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  1. Either they're lying or there were 1,500+ canceled orders because there are still 2,000 available.
  2. I don't use ebay. Btw I'm picturing you sitting there with some smug face of satisfaction and it's beyond funny to me thanks. Alright who else is mad at my crimes against humanity today? Lol
  3. Quite sure, there are 5 variants of Cowboy Bebop widely available at multiple retailers and it will always be available. That soundtrack looks like it had one US retailer that ran out of it a few times. Not comparable.
  4. Am I missing something? There's one for sale for $28 currently Edit: oh there are two? Either way I'm not sure what that has to do with this
  5. Lol imagine getting this mad someone called something you like shady.
  6. Now that we've slowly narrowed down a broad reply into a completely different subject via editing comments and ignoring fair points lets wait a while until we see these selling for less than cost on discogs.
  7. A major point of my reply outlines how Milan are the losers here. Obviously it's their fault but they are at least being transparent about it. Do you have an answer for why LITA was 20% more than Newbury? Did RightStuf restock? We know you know
  8. They managed to charge almost 20% more than fucking Newbury for their comparable splatter variant which had demand as high as it did because it was limited and splatter. After it sold out they quintupled the pressing amount and ignored everyone asking them if it was still limited while people continue to buy it thinking it's hard to get. Whatever though if demand is so high they can easily sell my copy, Milan are the losers in this situation anyways unless LITA are paying them retail lol. There aren't 10k people buying anime soundtracks on vinyl no matter how high the demand is from the fanbase that does. I look forward to grabbing the better Milan variant for half price down the line. Also, the fact that the Right Stuf variant is still there makes it pretty apparent opening the floodgates on the more desirable (i e splatter) variant has stifled other sales.
  9. Lita refund was pretty quick and easy for those of y'all that don't want to give any money to a shady company.
  10. Weight doesn't affect sound. 180g records warp just as easily and are harder to flatten out.
  11. They're trying to phase out subscriptions entirely so they can just sell $40 LPs and not have to worry about swapping and shit. This company got sold not too long ago right? It's kind of obvious.
  12. https://youtu.be/A7BkabF31ak It's on YouTube now. There's an actual example of music perfected at 26:35 that I cannot get over.
  13. Lmfao im so glad I just clicked this thread. You might actually be the biggest loser in the universe holy shit.
  14. I had the same thing happen, once the charge doesn't go through you'll get an email asking you to update your payment method. For some reason there's no way to do it before the failed charge happens
  15. Sunset Curses for example. And damn I'm jealous. As much as i want to hear it though I hope nobody uploads it
  16. That was my gameplan. I'll still probably gun for a Mondo variant but the Milan variant grew on me so I wouldn't have minded missing everything else all that much.
  17. Once it wasn't working for 5 min or so I lost interest and went to bed. Woke up to pee at 5 or 6 and the website worked and still had a few splatterz left so I said fuckit. I feel bad for people that were refreshing for 5 hours or whatever haha
  18. Bro nobody can tell us not to get this hard bro it's nature bro. Apples and trees bro.