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  1. I wish anyone with any pull with the band could have let them know Tertia didn't need different packaging with each repress. It's actually unlistenable as is and looking at things is secondary when it comes to music... even vinyl.
  2. w red pressing limited to 2,000. https://www.srcvinyl.com/incubus-light-grenade s-red-2xlp.html cub us — "Light Grenades" pre-order</a> des-red-2xlp.html f="http://www.vinylcollective.com/?p=16322">Incubus — "Light Grenades" pre-order</a>
  3. So, would you say it's worthy of a triple digit price point?
  4. Almost a full page in and nobody has made a rebuttal to an opinion that hasn't been brought up yet? Well... it's Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. Get it right.
  5. I found a copy of Blue Ranch on Dude vinyl too https://thesoundofvinyl.us/dude-ranch-limited-edition.html
  6. Could be some sort of outgassing issue, was it stored in something plastic? That's all I can think of that would leave a light film on the surface to make it unplayable besides being old. Unfortunately it isn't a fixable issue either.
  7. What are you using to play it? The rings on a record vary from light to dark based on how loud that section is. On quieter parts the rings will be noticeably darker and vice versa. I don't see any visible issue in your pics so I'm going to assume either you're using substandard equipment or the single itself is just worn out and old. No vinyl record will last forever, some of it is worn off every time you listen.
  8. That was enough for me. Empathy and stupidity almost never go hand in hand.
  9. I did. You're a lonely piece of shit who lashes out on the internet when you run out of legos.
  10. You're fat and ugly with a severe emotional disability stemming from your lack of female contact. Showed us though.
  11. True, we'll have to wait for his reply to see if he seriously thinks that way or worded it wrong. Andrew is just creepy though he clearly understands the situation and feels the need to emote and provoke the haters.
  12. Which is your right but also separate from my point. Read swift cats first paragraph again, that's what my reply was directed towards.
  13. Again, I do not care if people are supportive or not. If a grownup can't understand why a child can't consent they are creepy. End of story. Nothing to do with Jesse Lacey.
  14. ITT: Nobody judging anyone for listening to Brand New Also ITT: secret creeps projecting their inner desires by pre-defending child rape to no one.
  15. This is why there has to be a law in place that says underage girls can't consent. You need to learn more in general.
  16. Firehouse subs are giving away a free medium sub to anyone named Jason today
  17. Haha I haven't looked through his craziness in a few days thanks.
  18. I don't get it and will probably feel stupid when I do
  19. Oh I know, I just don't care. She knows me and knows I'm being genuine I hope, unlike the majority of this forum who have egos more fragile than Antonio Brown.
  20. You're close to the point where you'll lose that feeling and see it for what it is don't worry. Blink was one of my favorite bands for half my life I never imagined not enjoying them, but the brain isn't fully developed until you're 25. I'm sure you're starting to understand that as you settle into your skin. Probably why I'm so dismissive of adult Blink fans tbh. Something isn't right upstairs.