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PO: ALL TIME LOW "Dirty Work" LP /900 white/red

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they're back up, about 180 copies left.

I'm hoping this means everyone who's trying to sell their copy (copies) of this variant for over $100 isn't able to do so because clearly hopeless has more stock than they let on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I have no idea either... I reached out to hopeless on twitter and by e-mail but they never replied. Merchnow did reply and said they don't have any pressing info either. I'm really curious about where this came from, I initially thought it was leftovers from the HT pressing but there's way too many copies for that, plus they're all solid red.

I haven't seen any hype stickers on these new copies either. I'm expecting my copy to only get here at the end of the year, if not early 2018, so I'll only know firsthand then.

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4 minutes ago, WhoIsTheMilkMan said:

Sold out again. Really hoping to get my hands on this for a Christmas gift. I'll keep checking the listing in the hopes that they add some leftover stock, but I'd appreciate any heads up on the matter.

They should have at least one going back up eventually! I decided to cancel a large merchnow order of mine yesterday for some extra Christmas gift money ha

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