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  1. Spotify Exclusive is back up here https://riserecords.com/products/sptbeb00ts-lp?_pos=21&_sid=b85f6d724&_ss=r Sooo, I guess it's no longer *only available* through 10/01, which we kind of knew would happen.
  2. New variant: https://riserecords.com/products/btf0hardbf-lp?_pos=7&_sid=48223aea6&_ss=r Butterfly Black & Baby Pink w/ Magenta & White Splatter
  3. That's the best outcome I've ever heard from UO customer service. You got lucky! I ordered a record that looked like it was put through a shredder in transit. Chatted with customer service about getting a replacement for nearly two month. They finally sent me a return label, then returned the record instead of replacing it. Now it's sold out and goes for $140+.
  4. Got an email from Target this morning because I "didn't click the link" they emailed me, even though I clicked it about 7 times. So that's neat. Re-ordered without an issue though.
  5. Glad to hear it! I'd love to see some Hawthorne Heights, Senses Fail and A Loss For Words get issued on tape in time.
  6. Remember that one Black Friday where there a ton of Pure Noise releases issued on cassette? Is something like that ever gonna happen again? I loved that.
  7. Got an email saying that my order will be delayed to 12/03. I ordered a cassette and a record. Email doesn't say which caused the delay, I'd imagine it's the vinyl, which is expected.
  8. Extremely bummed that I missed these. Not the smartest call to release these unannounced in the middle of a workday.
  9. Also, 15% off email signup code works on this. If you’re already signed up, open the Rise MerchNow store in a private browser and sign up again.
  10. https://wl.spotify.com/ss/c/eYot0AfpjrZj0NDm5XdhLz2zmWXXW7-CwR4s539R5MXblaY-Abgr3noWWOcNYyKi/3fd/biwmMjA2RqK4Dl8qAQzppw/h1/N28VYsJ_KSE9O3bwAiH1XONrvqRG3b8Ekmu5bu6fK1Y
  11. Also, cassette is $4 cheaper on MerchNow https://spiritbox.com/products/sptbeb00bs-cp
  12. Tri-color Galaxy variant sold out alone, but still available in bundles. Cassette is the same one that's been available on Merchnow.
  13. I wish I could get just the new songs on vinyl instead of the whole album again. You can tell that these songs are from the Heartwork sessions just by listening, which is neat. Glad they got released.
  14. Disappointing, yeah. But not surprising. $10 for a 7" is a bit steep. After shipping and taxes it was almost $17 for just one of them if you live in the US. And you couldn't bundle in fear of them selling out with 1-month intervals between going live. If they would've sold these on their MerchNow store they probably would've sold more. That way if someone wanted to grab an LP they could save on shipping. Fearless could've done a better job with this series. It was a cool idea, just a poor execution, in my opinion.
  15. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I just realized that some of these are still available here and just wanted to ask why the hell the "Hey There, Delilah" 7" is $22?
  16. It's been out for a few months now. I really like it along with the other single. I listened to "Teeth" as midnight and was waiting for the band to announce that it released and put up pre-orders. Missed the /300 variant at work, but I really like what's out so far. The re-imagined versions are good too. I'm excited to hear a full-band version of teeth and I'm sure the other 2 tracks will be decent too. I'm happy Real Friends are back.
  17. Since this is just an overall Spiritbox thread, I'll mention that there's an Eternal Blue cassette up for pre-order too, instead of making a new thread in the cassette forums. https://spiritbox.com/collections/music/products/sptbeb00bs-cp Blue sparkle /1,000
  18. Shit, I just ordered this assuming the same. I like the full-band version better, but it would've been nice to have the acoustic on here as well. I guess I just assumed it was since they both released on the same day.
  19. So Buddy is featured on an upcoming INK song, and Spencer is featured on an upcoming SF song? I can dig it.
  20. Hopefully that's the case. This is the first thing I've ever pre-ordered from Target. Never had to do this for a pre-order elsewhere and thought it was odd. Thanks for the info.
  21. Question for anyone who pre-ordered the Target exclusive: did you get an email for Target asking you to confirm your pre-order by (set date that I don't remember)? There's a link in the email, but when you click it it doesn't ask you to confirm anything. I've messed around on the site for about 15 minutes trying to find where to confirm the pre-order, but there's not an option anywhere. Has anyone figured this out?
  22. Scratch that. One just went up on Discogs for $249. Highest it's sold for is $60, lowest is $274. Fuck UO Customer service.
  23. Dang you got lucky. I ordered a record last year from them. When it came, it was trashed. Emailed back and forth with like 6 different customer service reps (on the same email thread). They sent me a label to ship it back and told me they'd send out a replacement. I sent mine back, waited almost a month and they ended up just refunding me. Went to order again and it was sold out. Now flippers are trying to get upwards of $90 for it. So I still don't have a replacement.
  24. In my own experience, I've found it best to email the stores that haven't shipped out your pre-orders yet to update the address. Take note of who answers. For the ones that don't respond, try calling if they have a phone number. If you're moving from an apartment, you can tell the leasing office to hold any mail that may arrive for you after you move. Whether they will or not is at their discretion though. I've had complexes just throw my mail away (non-USPS, so I couldn't re-route), so use this as a last resort. I always re-route my mail through USPS when I move. But for re-routed packages, USPS wants me to pay extra postage when they're delivered. I never do, but it's still annoying to see that written on my packages. 9/10 times I've had success just contacting the merchant and having them update if they haven't shipped the item(s) yet.

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