was held out for so long. They decided to scrap the idea and do it as a bundle instead. Either way... thanks for everyone’s support with our collab!
  15. The entire EP is available now on BandCamp for $5 with proceeds benefiting the MusiCares COVID-19 relief fund. It will be up on the rest of digital retailers starting May 15th!
  16. Hey Everyone! We just released Will Pugh's debut solo EP under the moniker TAURIDS. No vinyl plans yet but we definitely want to press it at some point! Check it out! https://taurids.bandcamp.com/album/ep
  17. I might hold off on this for a minute... just sayin

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