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  1. Submissions are gone close May 21st. Email any track you may want included to [email protected] some time before then. Thanks!
  2. CIWWAF finally arrived... aaaaand sounds like absolute shit. I mean, it's almost unlistenable. Sounds wobbly, tinny, fuzzy, and at bass-heavy parts, the vocals are completely washed out. Does anyone else's sound like this? Super bummed, especially considering how long it took to arrive. EDIT: Just checked some of the comments on Discogs and apparently this is a common problem with this pressing. Holy shit it sounds so awful.
  3. Mockup looks so sick for the blue. I am not a fan of highlighter vinyl. Would rather have black in most cases, but at this point I'll take what I can get. Been waiting for this album for too long.
  4. Loved seeing this note on the page: "Test Press (out of 17) *for band, friends & family only, please don't ask about these*" Shout out to Triple B for doing that.
  5. It was. I clicked submit with all my info (autofilled) at 12:00:26 and got the sold out message.
  6. Holy shit. Not even 20 seconds in all 1,000 of the blue sold out. Was able to secure a yellow though.
  7. I, personally, wouldn't even bother mentioning the intended variants. Just put "random" on the listings when you sell them. Bands have done this in the past, and I like not knowing beforehand. Hawthorne Heights did it when they release "Hope" on vinyl. A Skylit Drive did it when they released "Rise" on vinyl. I didn't hear about any backlash from fans or collectors.
  8. It's that time of the year again, folks. Common Time Tapes is looking for unsigned artists of any genre to contribute a track to our "Charitapes" series. We always have at least one submission from the VC forum included, and the idea for Charitapes was born here, so it only feels right to try and recruit some talent from here. If you don't know what Charitapes is, it's an annual compilation series compiled of submitted songs by unsigned artists, with all proceeds from sales being donated to a specified charity. We're currently scouting for Volume 3, and all proceeds will be going to Hope For The Day. Hope For The Day is a non-profit movement encouraging the conversation around suicide prevention, awareness and education for people of all ages, all over the world. If you, your band, friends, family, etc. would like to contribute to this project, shoot a WAV of the song you want to submit to [email protected] Cheers!
  9. Sad. I'm moving and I have to update the mailing address I used through Amazon. Can't though because it needs me to verify the card I used to buy it, which is an Amazon Credit Card, which doesn't have an expiration date aaaand the verification requires an expiration date. I'll probably have to just cancel it.
  10. I pre-ordered CIWWAF in August from Amazon. Date was pushed back to 4/22. Will probably continue to get pushed back, as it has for every month since September. It is wild that people have owned these since late December though. Record stores have them on-hand, Paramore as well, so I'm not sure why the online stores are getting screwed here.
  11. Bumping this ancient thread just to say I miss Robbed The Bank. That's all. Carry on.
  12. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/taylor-swift-julien-baker-laura-jane-grace-portraits-of-her-record-store-day-1297211/
  13. My collection just shows up empty. Not a loss for me though. Was turned off by DF after I placed an order on their march store. They never fulfilled it or answered any emails. Had to go through PayPal to get my money back. Took like two or three months. I always found Discogs more organized and easy to use anyways. I do admit it'd be neat to see a DF comeback though, and I'm happy for those of you who liked to use it.
  14. $23 shipped. Can't be mad about that. Been waiting a while for a repress too.
  15. Came across your page once or twice before. Enjoyed the content. Just dropped a follow.
  16. Couldn't find it on Walmart, but I do see it on Amazon and grooves-inc. I completely missed when these were pressed. What were they originally selling for? $45 seems steep, even for a 2xLP.
  17. Absolutely. Patience almost pays off. I like bootlegs in the sense of "this is a live recording that's never going to see the light of day otherwise," or "this album is from an underground band that had 300 fans in 2006 and broke up shortly thereafter," but I wouldn't pay upwards of $50 for a MP3-sourced counterfeit copy of an album that I know hi-fi plates exist for. For the right price, maybe. But I'll happily wait for a legitimate repress.
  18. Lmao 😂 can't argue with that! This was in reference to a Decemberunderground repress. But holy shit there really are so many The Art of Drowning pressings.
  19. Years ago somebody told me that Davey wants AFI vinyl to stay limited, which is why the band never advocates for represses. I'm unsure of the validity of that statement, but it would explain why the band and labels never push for this with them.
  20. Spotify Exclusive is back up here https://riserecords.com/products/sptbeb00ts-lp?_pos=21&_sid=b85f6d724&_ss=r Sooo, I guess it's no longer *only available* through 10/01, which we kind of knew would happen.
  21. New variant: https://riserecords.com/products/btf0hardbf-lp?_pos=7&_sid=48223aea6&_ss=r Butterfly Black & Baby Pink w/ Magenta & White Splatter
  22. That's the best outcome I've ever heard from UO customer service. You got lucky! I ordered a record that looked like it was put through a shredder in transit. Chatted with customer service about getting a replacement for nearly two month. They finally sent me a return label, then returned the record instead of replacing it. Now it's sold out and goes for $140+.
  23. Got an email from Target this morning because I "didn't click the link" they emailed me, even though I clicked it about 7 times. So that's neat. Re-ordered without an issue though.

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