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Postrock/metal, Shoegaze, Instrumental, Drone, Experimental, and other weird genres (-:

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I had this on lathe, one of those from ITC that sounded sub par, but high demand, and I had 3 or 4 collectors messaging about it. 

Somehow missed this /50 run and from Ireland $6 + $3 shipping, which beats the Keep, Rosetta, and Mamiffer most recently ordered!

They tweet alot when stoned, so important news gets lost in the jibberish.

Vasudeva - Roots Of The Tree // 4 track EP

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On 12/19/2017 at 4:01 AM, seku said:

Sleeping Bear debut album is going to be released on tape soon. I think I've seen that name mentioned here, so I assume you might be interested.

Released on Three Moons Records on December 28th.




This is great news - I bought one of the /100 CDs I like the album so much. Their EP was pressed on vinyl, but I have just not gotten around to ordering it. I do favor this over the EP though. Thanks for posting, Maciek!!

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I missed the first 2 Alcest cassette releases, so now on the watch list at Discogs :angry:

Les Voyages is up now at Prophecy US and  EU and also Les Discrets: Septembre.... is up as well. $10 a pop, but $2.99 media mail shipping in the US store.  Other bands/CS up, too but I'm not familiar.

/100 each I believe. 

Alcest: Les Voyages CS

Les Discrets: Septembre... CS

I don't know how fast cassettes move, probably have plenty of time (unless Amen Ra, etc.)

I missed out on the first 4 CS box, so I passed on Mass VI recently. Plus, it would have been >$50 shipped to the US. Great album, but not $50 CS great lol

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